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  1. Canada still requires it after travelling outside of Canada. Hoping that might change by the end of September though...I have a Disney trip to do in November 🙂 (priorities you know LOL)
  2. Considering you can't sail from Vancouver until November 1st...I don't get how your cruise hasn't been cancelled.
  3. in a heart beat...can't wait until we can cruise again.
  4. Yup, our transit is always an adventure that is for sure (I hate it with a passion)
  5. but with a taxi you get dropped off right where the luggage goes 🙂 Also note that if you are traveling on the Canada Line during rush hour...be prepared for very crowded trains
  6. Also check out the taxi prices...they have set pricing to downtown Vancouver. We were 4 adults and it was cheaper to take a taxi then to do 4 adults on the Canada Line (due to the extra charge for going from the airport).
  7. So looks like wifi works well in the crossing? We are doing this cruise in April 2021 and have the free wifi. I am enjoying this.
  8. Thank you for that information...I appreciate that.
  9. Actually the Disney Wonder is only a few years younger than the Sun. Thanks for answering my question. That must be a long cruise if there is nothing in the summer :) The pictures posted from Vancouver didn't make it look very nice though, but maybe it just needed some cleaning up before it went on it's way to Alaska :) STefani
  10. Disney is an awesome cruiseline. The pictures from VAncouver had her with a lot of rust and looking very dirty on the outside.
  11. I had (notice past tense LOL)a friend...who posted a scathing picture comparison of the Disney Wonder and the Sun Princess in Vancouver on Monday. She made a bunch of comments on how disgusting the ship looked and that it made her want to vomit. Now I will have to admit it looked bad, but...there has to be a reason that it isn't looking all shiny. I can't even find an itinerary until SEptember, but it is on her way up to Alaska. What is going on with her? Stefani
  12. HA HA HA HA...it even happens on Disney cruises.
  13. Yup, that is why I don't spend a lot of money on mine. Heck if people want to help themselves, I bring lots of extra .
  14. I put up decorations for fun...you know...that thing where you just enjoy life?
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