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  1. So if I charge $1000, and pay it off and then in the same statement period charge $600, I only pay $100 to pay off the card? Does the $500 credit show up fairly quickly?
  2. It seems there were various offers. My friend hit the same as yours. Ours was spend $1500, get a $500 statement credit.
  3. This may seem like a stupid question but here goes. I charge $1500 on my Amex and pay it off within the same statement month, I get a $500 statement credit. Can I then use that $500 or does that then bring down the amount I charged to only $1000?
  4. Does anybody know if the entire amount ($1,500 in my case) must be put on the card in one transaction and/or during one billing cycle. In other words, can I put $900 on the card this month, and then $600 next month? And do I have to do it through my Travel Agent, since that's who I booked our cruise with.
  5. My Amex has the "spend $1500, get $500 back. Does it have to be specifically for a cruise reservation, or could it be used to pay for onboard services, like specialty dining reservations.
  6. We always dress appropriately. Hubby has no problem wearing slacks. I just thought a nice shorts set would work for a more casual dinner one evening. But it sounds like a moot point since it sounds like it’s not open on Anthem. Maybe on the Caribbean sailings it will be🤞🏻
  7. We’ll definitely have plenty of slacks with us. Just wondered since it’s a casual venue, if nice shorts for my husband would be acceptable.
  8. Does anybody know if Solarium Bistro is open on Anthem? Also, what is the dress code for dinner? Are shorts okay?
  9. To say my statement isn't valid is misleading. Many private insurance companies do NOT pay for medical expenses outside of the country, especially medical evacuation. You are assuming everybody is on Medicare. Not everybody who travels is old enough to be on Medicare. And I stand by my statement that coverage of 25K may not be nearly enough in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury that can happen to anyone. I had a friend who, in her 50's and seemingly completely healthy, has a stroke on a transatlantic on the way to Spain. Fortunately she was stable enough until they arrived in Spain, but she was hospitalized there for 3 weeks and required a private medjet accompanied by a nurse to return her to the States. Fortunately, they had a Nationwide policy that covered up to $1 million.
  10. When it says “secondary” it means you need to submit to your private health insurance first. Most health insurance does not cover you outside of the States, so you’re limited to what your travel insurance covers. $25K can rack up pretty quickly.
  11. The CDC Director overruled the advisory committee’s failure to recommend boosters for healthcare and other frontline workers at risk of exposure to Covid. They are now advised to get the boosters.
  12. I just checked and you are correct. But the main screen doesn’t include my name or DOB. That’s nuts.
  13. Mine does not. I also have Docket from NJ, and mine has my name, DOB, registry number, date of vaccine, (dose 1 and dose 2) and says "series complete." But no lot number. The heading is from the NJ Department of Health Personal Covid-19 Immunization Record.
  14. The info from Docket in NJ does not have the lot numbers, just the date and type of vaccine you received.
  15. Gotcha. Thanks. We're fully vaxed. Hubby got his third dose two weeks ago and I, as a nurse, will be eligible for a boost soon. I've heard nightmare stories of people getting their negative test 48-72 hours prior to a cruise, only to test positive at the port of embarkation. I think that is happening in Europe. We're booked on a B2B Transatlantic next October starting in Italy, and that is my biggest fear.
  16. To the poster onboard, did you have to get Covid tested at the port when you arrived to check in?
  17. Thank you for your recommendation. We went ahead and moved our deposit for the February 2022 cruise to one in February 2023. We had to pay the prevailing rate which was significantly more because our original was booked with an employee discount, but at least I didn’t have to worry about an FCC.
  18. Can I do this up until 48 hours prior to sailing? And does it have to be the same type of cruise (Caribbean 12 night, departing February). In other words , what timeframe and type of sailing are we restricted to.
  19. We just booked it this week. No, it wasn’t a lift and shift. However, the Enchantment was. So would they consider one year from the original sailing date to be from February 2021, even though Royal cancelled that sailing and we lifted and shifted that one to February 2022. Which date would they use?
  20. Royal isn’t mandating it now for sailings out of Florida. They “recommend” it, but they are not mandating it. Why would it be any different after children under 12 are allowed to be vaccinated?
  21. We did a Lift and Shift for our Enchantment 12 night sailing out of Baltimore February 2021 to February 5, 2022. This sailing has disappeared from Royal’s website. We’ve been told it’s because it’s sold out. Not sure if that’s true or not. As a backup we booked Anthem out of Bayonne 11 night sailing on January 31, 2022. They both have non-refundable deposits. We plan to make final payment on both and obviously sailing just one. I see where we can cancel up to 48 hours prior and get an FCC that must be used for a sailing no later than September 2022. Does anybody think they will extend that for a Feb 2022 sailing? We’ve got a B2B scheduled in Europe for October 2022 and would like to use the FCC from whichever cruise we cancel toward that sailing. Anybody care to venture a guess?
  22. If that’s the case wouldn’t they be contacting some passengers on that sailing about moving them. That sailing typically is sold out so if the are limiting capacity I would think they would be working on reducing capacity now.
  23. We were booked on the 12 night Enchantment of the Seas from Baltimore this past February 2021. We opted to do a Lift and Shift to the 12 night February 5, 2022 sailing. However, we're unsure if that sailing will be a "go" since it's removed from Royal's website. They keep saying it's sold out, but not sure if that's actually fact or not. We are thinking we'd do a Lift and Shift to February 2023, but the customer service rep I spoke with at Royal said Lift and Shift's are no longer an option? Does anybody know if that is actually fact or fiction? TIA
  24. Vaccinated have a lower viral load and subsequently what they shed is less virulent. Btw, I’m very surprised, given how many children are contracting the Delta variant, that people are taking so many young children onboard cruise ships at this time.
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