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  1. Not too lucky; he tested positive a few days later.
  2. As far as Vancouver goes, I'd just do a cab. We took a cab from the cruise port to the Auberge Vancouver Hotel, and it was really cheap and I was able to use my CC to pay fare plus tip so no need to Canadian dollars. The train station is not that much more far, so it shouldn't cost too much.
  3. Check any Sleep Inns in the area. Most of the ones I have stayed in have been showers only. I know there is one near the airport, as it was down the street from where I stayed in 2018.
  4. A lot of airports now have the filtered water fountains, so you could bring an empty bottle/mug and fill it up after security.
  5. On our trip, we got in late and stayed at the Comfort Suites right at the airport. There is an Enterprise Car rental around the corner, so we took the hotel shuttle and picked up the car then next morning to save a little money. There's also a Fairfield Inn & Suites Midtown a little further down the road that we stayed at, too that was nice. There's also an Enterprise near it, too.
  6. I asked about this a little while back. I was told that Carnival discontinued this program.
  7. The appropriate thing to do is use one of the cups at the station, fill that and then our into your cup/bottle.
  8. Iltutcruiser, be sure to come back and report on your experience w/ the Breeze interior spa cabin. I have one booked for the end of March, one of the long ways ones on Deck 12. Hoping to read as much as I can on them!
  9. We used Island Trams in 2013. Didn't even book it ahead of time, just walked up to the booth and apid. Wanted to get off at the lighthouse and catch a later tram, but it was kinda crowded, and my companions were afraid we might not get seats. Might ahve to give it another try in March!
  10. Well, poo. We used it in 2013, and it was great!
  11. I will be on the Breeze March 2020/Port Canaveral. Does Carnival still do the Luggage Express thing where for a fee they send your luggage direct to the airport? We may be taking a late flight and would rather send it on rather than dragging it to the car rental office.
  12. Where are you staying? We stayed at the Radisson, and there was a tasty place right next door. Don't recall the name, but it had great pizza. Plan on eating there again in March. We also ate at the Tiny Turtle in Cocoa Beach for lunch, but it's a VERY casual place, plus you would need to taxi or Uber there. EDIT: here's the Italian/pizza place: http://kelseyscanaveral.com/
  13. Be sure to keep the actual cards until after the cruise just in case there's a problem w/ the funds!
  14. Forgot the name of the place, but it's inside the bldg where Hangar on the Wharf is in Juneau. Yummy pizza!
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