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  1. We are taking our first cruise on MSC in a month. Having 6 cruises taken, but none on MSC. We purchased a small Specialty Dining package. On other cruise lines, one can make reservations online in advance. Is that the way it is on MSC, and if so, how do I do it?
  2. I was just on an RCCL ship. A gentleman told me that NCL accepts status levels from other companies. Is that true??
  3. Thank you. Gives me a good idea of what partial means.
  4. Thank you for your informative review. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. September will be our first time on MSC, but my 62nd cruise. Have read reviews that weren't too favorable, so glad to read yours.
  5. Has anyone been on the Meravigilia in a partial view balcony cabin? Any idea how partial the view is in 14079?? Thank you
  6. What type of ammenities does MSC offer?
  7. I have taken 60 cruises, but never on MSC.. Thinking of booking MSC. Any opinions please?? As far as status match, I am Elite on Princess and Diamond Plus on RCCL. Any idea of what a match might be?? Thank you.
  8. Yes, I have the voucher numbers, and I have at least one of the latitude numbers.
  9. A few years ago, just prior to Covid my late husband and I purchased vouchers to be used on future trips. My husband passed away a year ago. Does anyone know what happens to those vouchers. Can I apply for a refund, or do they roll over to me? I am planning to book a new cruise on NCL and would like to use mine and another one for a friend. Thank you for your future responses.
  10. I will be flying from Sydney and Cairns in a few months. Is there any low-cost airline that would service that route?? Thank you.
  11. I am Diamond +, so I usually don't bring any beverages onboard with me. My companion only likes certain sodas that are not carried on Royal Caribbean. He also likes flavored water which is also not carried on Royal Caribbean. Does anyone know the current rules regarding bringing soda and flavored water onboard?? Thank you.
  12. In the past, I was able to book reservations for both of these prior to boarding. Has that changed?
  13. What is the main show onboard the Odyssey? Were you able to make reservations for the shows prior to boarding? Were you able to make reservations for Ifly and North Star prior to boarding? Thank you!
  14. Have heard that some benefits have changed. Does anyone know which have changed? Do we still get a few free drinks on our account? Is there any discount on laundry? Thank you
  15. We will be in Paris in November. I started looking for a hotel, and only became confused. We would like to be fairly central, and near a metro station. We will arrive at Orly and leave from CDG. Anyone have a suggestion? We are looking for a moderate to above hotel. About $150. to $200./ night. Also what areas are best and most safe? Appreciate any help. Thank you
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