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  1. I can't see this available to purchase on any of my 4 booked cruises. Is it not offered on cruises over 10 days or TA's? I looked for our 15 night TA in November and our February 12 night and neither show up. Not even Ultimate Dining shows as being available.
  2. Can you use the future cruise credit to pay off the balance of a previously booked cruise
  3. What date in February was this and was it the 12 day itinerary? We sailed February 2 this year and there were at most 10 kids onboard. Next year we sail Feb 8 and I’m hoping the fact that we’re sailing one week later doesn’t mean a ton of kids.
  4. So does this mean that if I cancel a sailing that had a $350/pp deposit, I would lose $200 but can apply the remaining $700 to pay toward the balance of an already booked cruise. And if so, is there a time limit. For instance if the cruise I want to apply the $700 toward is 2 years away?
  5. I think the reason we had to pay $100 more was because I was interested in an interior cabin, and the only one available was an interior with virtual balcony. I guess that one goes for a bit more than a standard interior. As far as being able to get an accessible for previously booked sailings, by the time we inquired (we had booked them before his stroke this past August), the price had gone up so significantly that it would have cost $1,800 more to get an accessible.
  6. My husband suffered a stroke a few months ago and we've tried to get an accessible cabin for cruises we already had on the books, but the price had gone up so much it was not doable. However, we just booked a new cruise for 2020 and we were able to get an inside with virtual balcony accessible cabin for only an add'l $100/pp. I wondered if anybody had any photos they could share or any input about our particular cabin 1305. Thanks!
  7. I wasn't aware that some of the interior cabins are larger than others. Can you give me an example?
  8. Are any of the interior cabins on Grandeur of the Seas larger (not including handicapped cabins)?
  9. We've cruised over 50 times, so I'm familiar with what to look for when it comes to selecting a cabin. But since we've never been on this particular ship, I was curious if anybody had input into any particular cabins that are particularly good, e.g., larger than the average, away from noise, etc. The cabin we selected is below the dining room, which doesn't bother me, but the rep at RCI did say there is a large "blank area" above us that she doesn't know what it is. We're currently booked in 3121, so if anybody has any particular input, I would appreciate it. We have plenty of time to change cabins.
  10. Any input into the best interior cabin? Specifically Grandeur of the Seas.
  11. Since they have revamped this website, I can't figure out how to do a search. Specifically I am looking for info on how to do it or any info on Grandeur of the Seas cabin 3121. Thanks
  12. I grew up in Middletown and I was 5 when Donna hit. The hurricane I’m referring to was in 2011 if I recall correctly. Isabelle maybe? We live in south Jersey now so during Sandy when we were evacuated we went to my brother’s house in Middletown. No power but he had generators. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. We live at the Jersey Shore and several years back (before Sandy), we were evacuated because of an impending hurricane. We decided to hop on a flight to Miami (yes, evacuating New Jersey for Florida during hurricane season....seems weird, huh?). We flew along the coast as the hurricane was coming up the East Coast and arranged for a driver to pick us up at the airport. We got in several hours late, but the driver said he was tracking our flight and we were flying directly above the hurricane! The pilot greeted all the passengers as we boarded and told everyone not to worry; we would be fine. That was very reassuring. The flight was a bit bumpy, but all went well.
  14. Btw I hope your return flight is linked to your new outbound flight. Otherwise the airline will cancel your return flight. Happened to me once![emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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