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  1. How can a person determine if two certificates can be used? Just so I know in the future although I only have one at the moment. Thanks

    Twice my NCL cruise consultant called me. But I wasn't interested in a cruise at the time. Seemed short notice. I have the certificates on hand in case something interesting is added. Have 2cruises booked next year and one cruise certificate left.

    I have never looked up when you can use two on the same cruise.


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  2. Isn't cancellation 90 days out now with no penalty? I thought it changed. Within that 90 days the penalty is on a sliding scale by so many days.

    But an upgrade (Paid to upgrade or upgrade fairy) isn't considered a cancellation is it?


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  3. Well, if some didn't purchase OBC to either cash out in the casino with not intentions to spend it in the casino just to make a profit from or cash out to spend in ports, we probably would still be able to use OBC in the casino. I hope NCL comes up with a system where they will offer promotion chips or slot play for those that want to use OBC in the casino.
    So does that mean you can't put bills in the machine, only your card?
  4. Yes you can charge as much as your credit card can bear. In the casino if you ask for $1000 or more at one time they will need to call for approval from accounting -- this is a slow process in the middle of the night :o (been there done that). If you ask for $900 they do not need to call.





    Do you get your winnings in cash? Or are they sent home by check too?

  5. I think Carnival's success is it's vibe. People love the fun ships, the casual relaxed atmosphere and quirky decor, the activities, and all. The ships have an air of familiarity that makes one feel comfortable. Good value, good food and the ships take you everywhere everyone else goes. I get a little sentimental when I approach port and see the whale tails, sometimes several at one port. Carnival changes things slowly so you still recognize the product but find something new. I always feel at home entering the atrium after boarding. Just feels good.

  6. We were able to exchange the Platinum gift wine for non alcoholic wine on our cruise in 2014. Hope they'll still do this on our next trip.

    I was hoping that. Thanks. My cruise isn't till Jan. so maybe someone will let us know before then if it is still substituted. Who did you ask or make the exchange with?

  7. I have never seen non alcoholic wine served by the glass on any line I have been on. Only available by the bottle. It is de-alcoholized wine, not grape juice.


    Does anybody know if you can exchange your Platinum gift wine for a bottle of non alcoholic wine?

  8. I like to bring a mug with lid for coffee during the day. At night I fill it with ice and keep it by the bed. Don't worry about knocking it over like a glass of water. And if I wake up in the night I can have a nice cold drink of water. Nice for ice water by pool or if you are sitting somewhere not near the drinks station.

  9. Your SeaPass onboard account is always in USD regardless of booking currency. You can choose to run a cash account during online check-in when your SetSail Pass is printed. That way you can square up your account in USD bills if you prefer.


    You can add a credit card to your cash account on board if you want. You can choose to have RCI to convert to your credit card's currency such as CAD (I wouldn't do this, I'm sure their rate is higher) or bill your credit card in USD (and if it's not a USD credit card, obviously your card issuer's exchange rate and foreign currency conversion fee, if any, will apply).

    I think I will pay for my service charges and excursions in advance in Cdn$. Will check in on ship with credit card but pay cash at end. Thanks

  10. If you book on Canadian dollars and just wait till you get onboard and then excursions, on board expenses etc are in US on your account? Or will they also be billed in Canadian on your onboard account? Could I just give them US or Canadian cash to pay rather than a credit card?


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  11. Ken, you have no idea what I went through with this! :eek: I put a courtesy hold (on the website at 4:00 a.m. this morning) on an eastbound TA for April 2017. Great.. it showed under "my cruises" (correctly priced) and I was going to call them later with my credit card info. Before calling, I went to pull up our booking dashboard which lists all our cruises and when I went into it, the cruise was priced at $1,000 more! :confused: Got on the phone (on hold most of the time) and was on for a solid hour trying to straighten it out and get it back to what it was priced at when I booked it earlier. I had an email confirmation about the courtesy hold but no price shown. Like I said, an hour later I had it straightened out and it was back to the correct price.


    This afternoon, I was going to call and give them my credit card so I pulled up the booking again and believe it or not, under "our cruises" it had doubled in price!! :eek: I didn't want to put the deposit down this morning till I got the prices sorted out. On the phone again..this time for 45 minutes! Of course, by this time the prices on the RCI website were up and clerk #2 was trying to tell me I was wrong.. I was spitting nails when I was on the phone. Finally...finally..finally got it straightened out again for the second time. This time I took a screen shot and also printed out my booking confirmation. I'm done with RCI today!![emoji14]


    The first rep I talked to had no clue about the 35% off for the Canadian residents sale so, of course, she had to check it out. She said the website was working fine for her,:confused: Ummm....no, it certainly is not working fine!! :rolleyes: She also had no idea about balcony discounts. I have my eye on a European cruise to add on to our transatlantic but there's just no way I want to go through any more of that "crap" today! lol My husband said to leave it till tomorrow.. even he doesn't want to call. The things we do to save money!


    One thing I noticed on the website is that when you enter the province to see if there's any special prices, it doesn't retain "Ontario" so that's likely part of the reason nobody is getting the extra 5% for the Canadian residents discount. Both times I called they asked me where I lived after inquiring about getting the extra 5%. Yes, you certainly do have to call to get it...just hope you get an agent who knows what you're talking about!

    I had this problem too with the extra 5% Canadian booking. Took agent awhile to figure it out. I told her I had an email about it. I said a friend of mine already booked and got it and she looked it up to see how. She forgot to put the province in.

    Anyway I asked the agent where she was - a call center in Guatemala where there are 200 of them. I said how did you get a name like Brenda and she said her father named her. Asked if she had ever been on a cruise - no.


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  12. Royal Caribbean has a similar offer on from March 1-5, 2016 only. 35% off for Canadians and it isn't just limited to cruises in 2016. I was looking at some for 2017.

    I just booked with them yesterday. Also the cruise I booked for Alaska next year also had no single supplement.

    Actually 30% off is for anybody. 5% more was for Canadians.

  13. Are you going on a ship that has the studio cabins, Epic, BA, GA, He can meet up with lots of singles. On the other ships, whenever they post a singles event hardly anybody shows up. But the Studio cabin ships have lots of activities. If he doesn't have his own cabin he can still go to the Studio and attend things or eat with the group etc.

  14. How far roughly is to to central Helsinki if you walk?


    From memory, a few people walked last time we were there and I don't think it was too far.


    We have no problem with walking a few miles.

    I also walked to town in Helsinki along the waterfront. About 20-30 min. Walked all over the place even to the church in the rock. Beautiful city. Picked up a map somewhere and took a different route back to the port, stopped for a coffee in a cute place. There is a city bus outside the port area if you want a ride to town.

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