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  1. We thought the water was fine. We didn't have a problem with seaweed at Paradise Beach. There is a large rocky area but they have a flag at waters edge and a staff member was at the edge telling us to stay on the non-rocky side of the flag. It was a great place to spend several hours.

  2. We visited Roatan on the Carnival Freedom. We had booked a ziplining excursion through Shore Excursioneer for our family of 5 - me, husband, 22 yo son, 20 yo daughter and 16 yo son. The company we went with was South Shore Zip Line Adventures. The instructions and directions we were sent beforehand were very clear. We were met outside the port by a driver from South Shore. There ended up being 17 in our group. Our driver gave us a bit of a tour on the ride in. Once we got there, we were able to use the bathroom and put our belonings in a locker. The guides then went through the instructions and demonstrated the ziplining for us before we were off. It was awesome! Felt very safe the entire time. The guides were all great. There was a young girl in our group who ended up being scared so the guides rode with her on every line. My husband was nervous beforehand but ended up loving it. We had only booked the ziplining while everone else in our group also had booked the Eco Walk. The staff offered to let us do the walk also so they could bring us back to the port in one trip. Thought that was a great compromise. The only thing I wished that was different was to have had access to water along the route. It was very warm and we all got pretty thirsty. Otherwise, a great time was had by our family.

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  3. We had visited Paradise Beach last year while on a cruise that stopped in Cozumel. When we booked another cruise, that was again going to Cozumel, everyone wanted to return to Paradise Beach. My oldest son wasn't with us last year so his brother and sister wanted him to experience Paradise. We took a taxi from the port - $15 for 5 of us. We don't drink so we chose the PAYG instead of AI. We paid the $3pp entrance fee and were shown around before being brought to the beach to choose our loungers. Everything was clean and well kept. We bought the $18 fun pass for all 3 kids - 22 yo son, 20 yo daughter and 16 yo son. All 3 had a blast on the inflatables. We easily hit the $10 pp for food and drink. Everything was very good. The staff was attentive but not overly so. We used the pool last year but didn't get over there this year. The kids also had hoped to use the paddleboards or kayaks but they were having so much fun on the inflatables, they just ran out of time. We had another good day and would definitely come back.
    Bonus - There was parasailing available right next to Paradise Beach. The kids and I have been trying to parasail for years and it just has never worked out. It was $65 pp. It was only the four of us in the boat and it was awesome!

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  4. We were on the Carnival Freedom and in Costa Maya from 1-8. We had emailed ahead to reserve loungers for our family of 5. We took a taxi from outside the port. (One thing we didn't like about this was that they squeezed our family of 5 into a regular taxi which was very tight. Luckily it wasn't too far of a ride. No fault of the Tropicante though) When we got to Tropicante there was a staff member outside holding a sign with our name on it. We were met at the taxi and walked right over to their location. We got to pick where the loungers we wanted were located. We were taken very good care of all afternoon by Ivan, Charlie and Mikey. Ivan seems to take great pride in his job and was very helpful and attentive to us. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. We ordered nachos, chicken quesadilla, a beef burrito and tacos as well as a few drinks. They even changed out a drink for my daughter that she had ordered but just didn't like. I had read about the seaweed problem ahead of time but the Tropicante staff had done a great job keeping their section of beach clear. The water was so warm. The only other thing we didn't like was the amount of times vendors approached us while we were on the beach. We were able to just say "no, thank you" and they would move along but just couldn't believe the sheer number of them. Would definitely recommend visiting here when in Costa Maya.

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  5. Just wanted to give a shout out to Emanuele and the company he works for, VIP Express. We used this company for transport from our hotel near Hobby airport to the cruise port, from the cruise port back to a Galveston airport and from the hotel back to the airport. Thought the price was very reasonable. Right from when I contacted them to book, communication was great. Emanuele answered many questions, got back to me quickly and provided a lot of area information and suggestions of where to go and what to see. He offered cold waters to us on each ride. Even though a stop isn't a regular part of their service, he stopped at Buc-ee's, a very neat store we had never heard of, so we could get some last minute things on the way to the cruise and stopped again on the way back to the airport so we could get some breakfast before an early flight home. He called about an hour before each pick up and again when he was a few minutes away. He carried our luggage into the hotel for us and even called us while we were visiting Galveston to see how things were going. No idea if or when we will get back to Galveston, but would not hesitate to use VIP again.

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  6. 11 hours ago, crewsweeper said:

    It's via a 3rd party vendor.  You book there. Not included in the online fun pass reservations.  Was US$65 pp.

    Thank you!


    Anyone have any contact information or know what the chances are that it will be all booked when we get there?

  7. We have emailed to reserve loungers for our upcoming cruise. Got a very quick, personable reply back. Now I have a few questions. Is there an entrance fee? Is there a charge for the chairs once we get there? Is there a minimum food and beverage amount they ask you to spend? Has anyone done any of the additional activities here - rented snorkel boats, banana boats, kayaks? If so, how were those activities? Thanks for any help!

  8. I thought I had read about the port of Costa Maya having activities right there to do. Am I remembering correctly? If so what type of activities? Any information on prices? Not interested in the waterpark. Thanks for the help.

  9. 1 hour ago, jtheile said:

    I came in yesterday, I believe we arrived back to the pier around 7.


    I think deck 8 aft is the best place to see both sides, you can easily walk back and forth to see both sides with nothing obstructing your view. 

    Thank you! Was it light enough out to see your surroundings as you were coming back in? That's what we are hoping for. What time were you able to start disembarking?

  10. We are sailing on the NCL Escape next Sunday, June 23. We will be arriving into NYC at Port Authority. What is the quickest/easiest way to get to the cruise port? How long does it take the ship to make its way through New York Harbor, out to open sea? When returning to NY after the cruise, what time does the ship usually arrive back to NY harbor? We'd like to watch the arrival from our balcony. Thanks for the help!

  11. We booked a guarantee balcony cabin with the Sailaway rate. We were assigned a Family balcony cabin on the 9th deck. Any information to share about this type of cabin. I do notice on the deckplan diagram that it is a connecting cabin. Are connecting cabins overly loud? Thanks for any information.

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