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  1. That is so great to hear! I haven’t read this nor have we gotten an email from them. this does help. Guess I have been having senior moments😔
  2. We are seniors in our 70s. With our upcoming cruise 3/29 on the Anthem we are very concerned about the coronavirus. Princess and RCCLs sister cruise line Celebrity Both have offered to allow passengers to cancel and rebook later. How awesome. This shows the concern for passengers vs the almighty $. NOT A WORD FROM RCCL.
  3. Our friends were on RCL cruise this week and the husband fell. He is in his 80s and wanted to go home to recover. RCL requested their passports “ to process their exit from ship” and refused to give them back unless they paid $750 pp because they were leaving early . They never left the country- this was in Orlando/Port Canaveral. Personally, I think this is highway robbery and another money maker. There was another incident on FB that had the same exact scenario. Why charge if they already paid for a cruise? We have been in over 30 cruises on various cruise lines and never heard of such
  4. That’s scary! We have a cruise 3/29 - but we are seniors who are in the group that get hits the hardest. I agree..... can’t worry about things we have no control- but we also have to be realists and know that many people aren’t honest about their health And go on cruises regardless Of how they are feeling. And now hearing that there are no extra precautions by the cruiseline is disappointing. we will have to make a decision soon.
  5. We are sailing out of Bayonne 3/29. Is the road construction completed? We sailed out of Bayonne last June and it was confusing even on a Saturday. Sorry if this has been answered already......I haven't read all 20 pages. Thank you!
  6. Have not completed checkin but will this weekend. We just got back a couple of weeks ago from a Princess Cruise and have just been catching up. Maybe once checkin is complete we will get assigned room? Not sure what decoded Setsail pass barcode means😓
  7. Great that you got assigned a room early enough! We are also sailing on the Anthem next month with GTY Oceanview balcony. Have not gotten a room assignment yet.
  8. I sure hope you have travel insurance. Your travel insurance would take care of any other expenses. We have been sailing since 1989 and never go on any cruise without insurance. And we have used it a number of times ......even got reimbursed for having to divert our flight home, hotel room and all expenses because of blizzard at our home airport.
  9. Is this RCCLs private Island? Can’t believe you have to pay! We are on the Anthem 3/29 with stop at their private Island
  10. We are looking forward to our Cruise on the Anthem next month. Are you able to have breakfast in the dining room on seas- or any day? We enjoy eating breakfast in the dining room when it’s offered. If it’s allowed- which dinI got room and is it just sea days? TIA
  11. Our very first cruise was on the Song of Norway in 1989! We had a cabin at the very front of the ship with a port hole....the roo was bowed. Never having cruised before we thought it was so stunning and got hooked on cruising! I checked the photos from that cruise but none of the ship. Great memories!
  12. We docked. So nice to just get off the ship and come back when you want. The only tender was in Princess Cays
  13. We were on this cruise also(1/19/20). We traveled with 3 other couples . and all had a wonderful relaxing time. Loved the ship, crew, food, entertainment and the new bedding. We lover our deluxe balcony And having a love seat for seating. We would definitely sail the Regal again💕
  14. We ate all dinners in the Symphony dining room so I don’t know when the crab shack dinner is in the buffet- sorry.😓
  15. Just back from a wonderful week on the Regal Princess. Ship is beautiful with a great crew and delicious food. I have just completed a review-so look for it in a few days. If you are booked on the Regal, you are in for a really great experience. I will be happy to answer questions.
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