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  1. Similar situation - but my cruise was next week and already canceled. The tricky part is American is waiving change fees if you travel before the end of year. We have $3,000 in airfare and no plans to use it this year. Even if we end up using some, we likely won't use it all. So it is likely we will have a loss eventually (at end of year) - if so it would be at least $600-800 in change fees, if not the whole ticket. No idea how to handle this. I've been trying to contact Nationwide - but wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge (understanding that ultimately it will be up to what Nationwide says)..... Mike
  2. Almost certainly you will get whatever perks are associated with your new booking at the time you book.
  3. Just made it by the skin of our teeth for our July 30 cruise.
  4. Not really missing much. Samana was a complete bust for us.
  5. What ship and how much to upgrade? In the end - only you can say whether it is worth it for you. I can say the FV on M class ships - especially the corner ones with HUGE balconies are fabulous. Also, since the FVs are going away and being converted to Sunset Suites - this may be your last opportunity to see for yourself at FV rates. Mike
  6. Give it another week. Maybe then she'll be more scared of staying in NYC and the cruise will turn into the safer option 😉
  7. What does he wear on the nights he doesn't wear pants?
  8. On the Equinox in Concierge (and I assume balcony any others) the tv is still on an arm that will swing away from the wall. On the Edge it was a PIA getting to that HDMI port......
  9. I believe you and that is why I suggested trying your method also. Wasn't necessary for me. The TVs could have been configured differently.
  10. You can try with or without unplugging the lan cable. We were on Equinox in November and had no issues using HDMI using the process above (except we didn't unplu the lan). HDMI in at power up, then use the button at the bottom to navigate the menus and change inputs. The hardest part was finding the button (and I knew in advance it would be on the bottom). If it doesn't work, then as skurvish suggests try again with the lan unplugged. Mike
  11. No change to plans for our Caribbean cruise next month. Also have an Italy cruise booked for July - currently have no plans to change that unless the situation changes dramatically from where it is today. We've decided to hold off booking any cruises to Iran for the time being. Mike
  12. Also not sure what the issue was with the digital package - but if it was missing images - what we do is: Every day we collect the paper pictures as though we had the print package. They put them in an envelope for us. Each time we then cross reference all the pictures against the digital images at the kiosk. Occasionally there are some missing and we point those out so they get added. By the time we are at the end of the cruise - we know everything is there. Go Blue! Mike
  13. I think this is the difference between booking with a refundable vs non-refundable deposit. If you are talking about the two boxes, see this post for more information:
  14. We always take advantage of laundy since we travel with kids. Enjoy the CC HH - but don't take advantage of it as much as we used to since - yes, we travel with our young kids. Generally speaking - we save money because we rarely pay to add more perks. We don't drink that much so can easily get by with the HH and free espresso drinks (yes, that one is and Elite+ perk) and the internet minutes are more than enough for us. We do have 3 perks for our next cruise because the $$ just worked out where it made sense. But overall I'm really happy with the CC benefits. Mike
  15. Yes your cabin mate can attend. But others you may be traveling with cannot unless they are elite (invitation only extended to those in the same cabin).
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