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  1. This is a cruise that we are driving to, so no flight involved. And our own health insurance does cover us outside of the country, so this is really just additional insurance. But for our transatlantic cruise from Italy (which I seriously think will not happen) this Fall, we have a much better policy from an independent insurance company.
  2. Ok, that's what I thought you were saying. Yes, I will go ahead and pay for it now to ensure that if something comes up between now and then (you never know when a doctor will order a new test or med), we'll still be covered. Thanks for the info! Appreciate it!
  3. I think I'm understanding your explanation. But I'm not sure why you are saying to pay within 60 days of final payment. The cruise is in February. Husband's condition has been stable for the past 60 days. Why shouldn't I pay for it now? That way in case there is some sort of change in his condition between now and final payment we're still covered. Am I correct in interpreting it this way? And if so, I just stipulate to the insurance company I want to purchase and pay for the insurance now?
  4. Thanks for all the helpful responses. My husband does have a pre-existing condition. He had his pacemaker checked at his regularly scheduled every 6 month appt with his cardiologist. All was good. That was 60 days ago. Our cruise is in February. Wouldn’t it benefit me to purchase the insurance now rather than wait until November when final payment is due? And how d I go about paying for it. Won’t it just get tacked onto my final payment. Or so I need to specify I want to pay it now so we’re covered with the 60 day look back?
  5. We've always purchased third party travel insurance. But as we get older (65 and 60), the price just keeps going up. I'm considering purchasing Royal's insurance for our February Caribbean cruise. I realize the coverage is not as great, but it is a lot less expensive. I do have two questions. 1.) It appears they do cover pre-existing conditions, as long as there have been no changes in the 60 days prior to purchasing the insurance. Am I correct on this? 2.) Although we will be driving to the port, for future reference, does Royal's insurance cover independently booked airfare. It seems like what I read said it does, but the rep from Royal said it doesn't. And if it does, how do you add that cost to the premium? TIA!
  6. Same here, except we didn't start cruising til the mid 90's. We love cruising. I'm very anxious for a vaccine, but I'm not sure I'd still feel comfortable cruising again. We always get a flu vaccine, and my husband still contracted Influenza A on Grandeur this past February. He was quarantined for the last 4 days of the cruise. My concern is there were 82 people who contracted it during that sailing (and Lord knows how many more that never went to the Medical Center to be tested). I wonder if, like the influenza vaccine, there is a Covid-19 vaccine, will it make the symptoms and duration of the illness less severe.
  7. For our sailing in October 2020, we booked an interior cabin, so it was only 2 perks offered. We selected the prepaid grat and the classic beverage package. The booking also came with an automatic $200 OBC. I think if we had selected a higher cabin category, we would have been offered 3-4 perks. When I looked at my invoice, it shows the charge for the beverage package and the prepaid grats, but then it is deducted. So I guess they waived it during the sale. Our fare was higher than the other selection, but when I did the math, it paid for us to pay a higher fare, but get the two perks included.
  8. Did you add the offer to your card before making your payment to Celebrity? Mine had the $150 credit offered, and the credit appeared on my card within 2 days.
  9. Ok I feel a lot better. It looks like the charge was added to my cruise fare and then deducted so I guess they waived it. Whew! The way people were explaining it sounded like we’d be charged $14 plus 20% grat per person every day of the cruise. Since we were offered 2 perks, we figured on a 15 night cruise the 2 best choices were the prepaid grat and the classic beverage pkg.
  10. It's not in our Cruise Planner yet. Also, I was just informed that by selecting the Classic Beverage Package as a perk, we will now be charged $14/day/pp plus 20% gratuity to our seapass card while on the cruise. This is a 15 night cruise, so this amounts to $502! I would never had selected the higher priced fare that included two perks.
  11. So we just booked a transatlantic cruise for 2021. It came with two perks. We selected the Classic Beverage Package and prepaid gratuities. Now someone just told me that when we select the beverage package as a perk, we will be charged $14/pp/day on our seapass card for the length of the cruise? So this perk is not really a perk? It's a 15 night cruise so with gratuity we'll be paying $504 on our seapass card???!!! That should have been explained when we selected this. I would have chosen the $150/pp OBC!
  12. When I called Celebrity last night, they said it's $14 plus 20% grat.
  13. We received the Classic Beverage Pkg as a perk with our booking. Considering upgrading to the Premium. I understand it is $14/day plus 20% grat. Does the upgrade from classic to premium ever go on sale? Hubby is happy with the Classic, so it might just be me upgrading.
  14. Is the wine that is included in the Classic beverage package better than the quality of the wine served during the Elite Happy Hour? Also, are martinis and frozen drinks included?
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