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  1. Come on up to Boston. That's as ridiculous as Canada.
  2. Not likely... The United States faces “impending doom” as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise and more states loosen restrictions, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, said during a news briefing Monday.
  3. The CDC has absolutely no scientific evidence for a November 2021 date, just like Omar in Canada has even less evidence for a February 2022 date.
  4. First, CDC is not a regulatory agency and has no regulatory authority, even though it does have a public health mandate.
  5. 1576 & 1592 were horrible. Carts rolling overhead all night long. Get as far forward as possible, and absolutely avoid under the Windjammer.
  6. Your daily tips PP are already higher.
  7. Please make sure RCI has your correct billing address.
  8. I actually have created a spreadsheet. Four of the amounts don't match anything on my cruise invoices.
  9. I'll have to check into that date inconsistency. The same thing happened to me. I believe it has more to do with interest charges than any bank holding your funds. Seems to follow what others have said about RCI issuing/sending the credits once per week. For example, RCI issues a credit with a date of May 3rd, but doesn't actually send it until May 10th. When your bank posts the credit it would use the issue date of May 3rd even though it's not actually posted until May 11th. The reason would be that you would be charged less interest with the earlier date. Also no
  10. I'm just as concerned about the elevator button for the windjammer deck.
  11. Shouldn't be. It more efficient, doesn't matter which country.
  12. Adding to my original post. Most CC companies notify a recurring payment biller (not RCI) of an expiration date change. RCI may be able to search through their newer reservations to find a change. Most processors won't care what the date is, but there is no database other than their own they could search. I order to do debits the merchant needs card number, expiration, and CVC (that 3 digit number on the back or 4 digit on the front) and your address (AVS). Merchants pay a larger interchange for card not present without this data. It would be unusual for a processor
  13. It's complicated. Most banks, AMEX, Discover, etc... have put systems in place to trace CC numbers through identity theft replacements. Literally millions of cards have been replaced, some two or three times. It's just good customer service and more efficient to find a way to post credits during the card replacement problems. Unfortunately there are still a few processors that try using your CIF number (name) which will delay the credit, and even less that can't handle the change. Processors have also put into place card expiration notifications to merchants that do
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