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  1. Right. I think they are being very generous. This is NOT due to Carnival. Any OBC beyond port fees is above and beyond.
  2. I was just at Jaimie's (5/15/19) and he wasn't there and there was NO pushing of shots or rude behavior as previously reported. I imagine the staff got a stern talking too after the last negative review. Shots were offered, but certainly not pushed. The staff was very mellow while still being attentive and friendly. When it came time to pay the bill, there was a large jar for tipping, without any pressure. It was a nice relaxing experience. The whole place was totally chill. The beach vendors were fine and not pushy when told no. The food was very good as were the drinks. I chose Jaime's over Maya Chan because it was closer and we were limited on time. I think it took longer to get through all the vendors at the port (THEY were pushy) and finally reach the taxi stand then the actual taxi ride took.
  3. I highly recommend VIP Express, LLC. We just used them and Emanuele was our driver both trips and he was friendly, helpful and on-time. He picked us up at our hotel in Houston and took us to cruise port. He also picked us up after cruise and took us to the airport. Fares are VERY reasonable (cheaper than Lyft or Uber). They can take you from airport to hotel in Galveston. If you'd like you can also arrange for them to take you to cruise port from your hotel.
  4. I did it a few weeks ago for my cruise Monday!
  5. Yes you can buy Cheers with gift cards!!!
  6. We have cruised pre-Cheers and post Cheers. We are Cheers all the way, but only you can decide for you. Don't get it. Drink as you want, total up your charges at the end and see if you would have benefitted from the package. If so, get it next time.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us! Your new pup is adorable! I love white russians too, or as I like to order them, "white russian, heavy on the russian"! We are sailing on the Dream Monday, which I believe is the first cruise out of Galveston. Thank you so much for providing the perfect pre-cruise read! We are planning on going to Jaime's and will report back if those jokers try to pull any of that bad behavior on us. If they do, Jaimie will be getting an earful! Enjoy your next cruise! I look forward to reading all about it.
  8. I have experienced seasickness in the past, so now I always take one Bonine every night while I cruise. Haven't been sick once since using this method and I had one cruise that the rocking was so bad, they had vomit bags available on the handrails of every staircase. It was so bad they had to close the shades in the DR because the ship was on such an angle. I was fine with my Bonine!
  9. I am so bummed for you regarding your experience at Jaime's. We are booked for there as well as I will definitely avoid the shots. I want to make sure we make it back to the ship and I usually am the one who has to keep the drunks in our group in line so I have to be good. LOL. I think the begging for the tips is completely unacceptable. I thought the tips all go in a communal bucket? What a bunch of tools those employees were. Did you at least have fun there?
  10. Your family sounds like mine. LOL. Looking forward to the rest of your review. Going on the Dream out of Galveston in a few weeks!
  11. Why would they care if they got banned? If they were really that upset why would they ever cruise with Carnival again? I mean people say they won't cruise on Carnival again because of all kind of reasons, no tablecloths, having to wait on line to check in, no more free pens, etc, being stuck in an elevator for a length of time is more upsetting to me than any of those other reasons. I am so claustrophobic, I try to avoid the elevators on cruises at all costs.
  12. Thank you for your review. I look forward to the rest as I am sailing on the Dream in May.
  13. Good to hear nice things about Jaime's as we are booked there for our May cruise!
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