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  1. We got an email offer to upgrade our stateroom from a balcony room, 7144, to an extended balcony, room 8148, for $16. How much of a difference is there between balconies and extended balconies? Would you do it? Why or why not? I am leaning toward not because deck 9 looks like it could be busy and loud at times. Thanks for your input!

  2. Once you have booked a cruise, how often do you check for price drops? I am tempted to check each morning and each evening.:p We have been lucky on most of our past cruises to get some amount of OBC due to price drops. If the price does drop, how long on average would the lower price be available? Thanks for your input :)

  3. We are booking a cruise this summer on the Miracle. It will be me, my husband, our 19 yo daughter and 15 yo son. Please share with me what you like best/favorite parts/things to do on the Miracle. We like shows and music, trivia type games, visiting the ports and sitting in the sun. We are not drinkers or gamblers. Thank you!

  4. We are considering booking a balcony cabin on the Miracle. How much, if any, shade do you get on the balcony? My husband would love to sit out and read but does not like sitting in full sun. Also, what is the difference between a regular and extended balcony? Thank you!

  5. We are flying into Orlando to spend time in Disney before and after a cruise from Tampa? What are our options to get from a Disney hotel to the port of Tampa and back after the cruise? If a rental car, which is the best option? Are there any shuttles that will pick us up at Disney and bring us to the port of Tampa and do the reverse afterwards? Thanks for your help!

  6. We have 3 kids - 18 yo son, 16 yo daughter and 12 yo son. We have done 5 Carnival crusies with them starting when they were 12, 10 and 6. They all love cruising. Both of my sons have always participated in the kids clubs and made friends they hang out with for the entire cruise. There is usually a great mixture of activites. We just went on the Imagination a few weeks ago and my 18 yo was pretty disappointed to not be able to go to club activities. My daughter has never really enjoyed the clubs but she finds a lot she does like to do - laying in the sun, trivia, music, shows etc. Have a great cruise!

  7. We are waiting to disembark from the 4 day Imagination cruise. Here are a few thoughts: we missed Catalina and that was very disappointing. Bad weather had been in the area and apparently would have made it unsafe to tender over. I understand that but it was very disappointing. Would have liked to see us hit Catalina on the way back but instead we headed to Ensenada early and stayed there overnight. Also this was out first cruise with the American Table menus and we found it only alright. I did enjoy most of what I ate but we all really missed the old menus :(. This was also our first time having Your Time Dining and again we were all pretty disappointed. The wait to get seated was very quick each night but it took a long time to order and get food. We also missed sitting with another family and having the same wait staff each night. On the plus side we were always able to find tables in the buffet and never had very long lines. We also never had trouble finding chairs to sit in on deck. Finally, we have an 18 yo son who has always been very involved in the clubs. It's too bad they don't even offer a meet and greet for 18-21. He would have been happy with that option. Just wanted to share a few thoughts.

  8. We are sailing on the 4 night Imagination next week. How do people usually dress for dinner on the casual and on the formal nights? How formal do they go? We are visiting Disneyland after the cruise and won't have access to laundry so we are trying to compact the packing. Thanks!

  9. We are cruising on the 4 night Imagination in a few weeks. I have an 18 year old son who has absolutely LOVED the kids clubs on all our previous cruises. I am worried about him possibly not having a lot to do or meeting many people. Does anyone know if the Imagination offers a meet and greet for this age group early in the cruise?

  10. Has anyone stayed at the Comfort Inn in Long Beach on Willow St? We are looking for a hotel for our family of 5 for 2 nights before a cruise in just about a month. It gets good reviews on Tripadvisor. We booked this trip just recently and there is not a lot of availability out there.

  11. Bruin Steve thanks for your help. Now a few more questions. We like the idea of staying the first couple nights in Santa Monica. Would shuttle services pick us up at LAX and bring us to a Santa Monica hotel? What about getting from Santa Monica to the port in Long Beach? After the cruise we would probably want to have a car. Any suggestions of where to rent near the port so we could return to LAX? Thanks all!

  12. Honestly don't know where we staying the first few nights yet. Only have Saturday. Would like to see the Hollywood area. We'd probably look into a tour to book. After the cruise we would be staying at an offsite hotel. Need actual names of car rental companies and locations or shuttle services to use. Not at all familiar with the area. Thanks again.

  13. We are flying into LAX on a Friday. Spending the day in the area Saturday. Cruising on Carnival out of Long Beach on Sunday. Suggestions on how to get from LAX to our hotel to the port? After the cruise ends on Thursday we are heading back to Anaheim for a few days in Disneyland. Other suggestions for transportation leaving the port to our hotel and back to LAX at the end of the trip? Thanks!

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