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  1. Haven’t been to Princess Cays in a very long time so not sure what is actually provided. Last time we were there they provided chairs and I remember shaded area and a banana boat ride. We are a group of 8- last time there were 16 of us and we all had lounge chairs. Does PC have lounge chairs and do they offer various water rides like the banana boat? Do they still have a BBQ buffet? Thanks
  2. Does Princess offer luggage valet like Celebrity pick up your luggage the night before disembarkation and you don’t see it until you get to your home airport? We love not having to check/deal with our luggage - it’s all taken care of!
  3. Thank you to those who shared their more recent experience at this hotel and enjoyed it. We are 4 couples and we all had a good experience several years ago. Glad to hear it’s still a good place to stay. happy sailing
  4. This is the Florida Departure forum
  5. Planning on a pre cruise hotel and looking at Hampton Inn Plantation- anyone stay there recently? We stayed here several years ago and wondering if they still offer airport pickup ( Fort Lauderdale) and shuttle to port. Thank You!
  6. Been 6 years since sailing on Princess. How much is the Sanctuary and do you have to pay for the week? Or are you allowed to pay for several days? TIA
  7. Good question...... hope there is Dewars! That’s my scotch 😜
  8. W are more forward with cabins above and below- which we prefer. Thank you !
  9. Thank all for your input- much appreciated! We just changed our deluxe cabin rooms (4) from emerald deck to Marina deck- deck 15. I always preferred the middle floors because there is less movement. Others in our group enjoy being on the upper decks. Has anyone had issues on this deck or other upper decks with a lot more motion? As always, I appreciate your time and information.
  10. We were booked on a 2/2 cruise and have switched to a January cruise. We could not find a hotel anywhere- even with help from hotel chain personnel in Fort Lauderdale who were trying to help. There was 1 about 30 miles away and it was $750! That’s how I found out the Super Bowl was in Miami!! plus - flights were ridiculous. Glad we found out sooner than later
  11. We are are group of 8 and have anytime dining on the Regal in January. Are we allowed to book a reservation at 6:30 for the week? On our last cruise - on Celebrity-the first night we walked in at 6:15/6:30 and had a great table with a fantastic wait staff. So we booked it for the rest of the week. We haven’t sailed on Princess in over 6 years.....will Princess allow us to do this? TIA
  12. We are looking into a first Holland America cruise. is it non smoking ? We sure hope so at least in the casino
  13. Another question..... has Princess finally gone none smoking in casino? That is one plus for Celebrity! We enjoy the none smoking policy. also- disappointing to hear that the shows ( which we all enjoy ) in the Princess Theater are 8 and 10. On Celebrity the shows are 7 and 9. Our group of 8 will usually do select dining at about 6:15 with plenty of time to go to the 9 pm show. We use to do late seating and would go to shows at 7 - before dinner. I appreciate all your information!
  14. Thank you all for the information and positive feedback. I have read reviews on ships we have sailed and loved and couldn’t understand the negative comments..... I would think. “were they on the same ship??”! You all have made me more excited about our decision. Another question...What time are shows in the theater and are they given 2s a night? Thanks again!
  15. We (4 couples) are booked for February on the Regal. We have all cruised many times ( DH and me over 30) but haven’t been on Princess for 8 years cruising mainly on Celebrity. We are looking forward to cruising on the Regal and experiencing the Medallion class. However, I am concerned about the negative reviews- especially about the food and service. We are not difficult passengers- we appreciate not having to cook and clean, being together and enjoy relaxing! Is the Regal really that disappointing? TIA
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