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  1. Thanks, Andreas. I appreciate your help getting this taken care of.
  2. Andreas, thanks for your response. It doesn't appear to be possible to send you a direct message through this forum. So, I have sent you the requested information via a different method and look forward to hearing back from you. I'm glad to hear that SeaDream is catching up on the refund process and look forward to the day when the funds are flowing in the other direction :).
  3. Thanks for the info. I'm still reasonably patiently awaiting mine over 50 days after I requested it.
  4. Hello, Andreas. Happy New Year. Here's hoping for a very different and much improved 2021. Personally, I'm scheduled for my first dose of COVID vaccine Tuesday. For the first time in my life I'm excited by the prospect of getting a shot! I'm wondering if you could let us know the current status of refunds for cancelled cruises. I was scheduled to be on board this week and requested a refund when that voyage was cancelled on November 18 which was 45 days ago. No credit posted yet to my credit card account so I'm curious to know when to expect it. Many thanks and ho
  5. I think so but I also originally thought that things would be back to normal way before now so what do I know?
  6. We also were booked over New Year's as well as the following voyage. No refund here either but I'm sure it'll arrive in due course. Our next scheduled SD trip is mid-May. Hoping (but not overly optimistic) that will happen.
  7. That is a refreshing sentiment given some of the posts on this board in the last few weeks. Thank you.
  8. Following up on this, apparently only 1 passenger who tested positive has been sent to the hospital for observation. I assume that the other 4 positives in the group are quarantined in their cabins. A 6th passenger (presumably the final member of the group that overnighted in Miami) had an inconclusive test result and is awaiting the results of a second test. The Captain hopes to allow those conclusively testing negative to leave their staterooms tomorrow and enjoy the yacht's facilities. It appears as if SeaDream is doing everything possible to make the best of a ver
  9. I have heard from a source currently on board that 5 passengers have in fact tested positive. They are part of a group traveling together that overnighted in Miami Friday before flying to Barbados. They mentioned to other passengers earlier this week that they "had a good time" in Miami. Apparently those testing positive have been taken by ambulance to a hospital in Bridgetown.
  10. As I understand it, an article describing the boarding process and initial impressions of the November 7 voyage was posted by a travel blogger. It contained a photo of crew members on board not wearing masks. That resulted in a bit of an uproar on social media which in turn led to new protocols requiring passengers and crew to wear masks when moving around the yacht and when not able to social distance. Masks not required of passengers when eating, drinking or swimming.
  11. SeaDream can provide current specific details but the most pertinent are a negative COVID PCR test taken less than 72 hours prior to arrival at Barbados. That could be a challenge for the Dec. 27 voyage in light of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If arriving the day of departure, you will also need to take an approved transfer from the airport to the port. If arriving earlier, there are additional quarantine and testing protocols that may be required.
  12. Andreas, thanks for the update and the transparency which are very much appreciated. Having just returned to the US from the crossing, I am happy to report that it was a wonderful experience. Same outstanding SD crew, service, food and passengers as always. Very much looking forward to returning for 2 weeks late next month.
  13. Sorry, not playing hard to get. I won't be writing a review but very happy to respond to general or specific questions about the voyage. I will start by saying that I arrived home safe, sound and uneventfully last night - without the need to consult either counsel or a bail bondsman.
  14. No room service. Picked up food to take back to room. Stayed 2 meters away from others.
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