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  1. We have had multiple S2's without problems. We also had 2121 it was fine. We are early risers- so we never were bothered by any noise- Didn't like the S'1 we had as that was a corner- while it appeared larger and had a port hole in addition to the aft balcony- window washing equipment was parked outside the porthole the entire trip and we had no shade on the balcony, so we couldn't have breakfast on it- it also had lots of soot from the smoke stack most days. While an aft view is nice- not worth the soot and sun.
  2. Best to call early in the morning- about 7 AM or before. They answer, however the people on the front line seem to be from another country and aren't empowered to do much- simple things but if a complicated situation, they call a manager and you wait again- sometimes a very long time to have a true response or resolution. The phone service is horrible. With Delta for example, they give you an option to have a call back. Celebrity should do the same.
  3. we have the drink package for both legs of the cruise.
  4. Happened to us twice. Once on the summit for a august sailing, and once on an edge sailing. No compensation from Celebrity. Was really a problem, especially regarding the edge cruise. Celebrity would only hold the price we paid for the week before and after. Since we booked the edge as soon as we were allowed to book. Because my huband couldn’t sail the week before nor after, the rebooking cost over 30% more. That really disappointed us as we really felt celebrity would be fair
  5. Our experience was different. We found the food in Luminae repetitive as we have sailed on so many ships, multiple times. We ask our waiters in the specialty restaurants to adjust our selection also. For example, I like broiled lobster tails and steak for dinner- I get it. In the Tuscan grill, some of the selections were hit and miss- but I enjoy the fresh pasta and fish. We really like the Lawn club grill, our favorite and dine their typically twice during a one week sailing- lots of great choices. We typically have lunch and breakfast in Luminae.
  6. We are scheduled to do a back to back on the Oasis in Jan to the Caribbean, assuming all is well. We will be in a suite. Is the process for a b/2/b different for suite guests? Do we meet in the suite lounge? Thanks.
  7. We were on harmony in January. At least 3/4 people dressed up. Ladies, cocktail attire few gowns dressy pants with tops. Men suits sports coats a few tuxs. Some regular informal attire
  8. However people are crowding on the planes, not necessarily wearing face masks and gloves using the plane’s bathrooms and walking down the isles. In addition some people are loud talkers and spit when they talk. So is flying now really safe?
  9. So we will all be breathing the same air. I believe that the sharing of the air contributed to the cruise ship problem. I cannot see flying now or cruising until this is under control. In some states, nobody is paying attention to the distance rule and the pandemic will last even longer. So scary.
  10. Yes a true fridge in Royal and Penthouse suites. All others including Celebrity and Sky suites, have coolers. If you have medication that requires refrigeration, you can request a true fridge might be provided to you.
  11. Only problem is that the dates and times you want might not be available, unless you are in a Penthouse or Royal Suite.
  12. Why would they close Michaels? The retreat lounge was formerly know as Michaels
  13. Add a Lawn Club Grill to all ships to mirror the Reflection and Silhouette- remove the hot glass concession from all other S class ships to replace with the LCG. On the Edge, enclose the faux grill, so guests can comfortably enjoy the grill, which isn't covered and protected from the environment- and AC of course.
  14. My DH is also a meat and potato man. While luminae is ok, he is never really thrilled with anything at the restaurant- We enjoy the experience of the sp restaurants, especially on the reflection and silhouette which have the Lawn Club Grill. IMO the best sp restaurant of the celebrity fleet-. When we sailed on the Edge, it was the first New Years that the ship sailed, you couldn't even order food from the MDR, because the access to the MDR kitchen was too far. I have heard that has since been modified allowing for more choice. They did have a grill type restaurant on an outdoor deck- but no protection from sun and wind and it wasn't a nice place to dine- we cancelled our reservation. We also disliked the Eden experience, as it was much to silly for us and the food not to our liking. We liked the other sp restaurants.
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