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  1. Bell Boy

    Door decorating

    I do have to smile at this , so sorry 🤭 This sort question has been the subject on several other boards the last few weeks . Interesting to see this question has come from one of my Brit Cousins ( decorating stateroom doors is is usually an American tradition ) If you want my answer; Just as long as you don't use hard tape or pins that can take the varnish of the door. Those hardworking stateroom stewards/ess have enough work to do on disembarkation day dismantling and covering up marks etc. I've never really understood why some folks go in for this sort of thing, isn't there enough professional festive decoration around the ship. Often the reply is " It helps us to identify our cabin from all the others" So what do folks do when out of all the various festive seasons, birthdays, anniversaries etc etc . 😉
  2. Bell Boy

    Best (& worst) tables in Britannia QM2

    I found you (September) with no problem , and I have to say yes, what a nice comfortable table you have there. Thanks for those wise words above, you are correct . it certainly does help to develop a relationship with the duty MD's (as well as with all other members of the onboard guest facing crew)
  3. Bell Boy

    Dancing Shoes?

    Thanks ddgarner1 for your Re`sume`, 🕺 almost as good as mine. 😉
  4. Bell Boy

    Dancing Shoes?

    Dancer Bob, It is Cunard Line 'not me', that claim to have the 'Largest Dance floor (QM2) at sea. ( often in their marketing literature) Sorry not too sure what you mean by "hours of actual dance music played" ?
  5. Bell Boy

    Cigar Lounge

    Not on Cunard there isn't .
  6. Bell Boy


    I'm afraid I'm unable to give you any idea of next weeks weather forecast , however, I am certain that Weather conditions don't bother the majestic Queen Mary 2. Nothing to be bothered about, you wont even notice anything you'll be far too busy enjoying your self. Bon Voyage 🛳️⚓
  7. Bell Boy

    Dancing Shoes?

    No etiquette needed ( or facility ) when it comes to changing into dance shoes, dozens of other guests do this each evening ( no different to going out to a tea dance at home) Just store other shoes beside or under you seat . 😉
  8. Bell Boy

    Dancing Shoes?

    Obviously you are not a serious Ballroom Dancer.
  9. Bell Boy

    Dancing Shoes?

    LittleFish1976; Sequence dancing takes place at 7.45 pm three or four evening (per seven day voyage) across the fleet. Occasionally there will also be couple of sequence dance spots during the Band break 10/11pm ish. Speak with the social Host/ess during your next cruise and make a request if you don't see it advertised in the daily program.
  10. Bell Boy

    Dancing Shoes?

    Well I certainly do and so do many other 'serious ballroom & Latin dancers'. It is usually the ladies who will wear their dance shoes throughout the evening, pre dinner cocktails & dinner ( they can get away with it , as most ladies dance shoes are very elegant) However, as a guy I don't wear mine , only because I personally feel they don't look all that good with my evening outfits 😉 (suits/formal wear etc ) Ok on the dance floor, but I wouldn't dream of wearing them throughout the ship. I'll often nip back to my cabin ( as do some other folk, and change) or ,one often sees other dancers carrying their shoes in a dance bag. Here is a Tip ! If you have been dancing sequence (or strict tempo taped music) earlier on in the evening, eg before dinner, you can leave your dance shoes up near the stage area of the ballroom ( on the vista class ships under the lectern from where the social host/ess usually stands by the microphone ) 57 Eric I might just add here, as a dancer you couldn't be on the best cruise lines afloat for serious ballroom dancing. No other cruise line offers ballroom dance floors and big live bands like Cunard do .The Queen Mary 2 boasts to have the biggest dance floor at sea. ( Holland & America Koningsdam may try to lay claim to this , however, take it from me, the Ballroom dancing on HAL is not a patch on Cunard line.
  11. Bell Boy

    Passenger Choir on QM2

    I don't think anyone can give you an answer, as more often than not this will depend on, if there is anyone within the entertainments team (during your particular segment) musically talented enough to take on the task. Do check out the daily program once onboard or contact the Social Host/ss. If enough people request it and are interested in signing up they may find a member from the Royal Court Singers to take on the task (as they did on my last QM2 crossing) Good luck, it's always enjoyable listening to the choir of my fellow guests in 🎶 the Grand Lobby . 🎶
  12. Bell Boy

    Tea and coffee in Grills Lounge

    There is indeed Complimentary tea/coffee (in addition to the afternoon tea service) , however, only when the Grill crew members report for duty. More often than not, the time of the reporting differs between the QM2 and the vista class ship ( don't ask me why) However, to answer your original question, Yes. Once onboard speak to your ( Grill) crew, when lounge service is available.
  13. Bell Boy

    Dress code enforcement.

    Carinthia Lounge on QM2 or Winter Garden on the Vista class ships.
  14. Bell Boy

    Beverages on the QM2

    Good morning KatiebelleCruiser, Unlike the other cruise lines you may have sailed on, Cunard treat their customers/guests like responsible adults. You will not have your bottle of Gin confiscated at embarkation , and yes you can purchase Tonic at any Bar with ease ( you'll find a bottle opener ,usually tucked away on the ledge in the mini bar fridge)
  15. Bell Boy

    Golden Lion EVENING MEALS

    OK ! just to clarify and to correct any other posts I may have commented on this subject . On QM2 Evening Meals served in the Golden Lion Pub are now no longer available. *Earlier this year they were Chargeable *Then they were offered complimentary *Now this concept has been withdrawn I have guest friends onboard at the moment ( November 2018) who confirm that this concept wasn't popular and has been withdrawn. ( Crew members words not theirs) However, I also have guest friends onboard Q.Victoria at the moment ( November 2018) who report that this concept has been posted in the daily program ( on 'two evenings only' and is none chargeable ) Maybe this concept on the vista class ( Pub evening meals) is only offered on an ad-hock basis only . Hopefully this will explain all the confusion posted on this subject .