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  1. Oct 14 Sunrise changed from Key West and Cozumel to Coco Cay and Nassau
  2. Does the current Chefs Table provide any alcohol? It looks like they may offer a cocktail at the start buy no mention of wine with the meal. Anyone been to a chefs table know?
  3. We booked Summit Oct 9, 21 out of Miami 5 nights cruise only We would never spend the savings onboard for drinks!
  4. Like several others, we are booked on the 10/9 sailing out of Miami and would love any info if you hear anything. It is great to hear an ONBOARD account of a cruise!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing more!
  5. We just booked the Summit for Oct 9 for 5 night cruise. Hope all goes well for your cruises so by Oct all the bugs are worked out (pun intended!)
  6. Got my shots, never thought that would happen. So no we are doing VRBO's and AI's.. Myrtle Beach and Cancun on tap. Would be nice if things start later this year bur at least we are spending our cruise fund on great vacations!
  7. I hope the cruise lines do come out with a way to sign up to participate in these "cruises". I know it takes time, heck they will not even have crews for a month. Since all lines will need to do the same thing, maybe they could work together to have a master site to select from.
  8. I think it would be very interesting and I believe I would like to do it. Answers are still a ways off but I would not mind being part of the solution. A cruise in a bubble, novel concept
  9. CDC says cruise lines need to start "simulated" trips with volunteers. Has anyone heard how to get in line or sign up for that?
  10. That's what happens when you downsize and give up that extra bedroom!
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