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  1. I really do believe using a CC company to dispute the charge helped to facilitate a more timely refund IMVHO.
  2. I paid 3900$ RT to LHR in Delta One. That's more than I paid to RCL, way more!
  3. I received today a full refund for my flight to the UK that was cancelled in June. I admire the way Delta is handling this crisis. Royal, not so much, I will eventually try to cruise (I enjoyed it very much)with them but on my terms, not theirs. If they can't be flexible neither will I.
  4. They cancelled April 12 Oasis cruise. I cancelled the drink package and excursions a few weeks before the cancellation.
  5. I received 500$ of NRD on my BOA card. I was pleasantly shocked☺️ I believe it had to be because of the CC dispute I initiated but I am not sure. I will gladly take the money😉!
  6. This thread is totally brilliant and brightens my day. Thanks ourusualbeach!!!!!!!!!
  7. I got the NRD and was not expecting it in the refund!
  8. I do!😊 I also am going to wear glasses that are non corrective or clear and they are big too! Bug eyed big!😉
  9. I have been quarantined (by myself) for 6 weeks now and I am going to be with my "quarantined" family for Memorial day. I will wear a "surgical mask" and gloves and will Lysol wipes on my hour fifteen minute flight. I will drive myself to the airport and rent a car in Norfolk.
  10. I initiated a CC dispute about two weeks ago with Royal. I received the refund the day a letter came confirming my the process to dispute Royal from the CC company, coincidence, maybe?
  11. I am flying May 21 to Norfolk to see my family. I am less afraid to fly now than I was before!
  12. My son in law who retired from the Navy told my son that Tik Toc is Chinese spyware. I had to delete the app just now.
  13. I got the app, but the sound was not on, very odd😮
  14. I just checked my CC and I got a refund Friday in different amounts, but it totaled up to what I expected!!!!!😁 Whew, one less trip to worry about.
  15. Polly you must tell me where you found that! My (some of them😉)friends would love it! It does deserve a Grammy!
  16. When did you apply for the refund and for what cruise?
  17. I have their Signature Visa with a 95$ annual fee. Chase BAirways for 95$ and Capitol one. I think I will be consolidating the cards and start using Chase Sapphire. The Points guy loves it.
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