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  1. Thank you everyone. Appreciate the into. $6.00 is fine. Don't like the continuous shufflers though.
  2. Has anyone heard when they are going to refurbish the Explorer?? Thank you.
  3. We haven't been on Carnival for a while. Do they have $5.00 min. blackjack tables??
  4. We must be on the same cruise. There are no tours posted yet.
  5. Thank you. The cruise line has not listed any tours in this port yet. I will look for that one.
  6. Thank you. Your reply is quite extensive. We would like to sight see, but can't find anything that seems interesting to us. If we do go shopping (either mall), would we be able to walk there from the dock? Would we be able to walk to Tumon area? I appreciate all your helpful info. I don't know where the dock is either. Do you enjoy living there? We will be there in Oct., what can we expect in weather? Thanks again.
  7. Thank you. I will "FORCE" myself to go shopping lol.
  8. chloe kitty

    Kota Kinabalu

    Our cruise stops at Kota Kinabalu. Has anyone been there? What is there to do? I hear there is a marketplace, how does someone get there from the dock? Would appreciate all and any info. Thank you!
  9. Our cruise goes to Guam. Doesn't appear to be a lot to see, so we will probably just go shopping. How far in the mall from the dock? How far is the outlet mall from the dock? Would appreciate any info. Thank you.
  10. We are arriving on a cruise in Kahului. Would like to rent a car, but don't know which company will pick up at the pier. Alamo clearly says no pier pick up. Has anyone rented a car at the dock where they offered pick up and drop off service? Thank you
  11. We have cruised for years. During the early cruises, my husband wore a Tux with all the extras and I wore a long formal dress. Then a few years ago, my husband went to a nice suit. I have changed to formal type pants and a sequin top. It is not hard to pack these items. Living in a very casual climate, we thoroughly enjoy dressing up a few times on board. We also feel that on non formal nights, men should wear a nice pair of slacks and a collared shirt...a Golf type shirt is fine. For women, I always bring black slacks and nice semi dressy tops. Since these restaurants are similar to fine dining, I feel that shorts, t-shirts, and torn jeans are unacceptable. It doesn't matter how much you wasted on torn jeans, they are still torn jeans.
  12. We will be going to Dubai on the Spectrum OTS. We later decided to book the Dubai to Singapore leg, but have to change cabins. Does anyone know how this works? Do we have to disembark and start over as if we are new passengers, or does the ship handle this for you? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you
  13. We were in Abu Dhabi and Dubai last year. Both were wonderful places to visit. Just want to comment about the Mosque. It was very hot, so I wore skimmers and a short sleeved top. Took a shawl and pull on floor length skirt with me which I put on once we arrived at the Mosque. Our tour guide told me that even with the shawl, my wrist showed when I lifted my arms, so I would not be able to enter. Luckily, she had a long dress that she loaned to me. My husband had on a top and knee length shorts. They would not let him enter, because his shorts did not cover his knees completely. He went to the side, pulled his shorts down a few inches, looked like a gang banger, but was let in. So, be prepared.
  14. We have been to Petra and Wadi, so would like to go to Eilat. Has anyone done this before??
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