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  1. On Escape now and we decided to stay on the ship today. Mini golf closed, ropes course closed, no ping pong. Arcade is still open, which is ridiculous. No one is in there sanitizing the machines. The ship has to tender in Cozumel today, which is a cluster. Going to be a long sea day tomorrow...my kid likes all the activities.
  2. I’m on Escape now- they stopped all self- service in the buffet the other day. Don’t know why it never started that way on day 1. I have not heard what a code yellow is, but I’m assuming it’s the increased sanitation? No issues otherwise regarding the ship. We tendered to Harvest Caye yesterday because the pier is under repair. We are also tendering to Cozumel tomorrow, which is a bummer.
  3. We are sailing today... I think it’s bad business for NCL to not offer this policy effective immediately. I wonder why the date of March 10 was chosen? We are going and will make the best of it, but I honestly would have cancelled given the option. We are young and healthy, so I’m not too worried about getting sick. I cannot handle missing work due to a potential quarantine, kids missing school. Not to mention we are closing on our house within 2 weeks of the sailing. Can’t use insurance, either (don’t have CFAR).
  4. Thank you for your review. I had booked and cancelled Encore for last Thanksgiving break because of comments from posters here. Your experience confirms I made the correct choice. I am a sunbather, and fighting for deck space is a deal breaker for me. I wouldn’t like being so close to my neighbors, either. Like, where would you put your drink- you couldn’t even reach down by your side to put it under your chair. Guess you have to put it by your feet and enter and exit the chair by crawling in at the foot of the chair. I was originally turned off by the Encore by the go carts and the height requirements to drive the cart. I usually travel with kids, and my child is not tall enough to drive the cart by himself. I feel this is such wasted deck space. Hopefully they retrofit the back into Spice H2O during drydock with enough complaints? Honestly, I don’t go on a cruise to ride go carts, play laser tag, or go on roller coasters - I can do that where I live for less money and a better experience. The slides, ropes course, etc are enough. I don’t like how all these mega ships are trying to outdo themselves with gimmicks.
  5. Just signed up for pre-check. Don’t know why I’ve waited so long to do so. The best thing is I can take my child (under 12) through the precheck line, too!
  6. Thanks for the replies so far...I don’t have pre check/Clear or anything like that. I would have 2 bags to check. I realize that I would not be departing the ship at 6:05...I’d be lined up and ready to go around 5:30-5:45 so I could be in first group of departing guests. Will continue to research....
  7. Looking at booking NCL Joy RT Seattle. The ship is supposed to arrive 0600 on Saturday, August 15. If I do self-assist luggage and am lined up at 0600 to depart the ship, is it at all feasible to make a 1015 flight? Flights are limited to the east coast, and I prefer nonstop. Thanks for any help!
  8. The open air market is kind of towards the back of the ‘island.’ There is a covered building where vendors are not aggressive- if you leave this building and turn right, you will be in the aggressive vendor section. Labadee is not like Jamaica and Nassau IMO- no one will accost you on the beach to braid your hair or sell trinkets, etc. We did the zipline and the truck takes you up to the top of the mountain...there is a big fence there with people on the other side...some were begging for food- very sad. I’ll be curious to hear your opinion of Labadee. The ice skating shoes are different- one you need reservations, and the iSkate one you don’t. Dont know about wedding rings, bc I don’t wear them. I’d ask the sports staff about that. I second the poster upthread who mentioned eating breakfast at Johnny Rockets! Kids are allowed in Solarium cafe to eat, but not to hang out in the solarium - that’s adults only. I don’t think you will necessarily need long sleeve shirts for Abyss. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine! No tank tops/sleeveless shirts, though. There’s no where to put your stuff, either, so don’t carry a bag or anything bc there’s no cubbies or anything to store your stuff!
  9. Hi Kim- great review and glad to hear you are on the mend!! We are going on Escape in a few weeks for my son’s spring break and doing the same itinerary! We did the Breakaway around the same time you did it last year and was very underwhelmed, so hoping the Escape is better. We actually took the Escape to Bermuda a few years ago and my son was OBSESSED with the Guy Harvey channel. I think I could recite the shows by the end of the cruise! Having been on the Oasis class ships, I can offer you a few tips. Regarding Ultimate Abyss, your feet and legs are in this sack/mat type of thing and your feet should not hit anything, even in the chute you end in. Hold your elbows in or you will be sorry- my son didn’t listen (no surprise there) and got bad abrasions/burns on his elbows and hit his head. He did not make the same mistake twice! You are going to want to physically attend one of the shows at the Aqua Theater- there is a lot of aerial activity and things you might not see from your room. Sign up for the first night, because they will cancel the show in rough seas. They also have a fun/different aqua show usually the last sea day- can’t remember what it’s called on Oasis, but check the schedule. Both ice skating shows are fabulous and a must see! If you want to do an activity, get there EARLY to make sure you get a spot. Ice skating, flow riding, zip line, etc. The minimum weight for zipline is 75lbs FYI (my son was devastated he could not do it). They are very strict- no jewelry, wet clothes, and you must have closed- toe shoes on. We stayed on the ship on a port day just so we could enjoy the slides, pools, and amenities without the crowds. We don’t do the Broadway shows, but all the other shows they have are really good. The Solarium has an awesome salad bar that is free for lunch- check it out! Also, Park Cafe in Central Park is good to beat the buffet crowds for breakfast, lunch, snacks. Make sure to walk through Central Park at night! I think someone mentioned the vendors at Labadee, but they are crazy aggressive. Stay away from the open air market! I’d honestly not go on the zipline or roller coaster with your leg, but I am in healthcare and am ultra conservative, 🤷🏻‍♀️ Looking forward to your reviews of Oasis- I think you guys will love her!
