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  1. We have not been on this CC website for over a year since we cancelled our Regent Navigator cruise to Canada for Sep 2020. Have now re-booked for Sep 20, 2022 and was looking for some info I recall from a couple of years ago about tips to book several shore excursions for this cruise. Can't locate it anymore. So, if anyone could direct me to where I might find some details on when we can start to call or go online with Regent, and other great tips on how best to come away with a successful venture in booking, I would be very grateful. Thanks..
  2. Hi-- here is some link info I got from the lady who manages this tour and who booked us on it. She might be able to help answer your questions. Seems like a delightful person. Midgi Moore, CCTP Owner, Juneau Food Tours A Tour with Taste Juneau Bites & Booze – the ULTIMATE pub crawl Juneau Afternoon Delights – all the hot spots in 90 minutes www.juneaufoodtours.com (907) 723-8478
  3. Yeah, We only saved $4.95/pp but that's dessert somewhere. Never been on Princess before as this is our first. We usually try mix some ship tours with some "DIY" tours and usually find the latter to be a bit less costly, totally reliable, well-rated in TripAdvisor, and much more flexible (usually travel in 8-16 max passenger vans versus a big bus, and can re-work the itinerary on the fly mush easier if all are in agreement. Found our single experiences on both Viking and Oceania to be quite expensive in the tour dept., and RCL to be best ---cannot comment on quality of actual tour as this comi
  4. My wife and I have been on NCL to Alaska, Royal Carib (Med and NE Canada), Viking (Baltic) and Oceania (Euro Coast). One of our favorites was Holland America last summer to Alaska including their 5-day Fairbanks & Denali. This entire adventure was fantastic in every way, especially the scenery we saw "up close and personal"!! Granted both Oceania and Viking were probably nicer with regard to food, but thats the difference between "very good" and "exceptional". "Never met a cruise I didn't like
  5. we are on the Star Princess sailing May 23 from "The City" and we bought the Juneau Bon Appetit Recommended: Juneau Foodie Walking Tour at 10:30-1300 for $135/pp directly from the company conducting the tour after finding it on TripAdvisor. Looks like the same tour offered by Princess.
  6. Far out! in the tear 2525, if man is still alive, and if woman can survive... Not sure how this relates to this thread about predicting Royal coming to the City by the Bay, but cool lyrics anyway, especially for us "Boomers"!
  7. Hi-- I went back and re-read my earlier comments, and I owe you an apology as I came across as a bit of a wiseass! I cannot begin to list the number of times I have kicked myself for missing some really wonderful shots in an attempt to find and install the best lens, maneuver a tripod, or replace the battery that I should have replaced earlier. I have had to work at this whenever we are traveling thru some spectacular scenery and perfect photo ops. As a result , I have been rewarded with several stunning shots, made possible by a relatively good camera (Sony a6000), a warm jacket, my Apple ph
  8. Very nice and thorough review- thank you! Sounds like you had a wonderful cruise, shrimp and all.
  9. Yes--take a pair. You only need one pair as you only have one pair of eyes, and remember -- smaller/lighter is better as you have to carry them . Don't get lost in scanning the total time for the perfect spotting. Your basic eyeballs usually work just fine and are more adapt at locating potential targets for you to use your new glasses on..
  10. Been in your place a couple times before I finally learned--ditch the gear dude! Sounds like you have some nice stuff, including at least one really good and capable camera. Just take it, a warm jacket, extra battery or two and if you feel really insecure--stuff one of your extra favorite lens' in your pocket. Save room to carry a cup of coffee---and hit the deck. Higher spot and less crowded to take both port and starboard shots the better. And remember--Have Fun!! You'll never miss the extra gear, but you will miss some spectacular shots of beautiful nature and even some of your passengers
  11. I just saw a similar port of Los Angeles for this issue, which I have been researching for some time now. Would someone please provide me some guidance no where and how much to park for a 12 night cruise to Alaska in May this year. We live about 40 miles from the port and had thought about UBER or cab & ferry to the ship, but seems a bit too complicated to use this method. . Thanks.
  12. I take this Princess letter as approval to chair-shop at large. I plan to get access to the Captain's cabin to see what would go nicely in my cabin!
  13. Interesting title for this link. Seems like it has "elite" plastered all over it, or in least in most postings. Seems like everyone posting is an "elite" customer and wants everyone to know it. I really enjoyed one person's comments a bit to the non-elite contrary perspective, that they prefer to spread their cruises around several different companies, depending upon offered itineraries, and to keep their experiences fresh and different. We also view cruising as an elaborate (and very enjoyable) "delivery system" to visit some really cool places. This is a reason why we also have had some fa
  14. Have read some confusing postings which refer to a general concern with the removal of the "barrel chairs" from "balcony class" cabins. I notice the Princess website photos for this category of cabin show the blue barrel chair in the cabin, yet the "floor layout" does not include these chairs. Are they still part of the decor or have they been removed--and if they are out, what have they been replaced with, or are we left with the single desk chair plus sit on the bed or the floor?
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