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  1. I was asked to evaluate/respond to our Cruise Critic M & M onboard the Carnival Vista 01/13/18 cruise in an email. I did respond and wish I had gotten a reply to my response in my email.


    Here is the hot topic. We did have our M & M the first sea day at 9 AM in the Piano Lounge. I did get an invitation in my mailbox the first night of our cruise. Not everyone did.


    Before we got on the ship, I had read from a previous passenger when they had their M & M. At our informal get together right after the Muster Drill......I had forewarned everyone that attended that it might certainly be held the next morning. I told them to double check that evening in their FUN TIMES for it. It was published in the Fun Times.


    The problem was that some people did not update their cabin numbers if they changed rooms. Some people did not get their invites and some people did not get their FUN TIMES the night prior. I also think some people just never read their Times when they were told to please check for the announcement over and over again on the Roll Call.


    We still had about 35 people attend and Carnival had a lovely spread of refreshments and treats. I personally was disappointed that no officers came to address the group. I don't know if this is typical with Carnival Cruise Critic M & M. I was also on the FB group and in order to have a cohesive group I suggested we all register with Cruise Critic. Now the person that was in charge of that FB group told our group that she will never do a Cruise Critic party again. She said that she always gets a date and room assignment ahead of the cruise for the FB group and everyone knows about it ahead of time prior to the sailing.


    The last 2 M & M I attended on NCL we had several officers that spoke to us. Is this because on Carnival the Cruise Critic members are not as valued as much. It seems the FB group gets better recognition from Carnival.


    Just thought our members should know what they are up against.

    NCL always has several officers attend the meet and greet. Some speak or answer questions. Sometimes they mingle a bit and leave. I just got off NCL Spirit Canary Is cruise. Nice turn out of officers.

    Carnival usually has the cruise director pop in but not always. That's about it.


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  2. I recently paid for a cruise on Spirit when I noticed the room number was different than my original booking. I booked an inside on deck 5 and the booking said deck 8. Thought it was ok. When I got confirmation of payment it said it was free upgrade. Still an inside but up a couple of decks. I was surprised nobody called me. Wasn't bothered enough to call my vacation planner at NCL.


    Another curise I have booked as a guarantee next September on Jade, I notice I have been assigned a cabin number already. Is this normal getting a cabin number so soon. Again, no call from my PCP.


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  3. On the Getaway back in May, the ship docked in Nynäshamn rather than Stockholm. I did not learn of the port change until about ten days before the cruise. My original plan was to take the HOHO in Stockholm, which NCL sold, and then get off at the ABBA museum. With the change in itinerary, NCL provided a shuttle service to Stockholm and honored my purchase for the HOHO. I think the shuttle was $50, NCL did not charge me again because I bought the HOHO ticket from them. The drop off point for the shuttle was at or near the beginning point of the HOHO. The ABBA and Vasa museums are in a different part of the city and it took a while to get to the ABBA museum.

    I purchased my ticket to the ABBA museum before I traveled to Copenhagen and that saved some time. The Vasa museum is just down the street, about a 10 minute walk. Both were outstanding.

    I felt a bit hurried because we needed to be back at the shuttle drop off point to travel back to Nynäshamn. I was only able to visit both museums. Guess I will have to go back :).

    $50 for a port shuttle to the city sounds pretty hefty. Is that a return price?


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  4. We like RCI. We went on Norwegian Jade and loved it. Great value for money- excellent service, food etc.

    We then went on Epic. With over 4,000 people we found it to noisy, with no quiet areas to read, relax etc. If you are in The haven it would be different.

    I didn't mind the weird cabins (except for the rounded off beds and lack of storage). Hubby HATED the bathroom. We like to have a cup of tea before bed but the only place open was O'Sheehans which was noisy, crowded and next to the bowling alley. Every time someone got a strike they yelled and I jumped. Not very relaxing before going to bed.

    The food and service was great.

    The shows were the MOST amazing shows I've seen on a ship. Full stage shows And plenty of different shows every night. We were seeing 2 different things a night as it was only a 7 night cruise.

    I like Norwegian but would avoid Epic. Having said that- it was very cheap.

    I would get tea up in Lido area late at night. Teabags and hot water were available. Seems to me there were paper cups too if you wanted.


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  5. I find the biggest difference is no set dining times in the two main dining rooms. The whole ship is anytime dining except alternative pay extra restaurants where you make a reservation. I think you can make reservations too in the dining rooms if you want. Otherwise, just arrive when you want to eat.


    The included eating spot O'Sheehans is nice for casual food. Open all day/night.


    The evening buffet area too is good for dinner.


    NCL dress code is casual, wear what you want. There are a couple of dress up or not nights.


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  6. Often the night before a cruise ends I have seen a new comforter and sheets in a plastic zip bag, either under the bed or in a closet ready to use the next day when I vacate the room. I have also noticed the day before getting off, the vacuum cleaners out in the hall for a good vacuum that day. New rolls of toilet paper, box of Kleenex under the sink...Topped up. Sometimes I have already cleared out the bathroom cabinet and the steward has cleaned the shelves. The night before, late at night I have smelled carpet cleaner refresher sprayed in hallways. Some of these things happen every cruise or cruise line I have been on.

    They really clear out the bedding asap

    On the final morning, I have come back to my cabin after breakfast to pick up my carry-on and even the toilet paper roll has that little fold on the end for the next cruisers!


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  7. The Vista Havana area also has a lounge with breakfast and lunch foods if you want to eat in a smaller venue.