  10. Wonderful review as usual, Sid! I’m not a fan of the Encore - it’s a gorgeous ship, but don’t like the removal of deck space for the go carts and laser tag. I had originally booked Encore for our thanksgiving cruise, but cancelled when I found out my child wouldn’t be tall enough to drive the carts...plus I don’t really want to spend extra money on laser tag and go carts and hear my kid beg to do them all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ll stick to the Escape, Breakaway, and Getaway- we like the ropes course, rock wall, Spice H2O, etc. Glad you are enjoying your trip- the ports look fabulous!! Thank you for taking time out of your trip to give us this live report!
  11. Used to be a die-hard carnival cruiser, so much so that my young child was platinum on his own merit at age 7. I refuse to ever sail carnival again after my last experience on Vista in 2018. Flame away, I don’t care. On Harmony of the Seas right now and the beautiful ship blows away anything carnival has. Rock climbing, ice skating, flowrider, slides, pools, etc, top notch entertainment, Diamond benefits blow away platinum benefits on Carnival. No fist fight, scantily clad women, pot smoke, etc. Even if I got a free cruise from Carnival, I prob wouldn’t go. Flame away, bring it on! Carnival has destroyed their product!!
  12. Oh Sid, I’m sorry your excursion sucked. I did that same one a few years ago and enjoyed it. I don’t remember the boat being that small, but the WWI era life jackets stunk. The starfish area was my favorite part. I did think it was sketchy when another tour operator landed a helicopter on Saoña island waaaayyy too close to people on the beach. Enjoy the chefs table tonight. I have never gone because I can’t/won’t seafood, but it looks like a fabulous night!
  13. Sid, enjoy your tour today! We did the same one a few years ago and it was fantastic!
  14. Hi Sid- I’m one of your fellow lurkers/sometimes poster from your other thread. I’m actually in the ATL airport as we speak, but our paths will not cross bc I’m already boarding my flight. Wish I was going on a cruise, but I’m on my way to see an ex-boyfriend from 18 years ago...we rekindled our romance over the summer so that has been interesting and fun- ’ll have to settle for that 😉! Have an awesome cruise-I’ll be following along!
  15. I did get photos of the coffee menu. I don’t want to hijack this thread, so post your email and I’ll send them to you? It may take a few days bc I’m traveling, thanks.
  16. Yes, let me see what I can do. Is there something specific you are looking for?
  17. On the Breakaway now, so I’m definitely following! This ship is soooo crowded, but I guess that’s to be expected during summer break. Love your reviews!
  18. Awesome review Kim! I need to sail from San Juan again at some point. The airfare always seems so cost prohibitive, especially since I usually cruise during traditional school breaks. I’ll be curious to read your review of Breakaway- we are getting on the ship as you are getting off. I’m sorry to hear of your health problems- wishing only the best for you and your family!
  19. I don’t see how they will do this with the current configuration of adventure ocean. I don’t know what they have done on the Oasis regarding physical changes to the AO rooms- can someone enlighten me? The kids are in separate rooms depending on age so unless the rooms all connect, then I don’t know how they are doing this?? We went on Disney last month and their kids club was very large, with two huge rooms connected by another play area with many different nooks and rooms so the kids could do what they wanted. They also had scheduled activities for the kids, but they weren’t forced to participate. When you checked your kid out they use the gps in the wristband to find where exactly your kid is. I think it was either 3-11 or 3-12, then the older kids had their own teen clubs in separate areas of the ship. It sounds like Royal is maybe trying to do this? I can see thus being problematic for a 3 or 4 year old being mixed in with much older kids 🤷‍♀️
  20. We were just at Coco Cay on Easter Sunday and it is looking really good. I was shocked that we actually docked- was there December 2018 and the dock looked no where close to being finished. The water park looks awesome but I am disappointed to read about the outrageous prices. The pool is really nice and quite large, with a swim up bar, zero-entry area with little fountains, and loungers that are in the water.
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