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  1. Occasionally , especially on longer voyages ( eg world cruise) one will find the same printed at the bottom of the menu, however, It's usually hit and miss and is often the fault of the onboard printing department .
  2. The information I received ( for the 13th) "Arriving by other means.... drive straight to Ocean Terminal where you will be guided to complete covid testing before entering the terminal building .
  3. Sorry If I'm repeating anything that has already been posted/answered . ( haven't read the previous posts) Just to clarify and answer you question. If using CPS, then the arrival time at Mayflower Terminal 'Is the actual time on your E ticket/Boarding Card. After the covid test then one proceeds to the Ocean Terminal . If arriving by other means, then one proceeds 'direct to the Ocean Terminal' for the time on the E Ticket/Boarding Card. Just received this clarification of arrival times for my upcoming cruise 13th August. Other information that maybe be of interest
  4. You are correct, although the 'Concierge lounge' is a separate venue on 'QM2' only. Offering Coffee/tea & refreshments available 'self-service throughout the day'. ( no proper latte/cappuccino) Concierge desk on QE/QV is situated in the Grills lounge , however, as another poster has clarified, coffee/latte etc only available during certain hours.
  5. In your Princess Grill suite you will have a premium 'Illy Coffee Machine' certainly no need to purchase a coffee package. Buy your ad hoc coffee as when you visit Cafe Carinthia .
  6. You will shortly receive an e mail from Cunard informing you that "Check-In is now open for you" You go into your voyage personaliser and follow the prompts .
  7. Yes usually a 'Caribbean cruise' on QM2 ( ex USA) is often less formal in the evenings than the traditional Transatlantic Crossing . However, a jacket would still be requested in 'certain venues' around the ship, for example the restaurant . Your husband doesn't need to wear a tie on smart attire evenings ( I certainly don't wear one when cruising in warm weather - although I do on Transatlantic crossings 😉) Whilst QM2 Caribbean cruises are often informal you will still experience one or two formal evenings.
  8. To answer your question, "Am I saying that I know they will be vaccinated" Yes , I know from speaking to a number of crew members via social media who are also personal friends of mine (and already preparing for the upcoming staycation cruises) that they have already had their vaccinations (OR !) arrangements are in hand.
  9. Probably because it's still early days yet for 'detailed information' on the website that you refer to. However, as former employee of Cunard I can assure you that everything is in hand for the welfare of their crew members and the safety of guests. .
  10. And where have you heard that Cunard crew won't have been vaccinated ? I can assure you Cunard Line (for some time now) have had a clear handle on their crew vaccination programme . Whilst Cunard do not have to share their policies with the customer, I can assure you that many Cunard crew from overseas (friends of mine) who are already here in the UK and have duties on QE in preparation for the upcoming staycation cruises are 'well prepared' for our arrival on the 19th July
  11. You are quite correct , however, the majority of those who visit the G32 after hours are usually the overflow from the Queens Room. Those who enjoy an early evening in the Buffet and perhaps casual dress ( rather than Elegant Casual ) are usually in bed before midnight and are not really night owls. 😅
  12. My goodness if you have had to ask a question like this you certainly haven't done enough Cunard homework. I'm a bit confused, you mention "travel agent training" , presumably this is needed for the product you sell ? Dress codes and sophisticated evenings after 6pm are very much part of the DNA of Cunard . Will you be directed to the Buffet in a Polo shirt ( assuming you mean without a jacket ) ? I'm afraid you will. Cunard have additional venues for those guests who prefer to relax and dress more casually in the evenings
  13. Exactly ! They don't even want to get off .
  14. Don't worry about Red dots ,Blue dots, or Pink dots , Once onboard you just instruct your stateroom steward to separate the beds. Dump your carry- on luggage and go off to enjoy lunch and a couple of drinks . It'll all be sorted by the time you return .
  15. Hello Bagabe 53 ....As a guy, hope you don't mind me chipping in here. I'm sure what ever you decide to choose to wear will be perfectly acceptable. However, just to give you the heads up. Evenings ( after 6pm) on a 'Cunard QM2 Transatlantic Crossing' tend to be more dressy. Slightly more dressy than on a regular 'cruise'. Unlike a cruise with occasional stop off ports, the majority of ladies ( and gents like me) tend to make every evening ( not only formal evenings ) a sense of occasion There is one thing about Cunard ( especially a crossing on Queen Mary 2) one can never be o
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