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  1. We normally have booked our trips in CDN. However, with the dollar being what it is, I am thinking of booking our next cruise in USD, in the hopes that when the bill comes due the dollar will be better.



    It's a crapshoot. I booked my next two (Jan. and Apr. 2017) in Cdn because our dollar won't be going up any time soon. However the Ncl exchange rate is almost at par, not that favorable. But at least I know what I am paying. I usually book in US. Too afraid of final bill. I cancelled a Holland America cruise because final payment would have been $1500 more. There are a couple of threads farther down that already cover this issue.

  2. I thought that you were allowed to bring your own butler on board and policy was that the butler that was assigned to your room would be assigned to a different room that already had a butler. I purposely left my butler at home in hopes the upgrade fairy would get me two butlers for the price of 1!


    Please tell me this is still the case. Now I have to call and upgrade to the DBP (Deluxe Butler Package)

    NCL, we definitely want a Deluxe Butler package amongst the free

    at sea promotions.

  3. I sailed the Breakaway the week after Thanksgiving in 2014. I booked a inside

    Guaranteed as a single. A month before I got assigned to a cabin, an inside

    On one of the higher decks. I was thrilled. However, I keep an eye on the rates.

    A balcony became available for the price I paid. I called NCL, and they gave it

    To me. I keep checking rates. About a week before sailing. Mini suites became

    Available for less than I paid. Called back again, they gave me the mini suite.

    I was really thrilled.

    Wow, you did well. I had gty inside on Jade once and got put up on deck 10 which was nice. Not so great in cross wind.

    I have a gty ocean view on Star next year in Jan. on Hong Kong to Sydney and will be hopeful. Can't see people flocking to that itinerary.

  4. Just wondering, how much OBC did you purchase? I know here in the United States the interest rates are horrible, what interest would you have gained if you left your money in the bank for 4 months?

    Think of all the years when interest rates were high how much interest cruise lines made on our cruise deposits and FCCs etc. They have had lots of our money to put down on fuel futures and new shipbuilding.

  5. People are lucky to be able to get to talk to a PCC even if the information isn't totally accurate. I can't get mine to answer an email. I think I will go to a TA that I can communicate with.

    The fastest way to get a call back is to leave a message for your PCC saying you want to book a cruise! Mine seems to call back asap after whatever he's been doing. Also if he wants my business he better call or answer emails. I booked a cruise with somebody else one time. He didn't like!

  6. Is it time to start buying Canadian dollars with our US dollars, to convert back in a year or two...hopefully at a nice profit?


    They are not calling for our Cdn dollar to go up anytime soon, perhaps late 2018 and nowhere near par. The two day bounce up last Thus & Fri was a blip, two cents was a giant leap but down Fri afternoon.:rolleyes: Business is hoping it will stay down at least 20-30 cents, good for exports so they say.:eek:rolleyes: Want to buy cauliflower for $4.99 - $8.99. I think the $4.99 cauliflower is the $8.99 cauliflower that wouldn't sell!

  7. As a friend of Bill W. I can tell you it is also really cheap to cruise, not buying alcohol!

    Another great story I heard..... A flight attendent very new to recovery had just got off a plane and had the urge to drink when passing the bars on the airport concourse. Instead she paged the airport and asked if " Friends of Bill W." would come to Gate 12 (an empty gate) apparently over 20 people came and talked to her. (2 people missed their flights!)

    What a nice story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Why would anyone need $5k in OBC?


    Maybe some people don't like having a big bill on the credit card when they get home. Want the bill paid.


    If you want to buy 4 future cruise rewards that's $1000. 4 is max.

    I spent nearly $1000.00 on shore excursions on my Norway North Cape cruise and that was one person.

  9. On the Star?


    We'd love to see a Pacific cruise to include Pape'ete Tahiti, Bora Bora and other exotic ports onroute to Au/NZ. I think that would be awesome.


    Feb. 9th hurry up and get here (not that I expect the 2018 season to be posted too but...)

    Oops, got mixed up with my next one! Maybe if I see something more exciting I will drop one.

  10. I was on the breakaway a couple of weeks ago and had a long talk with the cruise consultants, Shane and Martin I think, and they let it slip that the Sun was headed to Bora Bora in late 2018 from San Diego. They said it was going to be a one time trip so maybe headed to Australia? Anyone else heard anything similar?

    Sounds like it would be an amazing cruise!!!

    Will be interesting to hear. The new cruises will be bookable for Latitude members Feb 9 I think. Must be a trans Pacific cruise. I am booked in 2017 to AU from Hong Kong on Spirit. There are a few doing AU/NZ area but not seen Bora Bora. It will be interesting to see 2018!

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