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  1. ctbjr1309

    Christmas Cruise - any thoughts?

    Hey and yes we're on the Dec.27th voyage. This is the first time we've been able to do a holiday cruise so we're eagerly anticipating it. Will look forward to seeing you there!
  2. ctbjr1309

    Christmas Cruise - any thoughts?

    Good to know. We're about to do our 1st SD NYE cruise so glad to hear of your experience to date. See you there!
  3. ctbjr1309

    Current Transatlantic

    And, incidentally, floridaag, not sure from your handle whether you're in or were in the citrus business or are Pam Bondi but in any event we appreciate your taking the time to check in here.
  4. ctbjr1309

    Current Transatlantic

    Thanks for the info, floridaag. Much appreciated.
  5. ctbjr1309

    Current Transatlantic

    The good news is that they appear to be making good progress: https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=8203440
  6. ctbjr1309

    STT & SJU ports

    STT is at Crown Bay which is no more than a 10 minute drive from airport. SJU is right downtown across the street from the Sheraton Old San Juan and maybe 20 minutes from airport.
  7. For our December trip, we just need a place to hole up the night before departure so have booked the Sheraton across the street from the port. We have stayed there previously and it suits our needs just fine. As a result, I haven't done any research on the current status of other San Juan hotels so can't help in that regard. That hotel is sold out in April so I've booked the Sheraton near the Convention Center for the night prior to the Transatlantic. We have also stayed there previously and it too is fine as a place to spend the night before and have breakfast the morning of departure. Will look forward to hearing about your Cuba experience. We'll be about 6 weeks behind you.
  8. Vandrefalk: As I said to one of your fellow passengers on that cruise when I learned that he would be on SD II then, DRAT! I chose the Crossing on I because of the Jost stop as well as the departure from SJU which we can reach nonstop. For what it's worth, I/we have a plethora of SD cruises booked starting in late December '18 all the way through the westbound crossing on SD II in 2018. Hopefully our paths will cross soon.
  9. Yes, I'm booked on that one as well. Looking forward to it.
  10. ctbjr1309

    SDII Rome to Rome August 11-18

    Completely agree and couldn't have said it better myself!
  11. ctbjr1309

    New To Seadream

    Yes, the SD ships do indeed have stabilizers. Bear in mind however that stabilizers reduce motion, they don't eliminate it.
  12. ctbjr1309

    Considering booking T/A on SeaDream 1

    In my experience, Champagne is generally available if you ask for it.
  13. ctbjr1309

    Sea Goddess, for Charlie

    Now that I think of it, I guess that waterfall was Sea Goddess rather than SeaDream. At least that's my story for now.....
  14. ctbjr1309

    Sea Goddess, for Charlie

    Gee whiz, Jim. You're really intending to put me to work, put a dent in today's billable hours and test the old memory aren't you? There are others around here who remember the SG days so I'll share what I remember and invite others to add their recollections and correct mine as needed. For context, our first cruise was in January, 1995. We embarked in St. Thomas and disembarked in Barbados. The cruises after ours were Amazon voyages from Barbados to Manaus and return. I recall that the per person fare for our week was $5200 but we were able to take advantage of a 50% off the second passenger deal. The cruise fare included air fare and excursions. I don't recall that anything on board cost extra. Dom Perignon was the Champagne of choice and unlimited supplies of caviar were on offer on a 24/7 basis. At the time, Cunard operated the two Sea Goddess ships. Later the Sea Goddess ships were folded into Seabourn after it was acquired by Carnival. The ships were then known as Seabourn Goddess I and II. During the relatively shortlived Seabourn period, the Carnival influence resulted in many changes in the on board offerings such as ditching the Dom Perignon, free flowing caviar, etc. Also during that period, the all-inclusive nature of the experience ended. The most noticeable change was that we had to (gasp!) sign for drinks. That was a relatively short-lived experiment but equally reviled by crew and passengers. In fact, long time Bartender Otto was so incensed by the situation that he quit and retired to Mexico, never to be seen again. The original Sea Goddess ships were painted primarily white. At one point they were registered in Douglas on the Isle of Man. By the way, I recognize that none of the above is responsive to your question but since you got me going I figured I'd throw it in. In the SG days, there was no Admiral's Suite. There were a couple of Owner's Suites (215 and 315) but they were nowhere near as swanky as the current Owner's Suite is. I'm not sure why you say there are more passengers now. I believe that the only difference in passenger count is due to the addition of the Admiral's Suite so I guess the maximum capacity has increased by 2. I don't believe that the number of crew has changed materially. Those who have sailed with me on SD know that I continue to lament the renovation of the public men's room near the Boutique on Deck 3 that resulted in the removal of the urinal. That was in my view a very unwise decision but of course nobody asked me. As for significant structural changes, I think Deck 2 is pretty much the same. Deck 3 was changed by upgrading the Owner's Suite and either creating or expanding the boutique. Deck 4 now has the Admiral's Suite in place of a small office for the Club Director, a couple of slot machines and a second Blackjack table. The library has been spiffed up. We used to be able to exit the library and go outside on Deck 4 through the doors near the rear of the room. Those are now blocked off to passengers for some reason. The Spa and Gym were added on Deck 4. The Captain's quarters used to be at the front of Deck 4 but were moved to Deck 5 to make room for the Spa and Gym. The Gym (such as it was) was on Deck 5 where the waterfall now is. I believe that it was adjacent to the smokestack. Deck 6 is of course where the most important (to passengers) changes were made. Previously there was a small sitting area with a couple of tables at the rear of Deck 6. The deck area was extended significantly when the TOY Bar was built. There was no golf simulator but instead there was an Astroturf putting green at the front of Deck 6. I have 2 memories of that putting green - (i) it was impossible to read and it seemed as if every time you struck the ball it would take off in a different direction than anticipated or than previously regardless of any movements or positioning of the ship and (ii) on the Alaska trip in 1996 we had a putting contest and somehow I came in second place. Somewhere I even have the certificate to prove it. And no, I have no idea who won or whether there were more than 2 participants :). So, those are my initial recollections. It was fun revisiting the old days so thanks for the suggestion, Jim. As I mentioned, I welcome additions, corrections, etc. so those who experienced Sea Goddess please feel free to chime in.
  15. ctbjr1309

    Feb 10th SJU on Seadream2 full review

    I'm thinking not but if you get them to do it, we'll book it!