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  1. Defiantly has to be late sitting for me ! I look forward to a pre dinner cocktail, meeting new people and enjoy the music and atmosphere in the various bar venues around the ship between 7pm -8.30pm .
  2. Bell Boy


    Have to agree with Camgirl, whilst there is more space for walking around in the cabin ( and ideal for entertaining ) I find those cabins are indeed slightly darker, there is less natural light or 'sun light' into the cabin, due to the angle of the full glass balcony door. Personally I wouldn't opt for one of these cabins again if I booked a long cruise.
  3. Have you noticed a generous difference in cost ? Just recently I looked into booking with 'Parking4cruises' ( having been satisfied with CPS for years) however, it appeared all I was going to save was £9 ? ( on a 14 day stay)
  4. Yes, Booked direct with Cunard, I'd never heard of it either ( been sailing Cunard for almost 30 years) The Agent over the telephone asked ,do I hold "Any Credit Cards"....When I mentioned M&S amongst the list, she said if I use it for the deposit I could qualify for a discount ( I think it was an additional 5% ? ) She also went to say, that I needn't use the same card when paying the balance.
  5. Bell Boy


    Everything is completely free including the washing powder. Please don't use your own ( soap powder) there is signage requesting guests not to.
  6. Oh they do 😉 ( move their steamer chair closer to the railings ) I'm one that will often do it, just to catch a few rays of sun that occasionally appears between the lifeboats. No one from the deck department will say anything , however, as a decent fellow passenger I do move it back before I leave.
  7. Just to add; There is a jolly good Gin & Fizz bar, that comes 'alive in the evenings', Pre Dinner. Some 40+ Gin cocktails to get through.
  8. Well, one step better than the OP's idea of wearing his jeans in the evenings. Although have to admit, for me chinos are what I'd usually wear 'during the day'.
  9. Yes, as others have said, you'll have no problem with bottled water , nor will you have any problems with a reasonable amount of wine or spirt . I've said this sooooo many times before on this board, "This is the beauty of Cunard ! who treat their customers/guests like responsible adults". Unlike 'my experience on HAL', who took away the 'remainder' of an, already opened 500ml bottle of water that I had previously purchased in the 'Cruise Terminal', while waiting for a delayed embarkation.
  10. Bell Boy


    Thank you SR for the clarification, you are quite correct. I was focusing on the need for an eTA when arriving into Canada 'by air', apparently if we arrive by sea I understand one does not need the eTA.
  11. Bell Boy


    No, you will not need an ESTA unless you plan on crossing the boarder into the United States. We just the eTA for those who are arriving into Canada by air.
  12. Surely you must have at least a pair of 'chinos' and a jacket in your wardrobe, how do you manage if you are invited to an interview, a wedding or funeral . A cruise/voyage on QM2 is wonderful, for many it's a once in a lifetime experience. I really don't understand some guys who will dig their heels in and flatly refuse to make their evenings a sense of occasion, not only for them self, but for their partner and fellow travellers onboard. Stick a pair of Chinos and a jacket on ! go and enjoy your self, you don't know what you are missing. 😉 Just to answer your question; People do indeed pack smart clothes , leaving their jeans at home . For many these mini cruises are a celebration or a special occasion .
  13. Quite correct tv24. Priority Check-In and/or Boarding, 'on Cunard line' is a benefit for Grill guests and certain levels for other guests of Cunard world club. The boarding benefits have no relation to the type of credit card we use at the time of booking. However , having said that, yes there are indeed some benefits attached to certain credit cards when booking Cunard , as I've 'only just found out'. I've just been given a discount when I paid my deposit for a future Cunard cruise, because I hold/used a M&S (Marks & Spencer) credit card. I was not/never ever been aware of this before. So annoying, why are we in the uk not made more aware of this.
  14. Nothing has changed on the QE ! there is a dry sauna ( free) in both the male and female changing rooms. There are additional sauna's (dry & steam) in the spa complex.
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