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  1. I continue to be amazed by the “adults” who are so against wearing a mask. A grocery clerk was shot to death when she insisted that a customer wear a mask. My 3,4, and 7 year olds grandchildren think nothing about wearing a mask. They have to do it and they have never once balked. Maybe some of these adults should start acting like children!
  2. I could be mistaken, but I didn’t think this lawsuit had anything to do with DeSantis’ Executivr Order saying the cruise lines can’t ask for proof of vaccination. I thought it was they wanted the protocols imparted with the no sail order lifted. Where does it say It’s within Florida’s jurisdiction to fine cruise lines if they ask for proof of vaccination?
  3. And some legal minds have said his fines will never hold up in a court of law.
  4. My guess is they are hoping to pull passengers who don’t want to be vaccinated.
  5. So Odyssey has cancelled all their Caribbean cruises out of Florida cruises from July 3-31 due to 8 crew members testing positive for Covid. They were not fully vaccinated. Six are asymptomatic and 2 have mild symptoms. Doesn’t bode well for Royal saying they won’t require vaccines for sailings out of Florida.
  6. That makes perfect sense. So why doesn’t Royal do the same in Florida?
  7. I think the confusion came when a travel agent posted on FB via video that the first tests were false positives. Apparently she was wrong, because others on that sailing said both the antigen and PCR tests were all positive.
  8. By Royal Caribbean? Can you share that info source?
  9. I know the vaccine topic has been discussed to death, but I thought Florida and Texas were the only 2 states with that ridiculous law forbidding the cruise lines from requiring vaccines. I had hoped our sailing from Baltimore would be a port where this law was not being applied. I wasn’t (and still am not) sure what the correct answer is.
  10. Someone posted on FB that Royal plans on making vaccines optional on all cruises sailing fro ALL U.S. ports. Can anybody verify this? If true, I’m guessing Royal hopes to attract families with kids and those people who are refusing to vaccinate. Since all the other cruise lines are mandating that 95% be vaccinated, Royal can pick up all the anti-vaxers. Just one more reason to jump ship from Royal.
  11. This is her post: We have been given update information that the 2 people tested positive on the antigen test tested negative on the follow up 2 day lab test was negative. The press is blowing it up as though we have Covid on the ship and all of us have been tested and are 100 % negative. A lot of people were texting me and this is what the Captain just claimed over the loud speaker. What else would you expect from the press!
  12. Snd this is a travel agent who was onboard. You would think she wouldn’t spread false info🤦‍♀️
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