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  1. I was taking medication for a medical condition. I wasn’t allowed to drink any alcohol. Unfortunately, I had purchased an alcoholic deluxe drink package prior to being ill. I had a note fom my physician and the medication I was taking. I bet had I sharedvwith the ships physician my money would have been credited to our account. I didn’t bother but that is me. Probably should have.
  2. I would suggest you move to a central park view . So much nicer and you do not have to worry about the noise. Price should be the same. The room is larger.
  3. We actually liked the celebrity suite on the M class. You have a great walk in his and hers closet with a vanity inbetween. Before the reno, a great dining room table and living room. While we like the S class celebrity suite on the solstice class, it is smaller and the bathtub is easier to enter and exit. Great storage also. But the before reno M class was much nicer. IMO, if you can, much better then anS1 or S2. We have booked S1 6145 and 6146 on the summit, and they are the best Sky suites on the M class ships. The bathrooms were huge. Separate tub and shower. Beautiful marble. Not a fan of Aft sky suites on the S class ships- too much sun and soot- also in some rooms, pole next to bed. So if you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, keep a light on!
  4. We love all Celebrity ships. However, the Reflection is IMO a better choice. First, you are in a suite- and the perks are great- as is the size of the suite- so much more room. Luminae is special. We also love the lawn club grill, only available on the Reflection or Silhouette. Suite class is So much better the Aqua class- The suite lounge is wonderful!! We could never go back to Aq or any other cabins other then suite class. Makes the vacation super special. Enjoy
  5. I believe the Covid is surely on the increase in many states now. While perhaps in 4 counties of Florida, things appear to be doing well now, the virus is spreading. For the sake of your health- and the health of your friends and neighbors, practice social distancing, wear a face covering and wash your hands frequently. Let's all remain safe so we can sail again.
  6. Agree. Florida isn't doing well. Perhaps some areas aren't doing as poorly as others. People aren't practicing social distancing- and many aren't wearing face masks. Unfortunately, those of us who are doing our best to help minimize the spread are being penalized. So sad.
  7. I wouldn't recommend a boardwalk balcony. I would go crazy listening to all the noise- day and night. The merry-go-round alone will drive you nuts. If budget is a concern, try a central park-with or without a balcony. We like deck 9 or 10. It is a wonderful peaceful location. If you must see water, get an oceanview. Enjoy your trip.
  8. While Many years ago, we sailed and enjoyed the Infinity, since it isn't new and doesn't have the bells and whistles of the Solstice class, especially the Reflection and Silhouette, I wouldn't want to sail on that ship. They have redone the Summit, so that is great, we would consider the Summit again. - We also enjoyed the Edge and would sail on that ship again or the Apex..
  9. Just a guess of course, but I would say do not sell cabins without balconies. They are the least profitable. Also, limit regular balcony cabins to max of two- if families sail- they must get two connecting balcony cabins, if they wish. While not the optimal solution, at least until everything is back to relative "normal".
  10. We cancelled January 2021. We have a cruise booked for March 2021- feel we have a 50/50 chance of that cruise sailing- If not- we hope for the end of May or August 2021. But who knows.
  11. We love both- excellent service and food on both. When on royal, we prefer the Oasis class ships. Love the suite perks- entertainment the best at sea- so much to see and do. They are ships on steroids! Shopping on board excellent. We also find Celebrity a great value, we book a Sky suite. Love the suite deck on the edge. We enjoy what is included drink package, tips, etc., with celebrity suite class- great lounge, butler etc. Love very limited smoking and limited announcements on celebrity. Cannot go wrong with either. If you want a more relaxing vibe we choose celebrity- for more activities and entertainment royal-
  12. They haven't been working on a covid virus for years as far as I have read. Science can succeed. Did it with DPT, Polio, smallpox to name a few- We will have sucess in the future. I have faith in science- I will plan to cruise again- perhaps not in the near future, but we can plan for 2022 and grab a great deal.
  13. Glad you believe that the virus is "real", as you concur with the health experts. However it isn't all about your automatic death sentence. You could get it and infect others who in fact it could be their automatic death sentence. We wear masks and practice social distancing for the sake of others, family, friends and their family and friends. While I am a true cruise lover, I will follow what science recommends. I can enjoy the ship as a luxury resort- so many things to do and see on board- the ship is my destination if the ports aren't safe. I have traveled to all inclusive resorts and never left the campus- except to go back and forth to the airport.
  14. Wouldn’t shop in Walmart unless senior hours! And that the store practices social distancing!
  15. Not sure how widespread Covid is in South Dakota now- If safe, enjoy!
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