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  1. Yes thank you for making the clarification.


    Also to the OP when I have been sailing solo I have been allowed to split my Platinum dinner over two nights. So you if you don't find someone to invite to dinner you can always go to a specialty two nights. Just one bottle of wine though. ;)




    Hi Rochelle, If you are travelling solo and don't want to eat by yourself, can you still go and get the bottle of wine? I will be platinum next cruise. Too bad you couldn't do takeout! I do not like eating alone in a nice place. I would take the wine home cause I don't drink either. If I met somebody to take I would go. Or if travelling with people I know, would give them the wine. This is new to me cause I just turned platinum.

    Is the 18% added to the platinum dinner or do you tip? Loretta

  2. The bar was open in the studio lounge an hour before the people went as a group to dinner. Some nights they made reservations for specialty restaurants. I liked that the lounge had continental breakfast, so before an excursion you could eat muffins, cereal, juice, coffee and yogurt and not go to buffet. Later in day there were cookies.

  3. Hi Loretta.

    Nice to hear from you! Seems like you have a few nice travelling plans ahead of you, all though for me I must admit that coach is boring - I prefer cruising...!


    Have fun in the Alps - it is beautiful! (I lived in Switzerland for a couple of years when I was an young adult).



    Felt like a change with the Europe coach tour. Back to the ships soon enough, Anita. NCL has several cruises coming up of interest. Can't wait to see full itineraries. Good thing I have 2 more future cruise rewards certificates!

  4. Hi all!


    I'm very interested in the Getaway to the Baltics. I've been looking & looking for a Baltic cruise & soon will be able to book a studio if all goes well.

    I loved Getaway from Miami & look forward to sailing it again to interesting ports. Come on Feb 9th!!:D


    ~ Jo ~ :)

    That is one exciting incentive to think Baltics again! I went in 09 on Rotterdam but would love to go back to St Petersburg. So many places!

  5. Hi Mike.

    We did the 14 day Norway cruise last year (June 2015), from Copenhagen and then only Norwegian ports all the way up to the North Cape and then back down again. Even for a Norwegian "native" (me) it was an amazing cruise. I know that they have one of those 14 days cruises also this year (in June), and it has been so popular that I would be surprised if that itinerary isn't also on the 2017-schedule. There might be only one though, that goes all the way up to the North Cape.


    PS: The repo-cruises from Europe usually takes place in October, and unfortunately I believe that would be a very cold experience both regarding Svalbard and Iceland.

    Hi TrumpyNor Anita, we met on Star Northcape last year! Loved it.

    I see in paragraph three of the press release, Jade is going to Northcape in 2017. I want to go back that way on a Cosmos coach tour up the middle of Finland to Northcape and down coast of Norway. Looking at that. Have a coach tour in the Alps this June. Will see how that goes.

    These new itineraries look exciting. I am looking at the Spirit to Israel from Venice next April. Will wait to book until after I see these new ones and TAs.


  6. Georgetown and Cozumel both have free wifi available on the street near a couple of downtown businesses. I can't remember them specifically though. However, ask a crew member and they should know. Also, you can Google "free wifi" at those locations and get a bunch of results.

    In Georgetown there is free wifi in the Atlantis Submarine office. When you get off in town go to the right and walk to Atlantis a few streets, not far. It has A/C, sells things like tshirts & souvenirs. Go look around or stand outside. It is fast.

    In the port in Cozumel there is a big bar along the main walkway with wifi. It has the password in a frame on the bar. I bought a coke.

  7. Does this mean if Platinums book now they will get two bottles of wine and two orders of chocolate covered strawberries?

    I am assuming so. I booked & get the free wine & am platinum & expect another bottle. Don't drink so I am taking both home. If travelling with friends I would give to them. Those strawberries always come when I am not hungry!

    This time I got email list of my perks:

    internet pkg

    choc strawberries

    $50 OBC

    bottle wine

    Never got an email before that I remember.

    The Platinum perks will come separately I assume. My cruise is next year.

  8. Sorry sorry I know, lots of questions.


    When I check the NCL website, it only shows me 15 available rooms in each category, where do you recommend I check to see how many of each room type is available in the coming days? I have seen people say "there are loads of mini-suites still available" or whatever so I was wondering where you would check that.


