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  1. Bell Boy

    Passenger Choir on QM2

    I don't think anyone can give you an answer, as more often than not this will depend on, if there is anyone within the entertainments team (during your particular segment) musically talented enough to take on the task. Do check out the daily program once onboard or contact the Social Host/ss. If enough people request it and are interested in signing up they may find a member from the Royal Court Singers to take on the task (as they did on my last QM2 crossing) Good luck, it's always enjoyable listening to the choir of my fellow guests in 🎶 the Grand Lobby . 🎶
  2. Bell Boy

    Tea and coffee in Grills Lounge

    There is indeed Complimentary tea/coffee (in addition to the afternoon tea service) , however, only when the Grill crew members report for duty. More often than not, the time of the reporting differs between the QM2 and the vista class ship ( don't ask me why) However, to answer your original question, Yes. Once onboard speak to your ( Grill) crew, when lounge service is available.
  3. Bell Boy

    Dress code enforcement.

    Carinthia Lounge on QM2 or Winter Garden on the Vista class ships.
  4. Bell Boy

    Beverages on the QM2

    Good morning KatiebelleCruiser, Unlike the other cruise lines you may have sailed on, Cunard treat their customers/guests like responsible adults. You will not have your bottle of Gin confiscated at embarkation , and yes you can purchase Tonic at any Bar with ease ( you'll find a bottle opener ,usually tucked away on the ledge in the mini bar fridge)
  5. Bell Boy

    Golden Lion EVENING MEALS

    OK ! just to clarify and to correct any other posts I may have commented on this subject . On QM2 Evening Meals served in the Golden Lion Pub are now no longer available. *Earlier this year they were Chargeable *Then they were offered complimentary *Now this concept has been withdrawn I have guest friends onboard at the moment ( November 2018) who confirm that this concept wasn't popular and has been withdrawn. ( Crew members words not theirs) However, I also have guest friends onboard Q.Victoria at the moment ( November 2018) who report that this concept has been posted in the daily program ( on 'two evenings only' and is none chargeable ) Maybe this concept on the vista class ( Pub evening meals) is only offered on an ad-hock basis only . Hopefully this will explain all the confusion posted on this subject .
  6. Bell Boy

    Diamond world club 'free lunch'

    My goodness, a free lunch, you are really stretching the CWC loyalty rewards a weeny bit toooooo far. Just make do with a couple of drinks at the Senior Officers party where you are permitted to take along your other half.
  7. Bell Boy

    Just Off QM2

  8. Bell Boy

    Just Off QM2

    I guess because they have introduced a pre plated version of 'Two small bite size 'warm bites' ( and with a fork 😉) and only one each if you are with a partner 😉 Couldn't really call them the same hot canapés that we saw on QM2. Who knows, we might see the same introduced on QM.
  9. Bell Boy

    Just Off QM2

    Just to clarify , re evening 'Canapés in the Commodore Club Queen Mary 2 ! Contrary to some posts, highlighting the removed of the ( silver service) hot canapés on QM2 as a 'Cut Back', this is further from the truth. From time to time Food & Beverage will rotate the offer of these nibbles to avoid waste. The uptake on the hot canapés ( usually served just before 6pm/8pm) is very low. More often that not, there is , and always has been, a 'considerable waste' The majority of guest's ( especially ladies) will refuse the hot canapé . I guess, not wanting the sloppy filling of those spring rolls, accidentally dripping down the front of their evening outfit ! ...or the 'chicken Satay on sicks' which were always too large ! (I've often refuse these offering for that reason too. 😉 ) The hot canapés have been been temporary rotated and replaced on a 'Three day Cycle' of the following; ( Day 1) Kalamatas Olives ( Greece) + 'Goat's Cheese' covered popcorn ( this in my opinion is delicious !! ) (Day 2 ) Moroccan Spiced nuts + Cerignola Olives ( Italy) ( Day 3) Japanese Rice Crackers - Mixed salted nuts Interesting to note; all the above are from the same 'Gourmet Company' who provide the drinks nibbles for the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel. *In addition to the above, cold Canapés are still offered, as are potato crisps ( chips for our American cousins) On the Vista class fleet the offer is , a pre plated 'warm canapé x 2, in addition to mixed nuts and Crisps. I don't think we can call it cut backs, more often than not when we see a change it's really a trade off ! to introduce something new. We now see Cunard are offering complimentary evening meals in the Pub .😉
  10. Bell Boy

    Roaring 20's night on QM2?

    After Black & White, the 'Roaring 20's themed evenings' have now become the most popular. Almost 75% of the ladies will dress up for it , including some guys who dress up as gangsters , however, in my opinion those guys would look much better in a 'traditional double breasted' plain black tuxedo with a wing collar dress shirt , much more in keeping from those Golden Days of Ocean Travel. An outfit for ladies is very easy and quite simple, as most ladies will have a black dress hanging in their closet. A complete set of 20's accessories ( long black gloves, large string of cheap pearls, fake cigaret holder and feathers etc etc) can be found on Amazon for just a couple of pounds.
  11. Bell Boy

    Diamond world club 'free lunch'

    Just to add , as well as either using the Diamond complimentary voucher for lunch in the Verandah or the alternative dining in the evenings in Kings Court/Lido , one can also use the voucher 'in part exchange and paying the difference' for Dinner in the Verandah.
  12. Bell Boy

    Music channel(s) on QM2 tv?

    Don't know what channel/s you were tuned to , however, there is always music on the 'channel of the Bridge Webb Cam'. I always have it on when getting ready for the evening. ( always has been, I was only listening to it last month September) No wonder the Hotel Manager was surprised.
  13. Bell Boy

    transatlantic temperatures in August

    Stick to the Sheltered Balcony , they were designed for transatlantic crossings in all types of weather. You will still be able to enjoy some fresh air and also see the ocean ( when standing or walking around in your cabin ) Hardly anyone sits out on an open balcony when crossing the Atlantic, I've given up on them, and not forgetting if you are on a much higher deck (eg 11/12 etc) you'll even have difficulty trying to open the balcony door. On a warm/sunny day the promenade deck is the place to sit, relaxing on a traditional steamer recliner reading a good book or, if you are like me I never get past the first page , too busy just gazing out to the ocean.
  14. Bell Boy

    Drink prices Queen Victoria

    Not only that, unless you are travelling solo then a couple in the same cabin has to purchase a drinks package @ 2x$69.
  15. Bell Boy

    QM2 Fitness Center question

    Just as long as one doesn't decide to pop into the main dining room for a quick breakfast, en-route back to the cabin. Couldn't help observing a couple of guys ( in their gym gear ) standing in line in front of me at breakfast ( Britannia Restaurant the other month, September 2018) Turned away. ........Just saying.