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  1. Has anyone ever booked a family harbor suite for only adults? I am looking at a cruise for myself, 25 yo daughter and 21 yo son. The family harbor suites are showing available but, in reading about them, it looks like they are designed more for families with young children. 

  2. Looking to book a cruise for 3 of us. The only options are suites. If I try to book for 4, OV are available. Do these types of cabins ever become available for fewer guests, maybe as the sailing date gets closer, if they aren’t getting booked?

  3. 3 hours ago, lazydayz said:

    Correct.  But call Carnival and ask them the question as a hypothetical.  If you are comfortable with the answer, you say ok, we need to cancel one person.  The earlier you do the cancellation, the less the penalty will be. And yes, the rest of you who don’t cancel can still cruise, likely in the same cabin as originally booked.  Good luck.

    It’s still actually all hypothetical at this point. We are considering booking for 4 of us but may find my husband is not able to come. 

  4. 8 hours ago, lazydayz said:

    It depends.  How long until your cruise? 

    Early August. 


    7 hours ago, mz-s said:

    I did read this but found it a little confusing. 

    If I understand correctly, depending on when we’d cancel that person, we could get some of our money back. The rest of us would just continue on with the cruise?

  5. We are cruising to Alaska in June on Carnival Spirit. Which port does Carnival use? We are planning to stay in Seattle for a few days before the cruise. What would be the best way to get to the ship? Afterwards, we are flying home the day we disembark. What is the best way to get back to the airport? Thanks for your help!

  6. I would also call. I’ve recently seen two small price reductions for our cruise this coming June. I filled out the price protection form after the first one and got denied. I called Guest Services to ask for more information and the person I spoke to was able to change the price. A couple days later, when I saw the second reduction, I called again and they were able to apply the lower price. 

  7. I got a denial email this afternoon. It said it was denied because apparently I didn’t book under Early Saver. I called to ask more about it and the Carnival employee I spoke with saw the denial but was able to rebook me under a slightly lower rate. Only saved $52 but every little bit helps. 

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  8. Twice I’ve had no luck with filling out the form. The first time was for a cruise last summer. Filled it out twice and never heard back. Most recently I filled one out a few days ago, for an upcoming cruise, and haven’t gotten a response yet. Planning to try calling tomorrow. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, RoperDK said:

    Since aft isn't available, then I suggest you get a non-extended balcony on whichever side offers the best scenery (as stated above).  The extended balconies are recessed and do block your clear view fore and aft.  Deck 3 is an outside deck that wraps all the way around the aft and on both sides. It does not go all the way around forward though.  It is covered and it is nice to have quick access to this deck (deck 4 cabins) for scenery in rainy weather. Deck 9 (lido) has good aft viewing from the serenity area and the buffet by the windows offers climate-controlled viewing.  Deck 10 has good viewing outside, also.  It does seem true that the wildlife will always be on the other side from where you are.  So, having the ability to cross to the other side quickly is nice.  Of course, everyone else will be doing the same thing.  Depending on your mobility, I would get a balcony close to these decks (deck 😎 and near the stairs or elevators.  I would pick a balcony towards the aft as you can access good viewing on the outer decks from there.  Forward is just too windy.  Hope this helps.      

    So, you think deck 8 aft is a good location? How loud is that area being under the Lido Deck?

  10. Considering a cruise out of Baltimore this summer. I have a few questions. How far is it from BWI to the port? Would probably fly in the day before but fly home the afternoon we debark. Any hotels close to the cruise port? Anything to do around the port?

  11. 35 minutes ago, ObstructedView2 said:



    Hi @bowen9475🙂


    Sunshine currently has two Playlist Production Shows during their 5 day sailings. (Studio VIP & Epic Rock)


    Click on the link below for the Fun Times from a recent 5 day voyage from May 27, 2023. It will give you a better idea of other entertainment.


    Sunshine 5 Day May 27 Fun Times (Click Link)







    Thank you!

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