    Go on NCL website and make like you want a booking. Choose each category, for example balcony, continue the booking and you will see what cabins are still left. When you pick a cabin, the colour code will show what exact category it is, and the legend of categories is on deck plan diagrams below. Do same for each type, Ocean view, Etc

  9. I find with a Gty, you just get the category you booked but maybe a higher floor. Or instead of bow or stern, maybe midship. Or port hole to picture window. Not normally inside to ocean view or balcony. I guess it all depends what NCL can sell or upsell to somebody last minute. It all depends on inventory and last minute sales. Sometimes you get your cabin assigned long before last minute, but after final payment. I have gotten my Gty cabin once at the port!

    I booked ocean view Gty on my next NCL Star and will be in same boat, wondering what I will get. First time I booked in Canadian $'s. Noticed all the excursions are now in Cdn. At least the $ rate the day you booked is the rate for all your expenses.

  10. I will bring my own or just order the green tea or regular. My friends and I are not happy one bit about the extra charges. They could have gone to a cheaper brand and kept the variety. Another cruise included specialty bites the dust.:(

  11. we have a chance to book one of these ships. we was on the dream in Dec and the triumph not since she left new orleans.


    i just cant decided which one.


    dream we enjoyed the new internet on the dream and the comedy shows 1st cove and loved looking at water but didn't like the closed feel of balcony.


    does triumph have new internet packages? plus it does have guys burgers that big plus. i like the fact on the triumph can look down at the water. decisions decisions...


    I was on Triumph in Nov. and internet was good. Bought the unlimited package. I forget the price. Like somebody said to me, make believe you are buying an excursion. Then the price doesn't bug you so much and you get to enjoy it all trip. I also used ship printer to print boarding pass. Some times were slow but not bad.

  12. Greetings,:)

    I will be doing the TA on the Star in April. As of yet they don't have the excursions posted for Ponta Delgada. Did you do any excursions while you were there or did you just walk around town?


    Looking forward to this cruise!


    When I was there, in the main square there were some horse and buggy drivers. We took a scenic ride around for about half hour. Driver charged 5 euros each and his buggy held 8. Some were smaller. Then we went shopping. It was very nice and cheap too.

  13. DH and I have the "free" UDP on an upcoming Escape cruise. I wanted to get a dining package for DS (14) to join us, but have read that NCL's online reservations system has problems booking a table for three. I have already read that the get-around is to book and pay for a 4th person. Is this the only way to do this, and is it ok with NCL? (As in, will I get a refund, or are we now paying even more for our "free" specialty dining?) Also, does anyone know which specialty dining venues have the tables for 2, 4, and 6 only?


    I am a planner, so I would like to have some sort of reservations set. I would have no problem with ending up with a reservation at 9:30, or even waiting for a table. What I don't want is to pay for specialty dining for 4 nights for our DS to join us with our "free" ones, and end up not even being able to dine standby since NCL is giving away so many UDPs. Will standby still be possible as a last resort, or will these restaurants be completely full from now on?


    Honestly, this whole situation makes me want to cancel our UDP.


    Why not make reservations for two and then ask to add your son onboard when you want to bring him. Certainly they can add a chair.

  14. Just curious, but Between October 12 and October 30, the star does not have any cruises listed.


    It arrives Barcelona on October 12, then nothing until Rome October 30.


    Refurb, or private charter ??? Although 18 days for a private seems long.


    Any inside info.


    We are doing 3 btb on the star, starting in Dubai November 20 and disembark Singapire January 5th. So if it's for a refurb, well that would be great.


    Cheers. Mark.

    Is there any big sporting event or something that would need the ship for accommodation?



    CARNIVAL already has an "early saver" booking that is a NON REFUNDABLE CRUISE......When a deposit is non refundabe it is usually spelled out in caps where it tells you the amt. MOST OF US ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT BOOKING A CRUISE THAT WE SKIP OVER THINGS LIKE THAT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE


    sea ya

    The Early Saver deposit is non refundable but if you cancel before final payment, you can move it to another cruise with a $50 fee or Carnival will hold that deposit till you decide on something. You don't lose it.


    Early Saver fares are usually on bookings made several months out and you get OBC or upgrades up to two business days if the cruise price drops.


    With Carnival you do not have to choose the Early Saver option at the time of booking. It is an option. Some people want their deposit back right away if they cancel. But you won't get price drops after final payment if you did not book ES. I sail a lot of Carnival cruises and am used to the options.

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