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  1. That is so cool - I too can't wait to sail into Halifax - the first timeI am cruising to a Canadian port! LOLOL.

    I agree. My problem is I never get up early enough to watch. Peak out my port hole. Sometimes, not much view. Will have to try and get up early and go on deck. Many sea days to catch my zzzs


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  2. Hi Letti, met you on I believe bringing home the Pride or one of those

    Cruises plus tea time you were fun. I met you in the Hotel in Tampa was just there a week ago

    We booked the trans plus the cruise previous to it see you than

    Jo & Bob from PA :)

    well Jo and Bob, I will see you on the Horizon TA. Love the tea time on Carnival. Try to make it most sea days.

    That's a nice hotel in Tampa. Forget the name, Harbor...? What is it again?

    Thanks Lettie or Loretta!


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  3. Nope, didn't interest me, Loretta. I am looking at NCL TA Sept/Oct 2018 that goes to Iceland, and waiting for RCI TA to come out for 2018. Had it been a Northern TA, I would have booked.


    Although, I could have celebrated my birthday on Horizon TA..LOL

    Oh, Deb, I am booked on NCL Jade Sept 29 -Oct 15 TA 2018 Viking one. Looks good. However, it says two days in Iceland online but only one on the confirmation.


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  4. I do remember you! It will be fun to see everyone again!



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    We will have to organize LRC.

    I don't want to do roll call activities schedule this trip. Taking a pass


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  5. If you sign in and go to explore, it brings up Europe.

    Did you book Horizon, Deb? Most of flipfloppers booked this morning for the TA only. Loretta


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  6. Does anyone know if there is a shuttle that Norwegian uses to get passengers in to town?

    I don't know about a shuttle but I do know a couple of other bits of transport info.

    There is a city bus stop outside the gates and down the street. Not far to walk out of port area. It is a beautiful and clean port. Never seen a port like Helsinki.

    Another thing, you can get on hop on hop off busses right at the port in a parking lot if you want to tour around that way.

    Also, you can actually walk to the city. It is very easy. Takes 20 min to half hour. Follow the water or cut through a park. It is easy to see on your walk where to go. The tourism people give you a map right at the port.


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  7. We are looking at the Dawn itinerary to Canada & would like to get feedback & info on this cruise. Itinerary includes Boston, Portland, Halifax, Charlottetown, Gaspesie, Saguenay, & Quebec. Any info from anyone who has done these ports would be appreciated. We have never cruised the East Coast only Alaska & the Caribbean.

    That's an excellent itinerary to see some of the varying provinces of Canada.

    Quebec City is a lot like old France, very scenic, historical. Saguenay is a whale watching area in Quebec. Gaspé is French scenic area along St Lawrence River. Charlottetown Prince Edward Is. is the seat of Canadian federation. Home of the Anne of Green Gables novels. Halifax is historical and maritime heritage and Peggy's Cove. When is this one? I would be interested. Did some of that area with Holland America.


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  8. I thought those visors were a joke when I saw someone post them on a FB page I belong to...surely no one would wear those, right?! Those Nike ball caps they were giving out were much better than these Croc visors. I sailed on the Magic a few weeks ago and luckily got a Tervis tumbler that is much appreciated. Sailing on Vista in Dec and hope they have a new gift by then. If not, i will give the visor to my son and he can wear it or use it to dress his stuffed animals up in!

    That's cute, your son using the cap to dress up his stuffed animals!


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  9. The good news for cruisers is that after the abysmal stock and profit performances lately it's likely that Frank Del Fee-oh and Andy Stuart will be shown the door by the Board some time soon. Hopefully the new CEO will have a philosophy more like Kevin Sheehan's and can repair all the damage to the brand that has been done by these two clowns. I say this as both a cruiser of NCL and a stockholder.



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  10. How long does it normally take to get your future cruise certificates returned to your account when you cancel?

    I cancelled two cruises last Mon. but no sign of my future cruise cert. back in my account.


  11. By the time the Pinnacle chocolates are placed in front of me, I'm too full to enjoy them. So, I pop them in a little baggie I carry in my purse for just that purpose, and tote them home.


    As a matter of fact, all my HAL pillow chocolates come home with me, too. Then each night I have a few, and I am immediately whisked away to some serene time aboard.

    I bring all my ship chocolates home too and enjoy them daydreaming about another cruise.

  12. Just off the Noordam.


    Any thoughts?


    I wish there was hot tea available on one of the lower decks for a cup during the day. I know that the Explorations cafe is on deck 3, but I don't think I should have to spend $2-3 to get a simple cup of hot tea during the day.


    I usually go to the Lido for hot tea, so if I'm doing something on one of the lower decks, its just so inconvenient to have to go up to deck 9 and then down again.


    Another factor, we had some rough seas on 3 days which made carrying my hot cup of tea from deck 9 down to deck 2 very inconvenient and difficult without spilling.

    I bring a thermal mug with lid and fill up with tea and carry it everywhere. Buy a Hal one in the shops.

  13. 127-172 sq. ft. is huge difference in cabin size in one category. I was in a 125 sq. ft. cabin on the Noordam and it was awful.



    I was in a 125 sq ft inside too on Noordam, horrible. Guess I didn't realize at time of booking. I think it was smaller than any small cabin I had on Ncl.


    Carnival single cabins at bow are really roomy with full sofa but only have single bed, and pullman or single sofa bed but you can have 2 people. Two Portholes.

  14. Thanks for the pix, a lot of work to upload.


    No band in the Ocean Bar anymore? Looks nice but small, colorful. Pretty.

    The cabins looked smaller or is it my imagination?


    Have been cruising NCL lately and cancelled my Koningsdam one for a European coach tour instead. For now. Will have to check out more itineraries.

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