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  1. QM2 does, however, 'only one' of the Vista class ships doesn't. I can't remember which one, it may have been QE when my toothbrush didn't charge overnight.
  2. Oh my goodness ! is it too late for me to get a last minute ticket "I'm ready for my close up Mr Demille" 😎
  3. I doubt if Jane MacDonald would be featuring, Cunard is far too up market 😉 For the last four years I've taken the 'Transatlantic Fashion Week' voyage , several days before departure guests receive an email advising that a film crew will be onboard filming. I've never encountered any problems with them, however, the only thing is, I'm a bit miffed that I've not yet managed to see my self on any of the videos on Cunard Twitter or their corporate facebook page . 😉
  4. If I happen to be onboard I'll buy you a drink too. So when is this special b2b 😂
  5. Don't waste any time at the Purser's desk ( they won't have a clue about CWC levels) You need to go to the onboard 'Voyage Sales Office' where they will rectify things immediately.
  6. OH ! Andrew ,can't you just stick them in the loft and forget about them ......Throwing them away or offering them to a charity shop isn't the way. Have you any young family members ( children/grand children etc) who you could pass them onto . In years to come, just like those Cunard/white Star ships of yesteryear folks will be interested in them .
  7. There is a Solo travellers coffee morning each day at round 10.30/11am ( exact times in daily programme) The Social Host/ess is the link for arranging 'Solo travellers get togethers', for example ,solo breakfast/lunch and afternoon tea on trips of seven days or more......... Or, you could even join the Stitch & ***** 😉 each afternoon in Carinthia Lounge or winter garden .
  8. And ! did you know ( assuming your voyage is seven days or more) your travel companion can also accompany you to the 'Cunard World Club' evening reception . 😉 Technically speaking, ( as you are platinum ) your companion could also accompany you to the Senior officers reception, however , these days individual 'printed invitations' are sent to those eligible , so not too sure how that would work with a companion.
  9. Hello Rosco, I'm referring specifically to Stateroom 2018 on Queen Elizabeth, I have no experience of any of the other single staterooms adjacent or in the surrounding area. I had to move on day three due to the unacceptable noise from the heavily used crew working area which is directly next door to 2018. I was given to understand (from an onboard future cruise specialist ) when in confidence thy told me I had not been the first guest to complain from cabin 2018.
  10. Avoid cabin '2018' at all costs ! I've just returned from Queen Elizabeth ( cabin 2018) and had a battle with onboard customer services to change rooms. Looking at the deck plans for Q.Victoria, cabin 2018 looks in a similar position as I had on QE. I heard no noise from the casino, however, this area is a bit of a short cut ( rat run) for various crew members to the 'crew access and working area' at the end of the corridor adjacent to cabin 2018 ! Look carefully at the deck plans, the area adjacent to 2018 is a heavily used washing up area for ( I assume the Queens Room) Bar/glass and afternoon tea crockery etc. The noise throughout the day and into late evenings is unacceptable. For a world cruise I wouldn't entertain these cabins, hardly any 'Hanging Space' for storage, one small tiny wardrobe ! I've just returned back from a 10/12 day Alaska cruise , as a guy I had half my stuff hanging on the two wall hooks 😱 As a Seasoned Cunarder, I can't believe why I bothered rushing to book one of these new single cabins, much rather look for a deal on a standard double occupancy cabin.
  11. There is no way you'll succeed with the front desk in 'substituting' an already agreed promotional booking Onboard Operations and Shoreside marketing work independently. Yes, your drinks package promotion will also include any drinks at your table in the dining room. In all venues you will still need to sign for your drinks throughout the day, however, this will adjusted by the night auditor and will reflect on your onboard statement .
  12. I don't think many folks will be rushing down to the Solent to see a Celebrity ship sail out , the afternoon event is defiantly Cunard's three Queens sailing out in tandem.
  13. I wouldn't take too much notice of this , I've (Diamond) friends sailing on Q.Vic who have been given a check-in time of 15.00 !! (of course I've told them to ignore this as it must be an error ? ) I think we agree that ( muster) boat drill doesn't often begin until about 4.30pm ish , and then there are the usual ad-hock delays. I expect they wouldn't be on the way well before 5.30pm . Trying to get Three Ships to 'almost' sail out on time must be a logistic nightmare. I'm looking forward to the afternoon, as I'll be somewhere on the Solent with a cooler box 😉 and a picnic.
  14. Nothing new 😉 Cunard have been doing this sort of thing for years ! After initial interaction with any 'Lounge/Bar' crew member 'they' will place a drinks napkin reverse side up ( ie corporate logo not showing) Corporate logo 'face up/showing , indicates to another crew colleague, guest has already been canvassed and order has been taken for their drinks.😉
  15. The wonderful Bill Miller ! hope you managed to find time to attend his lecture. He's a Cunard Legend.
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