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  1. We also enjoyed Bistro on Five and miss it. Our tradition was on boarding day, that was our go to place. We aren't a fan of sushi and wouldn't go their. While Bistro wasn't packed, neither is Sushi on Five. I suggest that they consider a replacement restaurant like a Hibachi grill which is so poplular on other cruise lines. That area is now a waste of space IMO. Our bring back Bistro!
  2. First, typically the balcony is much larger and you have a great view of the wake. However on the negative side, we got lots of soot on our S1, not sure in the Sunset Veranda would also get the soot- it depends upon the wind. Also, depending upon the deck, you might hear noise especially if directly under the sunset bar- lower down might be better. If you don't mind the walk to the elevator, should be fine. Also giving you extra cash to spend on board for the dining or other whatever you want. Remember you do not get as many points per day for a Concierge cabin, you get the same as a regular balcony cabin- but if not important to you- a good option. Enjoy
  3. This would be ideal for the cruisers who only want to bring a carry on piece of luggage! Easy boarding and flying
  4. We weren’t on the equinox then. We cruise about 4 times a year and I don’t recall when we saw that fellow.
  5. I personally would use the $300 for a dining package. Typically the location of cc cabins better. When we sailed aq after one time didn’t use aqua spa. Food wasn’t great. Table for two on top of each other so really no great advantage. We also had breakfast in tuscan as we are elite members. You get the same cruise points. Personal opinion
  6. An option for those who prefer not to dress! Bring sanitizer wipes!
  7. I believe Celebrity offers a nude cruise- Perhaps that would work for everyone! LOL
  8. You should take a package of three or more sp restaurants. You do save money, especially if you purchase on a pre cruise sale. We enjoy the sp restaurants so much more then the MDR, Aqua class or luminae. IMO worth it.
  9. If you can afford it- go with an S1 or S2. The S3's are near the Magic Carpet and IMO should be listed as a partially obstructed view cabin. Those would be the leftovers you probably would get. You have an ugly orange railing that is not great to look at and you might get noise from the Magic carpet at various times of the day. Also the entrance to the cabin is actually split- so it works for those who want an attached cabin best. It really depends upon your budget. IMO it is worth $1100 less than an S1 or S2.
  10. I think overall you will enjoy Celebrity. First, the ships are designed so much better. Food much better, and service great. More room in all public areas. Now the suite class in the ships that have been revolutionized are great. We sailed on the Edge suite class and it was also wonderful. Have sailed in the Haven on the breakaway . The haven was wonderful, however when you left the Haven area, because of the horrible layout of the ship, I felt like I was in steerage on the Titanic. Since the only acceptable way IMO to sail on NCL is in the Haven, it is also so expensive compared to a Celebrity sky suite.
  11. We were in a suite and tried a couple of the MDR's. Actually preferred them to Luminae. But the specialty restaurants were better IMO. Will be back on the edge in a suite and dine in all again.
  12. We may have been on the same cruise! Or we were on a cruise with a man dressed with the tux tee shirt! I guess he didn't own dress clothes so he figured that the tee shirt would be a good way to get attention. LOL
  13. On our last Edge cruise, we were in a Sky Suite, but because the balcony didn't have a table- it did have a tiny end table, and the suite didn't have a table, but a huge rocker instead, we were unable to enjoy dining in our suite- hope for our next cruise in an Sky suite next year, the table situation has been resolved. Also we were in a suite on the Silhouette a couple of months ago, and while we did have a true table on our balcony, the butler never placed a nice white table cloth on the table, just two placemats. Hopefully the suite also has a coffee table suitable for dining. The infinite balconies are tiny and I cannot imagine they could fit a true table on them. Glad to hear that we can now enjoy the MDR in luminae. I was advised that the MDR kitchens were too far away and that we couldn't order from the menu.
  14. While I truly believe to each his/her own, I must disagree, not to "fat shame anybody" some people do not dress because their suits and dress clothes which might be very stylish no longer fit them correctly. I personally enjoy dressing up and do not wear clothes from 20 years ago- but just as I routinely purchase casual clothes, I do so with dress clothes. You can shop at a department or discount store and get reasonable priced tasteful, size and age appropriate dress clothes should you desire for both men and women- not playing dress up but enjoy spending and special evening with my DH and to mark the occasion we dress accordingly. I see some people wearing their "members only jackets" the last member I assume. So you can wear old tacky casual wear also if you desire. Some people think a white wedding gown is also a costume- but again to each his/her own. Different cultures and people from different parts of the country dress differently- but that is their choice and their taste.
  15. Have been to Labadee and cococay. Enjoyed cabanas at both. Currently cococay is being renovated and the plans look beautiful. We enjoyed Barefoot beach cabanas, especially the cabanas on the hill. We did experience many ants in the cabana and recommend that everyone spray their feet with a good deet spray. My DH had bad bites when we went back on board. Note that the cabanas for the suite guests are typically booked once you board. Your Genie or suite concierge will book for you as soon as you board. I also got anxious as I didn't see any cabanas on barefoot beach available for our sailing, so I booked one at Nellies beach. As soon as we boarded, we spoke to the suite lounge concierge and he made all of the necessary arrangements. Cococay has and will have a really nice suite area with Cabanas for rent- again speak to your concierge when you board. I do not know why your Genie couldn't help you- but we got excellent service from the suite concierge. We typically have a crown loft suite and do not have a genie.
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