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  1. Are you saying you are Sapphire when you login to M Life? If so, that is your M Life tier not your Blue Chip tier. It may be confusing but M Life Sapphire is their entry level tier, Blue Chip Sapphire is the 2nd highest tier and it takes quite a bit of time/money in the casino to reach that tier. There is no where you can log in to find you Celebrity Blue Chip status, you would have to call Blue Chip.
  2. That’s really a personal decision depending on where you are sailing from and what time you like to eat. If it is a really picturesque sail away then it’s nice to try and catch some views and the sunset on the aft. We usually eat between 6-7 on non sail away nights.
  3. Tuscan Grille is the Italian steakhouse. On Silhouette and all S class ships, Tuscan has beautiful aft views. We always love it. Have always had a great filet mignon but have read mixed reviews on their other cuts of meat. The burrata salad, charcuterie, and chicken parmigiana are all family favorites in our group.
  4. After you select a stateroom for you see the line of options above the perks? I have had this happen and my experience is that there is a blue hyperlink labeled “your offer” which is one step back but sometimes doesn’t appear as a separate window in the section process. If you see that link it should take you to a screen where you can see the RD and NRD offers.
  5. Yes, this has recently become an issue for my bookings with them. The casino comp amount offer cannot be combined with the non-refundable deposit; so in order to use that perk it must be booked on the refundable deposit fare. That fare is almost invariable higher than the non-refundable fare. Blue Chip benefits can be great or not. It depends on base cruise fares and which of the many rules of Celebrity and Blue Chip may apply to a certain sailing or fare category.
  6. No, they are all very similar but each ship has chips with the ship name on them. You may be able to mail them in or take them on another shop to see if they swap them for you.
  7. Not 💯 but I believe all suites on X ships except edge now have CO bigelow. We are with you though, we sail on Summit on 8/3 and wish they were still there. Will be on my comment card. For some reason I have always disliked CO bigelow products.
  8. Thanks, we board this Sunday, 8/3 and will be in a suite but in any onboard restaurant we always find its best to go with the staffs recommendations.
  9. Check your bags at a hotel, Ireland has so many nice people and I I don’t think it would be much of an issue with a tip. Whether you are a beer drinker or not then head straight to the Guinness experience. It truly is a neat and well done tour. Lines can be long but the view from the top observation bar is beautiful.
  10. I think this is more nuanced than most people will dive into. Maybe the majority of Celebrity cruisers are older but I think that is currently changing. In general, I would say most cruise lines have an older demographic than the overall traveling population. I grew up cruising on Celebrity and now cruise with my wife and children almost exclusively on X. We have friends that have the money to cruise in suites with us but prefer land vacations/luxury all inclusive resorts. Ultimately, the traveler and their whole family have to like cruising (I.e. not get seasick) for it to work. We are millennials and see more people in our age group each time we cruise. I think the 2008 recession really delayed the disposable income generation of many people our age. I believe we will see the affects of that start to fade as their careers and families grow.
  11. Good grief. This place is not a parenting forum. ShipMonster came here to discuss the refurb and posit some legitimate questions. Somehow the sleuths here have uncovered a change to occupancy policy in AQ cabins and that he is also going to disrespect the other diners in Blu. ShipMonster correctly pointed out that everyone took it upon themselves to find out how he had 3 guests in AQ. As a frequent cruiser with 2 children under 4 I may be overly sensitive but it gets old hearing how no one wants their meal or cruise ruined by some unruly children. In my experience the adults are more poorly behaved than any children I have seen on Celebrity.
  12. Last I checked: Only suite passengers have access to the Retreat sun deck. Suite passengers, Captain’s Club Zenith members, Blue Chip Sapphire and Ruby level members, and certain VIP’s have access to the Retreat Lounge (formerly Michael’s Club/Lounge).
  13. And Sapphire and Ruby level guests with Blue Chip Club.
  14. Any pictures of a Royal Suite?
  15. Download the Celebrity app for your phone if you have a smartphone. The me is for each day at each restaurant is posted once the reservation is loaded in your app. You can see day by day what will be offered in each restaurant.
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