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  1. Yes. And since I will be sailing out of NYC in late June, I will stay in Midtown then and be able to walk almost every where we want to go.
  2. Plus, we don’t arrive until 5:00 pm and have to board our ship in Bayonne no later than 2:30 the next day.
  3. No interest this time in visiting NYC. Been there many times and will be there again in June.
  4. We are flying in to EWR, so parking is not an issue for us. Sounds like JC might be a good choice for us. Thanks.
  5. Our ship will call at Martha's Vineyard for a day. Not sure we (two couples) want to pay $160 per person for the island bus excursion if we can hire a local taxi or tour driver to take us around at our own pace. But will there be any drivers at the pier who do tours? If not, is Edgartown interesting enough for a walkabout and lunch?
  6. Has anyone stayed in Jersey City? Looks closer to the cruise terminal, and has lots of hotels and restaurants.
  7. Good thinking. The only way SS will adjust their pricing and value proposition is if enough people stop booking with them. However, if we all continue to book future cruises regardless of the situation, nothing will change.
  8. Good observation. Once upon a time I dismissed land vacations as an inferior experience/value to cruising. But the last few years I have discovered it is not always the case. This means I am becoming more discerning and price conscious when choosing future vacations.
  9. I support your strategy, and it is one I have pursued for many years (as per the diversity of cruise lines in my signature). The smarter cruise executives know when they have gone too far with cutbacks or price increases, and somtimes try to win back customers with better value propositions. New cruise lines hungry to acquire passengers may also begin with more attractive value propositions. As a cruise arbitrager, I look for these better offers and vote with my wallet. I no longer have a favourite cruise line and won't until someone earns my loyalty.
  10. The best companies manage to benefit their bottom line while also delighting customers. This style of management does not appear to be in the SS and RCCL playbooks.
  11. So you actually think that changes to the fare structure, or anything else that Silversea does (e.g. Nova photo opp), are for the benefit of passengers?
  12. Photo opportunity anyone?!
  13. Some people tip more regardless of the fact that gratuities are included in the fare. Over time, this creates a culture of tip entitlement, where crew and ship management expect pax to tip more and more. I am guilty of this syndrome, and need to reevaluate my own tipping history. It is not necessary, nor should it be expected.
  14. Absolutely stupid if true. Now, if they removed free excursions it would be an improvement!
  15. Unfortunately, SS seems to be far more interested in marketing wonderful cruises than delivering them. I have 3 more booked in the next 12 months. After that, I may go elsewhere, including back to Regent.
  16. The fairest approach would be to offer passengers who want to pay more the option to do so. That way you could pay the higher fare you wish for, but I could continue to pay the lower fare that I wish to pay. Everyone would be happy!😃
  17. The story tells it all. But it’s not just the 700 pax on the Nova who now feel a photo opp is more important than the comfort of passengers, it’s everyone who reads the story, including me. Frankly, whoever made this cavalier decision should be fired.
  18. I’m pleased that some pax give to the crew welfare fund and do not wish to discourage them from doing so. It’s possible that the lounge furniture, crew parties, picnics, etc. that it pays for may help to create a happier atmosphere on the ship. As for me, I will continue to tip only those crew who provide me with extra service, and by doing so create a happier situation for them. This way, together, we can achieve both of our objectives.
  19. What’s the purpose of gratuities being included if pax feel they also should give money to a crew welfare fund? Any extra tips should be for extra service.
  20. Completely agree. I also question the value of giving to a crew party.
  21. What type of crew-wide benefit? Crew parties, nights out, etc?
  22. Yes please do as we will be following you a month later on February 1 and your tips/insights will be helpful. Agree with your rationale. I'm not expecting the warmth that SeaDream staff bring to the table, but a ship that isn't 40 years old can make a big difference. I may have been unlucky, but on my one SD cruise we were down to one engine, and had toilet and water issues during the cruise.
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