    The outdoor area has a pedal skyride up in the air that goes around the whole pool outdoor area. Lots of fun. Lines not long in morning. I found it a little hard at one point. There is a big jungle jim-like ropes course. Lots of fun. Need closed toe shoes for these like runners.

    The promenade deck has a BBQ on sea days, on side of ship. The indoor plaza on promenade desk has light breakfast and lunch if you want a quieter place. A pub, Red Frog that brews it's own beer is next to it.

    Out near a pool, Guy's Burgers are super, esp. the fries. Lots of trivia, crafts on sea days (kits are free).


    I liked the Vista.


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  8. It's a beach stop on a private island, just like Great Stirrup Caye is a beach stop on a private island.

    Thanks. Wasn't wanting to do anything in Belize. I did not realize you had to take an NCL excursion if you wanted to go to Belize. Last time I was there with another cruise line we were all tendered into Belize, whatever the capital is called, Belize City. But this one I am on (Getaway) the itinerary says Harvest Caye not Belize.


    Is Roatan a beach stop or a pool?


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  9. The online bookings for some excursions may be sold out but you can book once on board. Yes, booking through NCL is more expensive, but as a solo traveler who hasn't cruised in a while, your comfort and security level may out weigh the added expense.



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    I feel the same when travelling solo, book shore excursions with ship. If there is a friendly roll call I may book a private excursion.

    I am going to Harvest Caye in Dec. Is it a private island? I thought it was a beach stop. Thanks


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  10. I find the longer the cruise, the more ports there are, the more sea days there are and the more unusual the cruise, the more participants seem to chat on roll calls. Transatlantic and repositioning cruises seem to have chatty roll calls. Sometimes people wait till closer to the cruise to chat.

    I agree, activity planners get things going too.


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  11. When I was on the Jade in January there was a very large solo group who dined and did shows together. Probably easier to coordinate on a ship with studio lounge but even the other ships have cruise staff as solo coordinators. I think on any sailing it might not be that hard to find another solo platinum cruiser to share the dining perks.

    Where did this solo group meet on Jade so that they could go as a group to dinner, thanks?


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  12. In the specialty restaurants= there would have to be a "group" who commits to dining, then the reservations would be made.


    In regular restaurants I've had fixed dining time set up for the solos But again, depends on that particular participation, of that sailing.

    I have a booking on Getaway in Nov in the studio area so I guess the studio host will take us to a regular dining room. I noticed before on the studio notice board that people signed up to eat in a specialty restaurant and wondered if the studio host could get a reservation or have on hold?

    Next year I have cruise booked on Jade and wondered if anything is done to get solos to eat together. I see on the daily solos can meet in a bar at 6 and wondered if anybody shows up and then go as a group to dining room. Do you know about these scenarios Budget Queen? Thanks


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  13. As a solo sailor, I was planning on using my Platinum Latitudes benefit to get four free meals, two in Cagney's and two in La Cucina on my Mexican Riviera cruise in April. (This is based on the "dinner for two" principle and my only being "one".) It sounds like I'm going to have to get everything booked the exact moment I board the ship or I'll be screwed along with everyone else. I hope the Cruise Next manager will be at her work station when I board. As with so much with NCL anymore, it's two steps forward and one step back.

    Do you know if the singles and solos who meet in the studio area with the staff member, are they ever booked as a group for specialty dining and the social director makes a group reservation?


    Or if the ship doesn't have studios, the singles and solos have a meetup at 6 at a bar, does someone take them as a group to the regular dining room?



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  14. Since the new point system just started and all the waiting in line on the first day at the Cruise Next desk... maybe the Latitude consultants will start complaining about the logistics ... Hopefully something will be done about it. How can one person do all that between arrival onboard and 9pm.

    I have never had dinner with an officer, done the Behind the Scenes tour and would like to attend the loyalty party, don't drink but like to meet people, so I will get stuck in a long line.


    Also you have to see the computer guy to get your extra internet minutes. What a hassle when first on the ship.


    For a cruise line advertising freestyle there is far too much booking that has to be done. Terrible. I bought 3 cruise next and am having a hard time using them now before expiry. Something else for a holiday seems to pop up.


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  15. Curious about this - my daughter's CruiseNext Deposit expires in August, and we just rec'd an email saying the value is $189.14. I've never heard of them losing value before the expiration date.

    Never heard of it losing value. Did you buy it in a different currency than you are now booking? Sometimes I buy mine in US or CDN and now, I can only see the CDN website since NCL created one. So when I book they convert the cruise next to the value it was the day I bought it.

    For the first time I got an email 6 months out to say that one was going to expire.


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  16. Don't think so but there may be a bacon patrol.

    There used to be joking about the bacon police on Carnival but the last cruises I have done there was plenty of bacon. Both cruise lines seemed to have somebody serving it and I saw lots. What is with the popularity of bacon anyway?😁 I would go squirrelly if there were no sausages.

    Love the porkage and rumage talk here. Lol.


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  17. I did the excursion. The beach is really nice and you get sunbeds. Some umbrellas are there too. The food voucher was for around $15 or 20. Can't remember but it bought a hamburger, fries and drink. I think you could have just bought food too. Not much food choices there. Some shops and a couple of bars.

    I was by myself too and it was a good way to go to the beach. I did not want to try the public beach in town. The boat ride actually takes about 1/2 hr. to get there. I enjoyed my excursion. It wasn't crowded.



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