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  1. May be a silly question. Are there any pool noodles or swimming supports for exercising in pool ? I swim everyday and like these to exercise.
  2. I know that we get included wifi and internet. How about using your cell phone to call home once a day. Also, can you use zoom on board for meetings in Florida ?
  3. i think they should test everyone once on board. Don’t deny boarding but keep people isolated from the onset . I know this is not a perfect solution, but perhaps lower the numbers .
  4. Thank you so much . Food definitely Mediterranean. Looking forward to trying .
  5. Thanks , you have more answers than Seabourn . I guess we’ll just have to wait for the menue to be posted on the app when it opens.
  6. Anyone on Quest and can share a Solis menue? Thx and maybe sushi menue 😍
  7. Just finished lunch. Going back to stateroom for a rest. If on shore, I would be finishing my local meal . I am foodie love to try the local stuff!
  8. Can you get healthier smoothies or ginger shots on board?
  9. Which transatlantic. We are on the Quest out of Miami to Gran canary March 24. We live in Pompano sometimes 😆
  10. We were on a SB cruise this past June for my birthday . A ten day med cruise . Picked this cruise because of the ports. Ate mostly in the colonnade for the beautiful views. Tried the grill on my birthday . Asked for the lobster without the sauce . It was ok . Would prefer a grilled lobster with butter or a lobster fra Diiavolo. An ordinary cake with a couple of macarons on top ! We are frequent travelers to Europe and love the food. SB offered interesting dishes in name only . They lacked serious flavor. The TK chicken was good. A tiny butterscotch pudding was a disappointment. We ate once in the restaurant, but food was bland and nothing special ! I complained to maitre D suggesting they invite guest chefs to cook meals . So Solis offers hope in my opinion if the descriptions and flavors match. We’ll see since we’re on the Quest in March. I like mixologist suggesting since drinks were unimaginative. A music duo jazz or blues would be nice . We had a guitarist and a piano player. SB needs to step up their game . We were on an NCL TA last year, enjoyed the music in the dining room and the drinks in the bar. The food was acceptable considering the price of the cruise . In port we could t wait for French mussels, Spanish tapas and clams !
  11. Are they strict about the check in the time they assign you?
  12. Last time on Seabourn we were entertained by a blues female singer. Definitely liked.
  13. Can you not use steam room unless you purchase pass? What is the price for pass?
  14. Every time I check my NCL app and look at my cart they say that my reservations have disappeared. The dinners that I reserved in bistro and Cagneys are no longer there. When I go to rebook what times are not available. What do I need to do to secure these reservations?
  15. Haven’t been to any of these ports. We dock on a Saturday. Should I stay in Alicante and go to Market or take train to Murcia or ship excursion to Guadalest? I
  16. I just downloaded app for my transatlantic trip on the Escape. I checked the shows and there are 2 but each show cost app $300.00 per person. Do people pay these prices?
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