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  1. I think no matter what you do in Alaska, even take a wrong turn someplace, you will be treated to some truly spectacular scenery! Have a wonderful time!!
  2. Enuf! These posts are no longer humorous and are becoming more disgusting with each contribution. In my humble (and totally grossed-out opinion)! Suggest some of you try the "home improvements" channel.
  3. It has now been etched in my memory that it is impossible to really appreciate Alaska in one trip! I'd suggest you re-think trying to do a drive from Seward to anchorage and back--while quite scenic, it is a lot of driving on a potentially very busy highway, with limited places to stop and explore. Even Anchorage is pretty but easily surpassed with many more places to see and do neat stuff. I'd suggest you'd get MUCH more value and see some totally breathtaking scenery by taking a 4-5 hour cruise from Seward to the Kenai Fjords. One of the most awesome tours we've ever taken! You will probably be quite worn out after this sensory-overloading experience.
  4. Rich-- you have brought us all a lot of happiness reading of your adventures, and it was especially nice that Shauna let us share her birthday festivities. Thanks to all three of you, and we wish you "fair winds and following seas" on your future cruises.
  5. Rich--thanks for this reply and the tips. Especially thanks for the fantastic commentary you have been providing--best I've read!
  6. Also loved your fall foliage photo. Any thoughts/suggestions for ports and possible excursions to get best chance to see these beautiful sights? I realize it can be a bit of a chance due to non-"global warming" and other weather events. Wouldn't mind the four of us renting a car for a few hours in a port.
  7. Seriously?!? Don't think you want to go there. Unless you are only referring to Southern California.
  8. Fortunately for us, we live in the Napa wine region and love wines. Also, never met a wine I didn't like (even some of the "2 Buck Chucks" from Trader Joes). Whenever we travel or go on a cruise, we learned it is often better to play dumb and rely on the advice of the wine steward or your waiter--subject to their initial levels of service and wine knowledge--- and try out some wines you may not have tried before. Don't hesitate jot ask for a "taste" or sample as they will usually be happy to accommodate you. found a few wonderful wines this way, as well as a few not to try again in favor of a more satisfying selection. A cool side result of this is as an easier poster mentioned--you make a nice new friend of the waiter/wine steward/waitress, and maybe get some neat bennies like invites to specialty meals!
  9. we save the little "amenities" bags you get on most airlines business class flights. Really cool and handy to create several mini-kits for such things as first aid, camera stuff, cellphones & chargers,????? I often slip one or ore into my day pack when ashore or on land trips.
  10. Wow-- Shauna seems to be a wonderful traveller, and we are looking forward very much to you and her observations about this ship and the itinerary. We do the similar in the opposite direct late next Sept 2020. I won't ask any question of you guys at this time in hopes you will cover all our areas of interest during your planned reporting. Good start on coverage of the Navigator's "sea-worthiness" and vibration issues.. Have a fantastic voyage!!
  11. Now I'm confused. You asked about formal nights on Regent, then go on to say you prefer Oceania due to no formal nights ("just one part of it"). I like Oceania too, and am looking forward to our first time on Regent. Looks like you have your mind made up as to cruise preferences, so why even care about Regent formal nights?
  12. Ditto, also thinking of renting for 5-6 hours as it looks like an easy pickup/drop off and the route looks even easier--not possible to get lost. Still checking for points of interest to drive and look around without driving too far. Maybe some folks on this links can tip us to some nice target spots to drive to? Definitely plan to take up on the tip to visit the Gov's Mansion and the State Museum! Also plan to take the 2.5 hour Juneau Bon Apetit Food Tour around lunch time, to sample a half dozen of the local food & drink establishments.
  13. May 23 RT from San Francisco, our home town.
  14. My wife and I only have a few ocean cruises to compare dining experiences as we prefer cruising the rivers of Europe (except no trips with Viking). Our ocean trips have been on Viking (1), Royal Carib.(2), HAL (1) and Oceania (1--the best of all). We have to judge the all of their buffet dining areas as quite OK--nothing to rave about, but certainly a pleasant break from MDR and specialty restaurants (all of which have been quite nice). I am a bit concerned about the few negative comments about the Star's buffet, but will take it in stride when we cruise on her to Alaska next May. If it turns out to be yucky, we will look upon it as another point of reference to compare dining when we cruise on another line for the first time next Sept. when we board the Regent Seven Seas Navigator. May end up sticking with River cruises, especially the ones with Scenic and UNiworld....just hope we aren't served Meat loaf & Weenies, or have to watch the Eagles play the Patriots--boring!
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