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  1. Just got off the Glory, same there. DH just drank the Celsius, Peach better than the kiwi guava. Celsius is super sweet though.
  2. I have too seen that on the bars you have mentioned. Not sure if they were removed because Carnival picked up Pepsi and Monster is a Coke product. Unless they offer both Coke and Pepsi???
  3. Has anyone had Celsius? Is it comparable to Monster? DH is a die hard monster fan but I can't see paying for them ahead of time and bringing them on.
  4. Do they sell Monster energy drinks on the Glory? If not what do they have? Would it be included in Cheers? TIA!!!
  5. No it's actually a separate eatery. I don't think there is much around it.
  6. I also would like to know this for the Glory? TIA!
  7. We always do a 10 day vacation. For instance in about that a week we are on the glory but we are doing New Orleans for 3 days before. Just a habit we got into. Usually a Friday to a Sunday due to work schedule.
  8. I'm sorry but I have to reply to this. I went out of my way to purchase FTTF and having people who are not platinum ect. board before me because of their traveling companions annoy me. If they really wanted to get on board ahead of time they should have bought the FTTF like me and not sneak on with there companions. It makes me feel like I just wasted my money on a perk someone else is going to get for no honest reason and for free. Just my opinion.
  9. I just thought of one. I collect my Amazon bubble wrap mailers and bring them with me to store anything I buy that may be breakable in them on the way home.
  10. My retired Dad and Step Mom live in Florida and go on 3 or 4 day cruises all the time on RCCL.
  11. So I remember going to the straw market 20+ years ago and it was great...people selling there own items that they made. However, I see now some people saying that what they are selling looks like "bulk bought items" that doesn't appear hand made or such. Also, how far is straw market from the ship? If I go I plan on taking a cab from my excursion and hoping to just walk back to port. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Will be staying in New Orleans for a few days (staying in Marigny section) and then hitting Key West, Nassau and Freeport. I'll try and find answers for anything asked. Be back 10/23.
  13. Do they just go around now saying "Pirate Punch" instead of "Fun Ship" to everyone as they pass by?
  14. I've only been on Carnival so the Destiny in 1999 would be up there....the 1st cruise i was ever on with my husband. He had never cruised before and no idea what to expect. Wow was he surprised 🤩
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