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  1. We've pre-booked Rome in Limo as well, to pick us up at the airport to the hotel in central Rome, then next day to the port. After the cruise they will pick us up at the port, drive to Rome, drop luggage at Rome hotel, then tour for 5 hours....next day they'll drive us to the airport. Nice to have a workable 'plan' and time in Rome. Booking early is recommended...so many are now relying on this type of transport apparently.
  2. I edited this post probably while you were responding. The posts were an illusion blending with the metal on the chair. Your 2019 review I found while researching the cabin for its pros or cons, indicated you were in 7312. You were quite positive about it. Keeping an eye out for a higher deck SV however so the transition from deck 11 (1st cruise cabin) and the 2nd week will be closer. I know these cabins go quickly (booked a year out) so not much hope of a change happening.
  3. That was my question....the rest I understand and consulted with the X health protocol site. The 72 hrs requirement might not fit into the schedule we've set. Also, they quote a 2 day requirement now. However, June is a long way off and perhaps many things will change by then.
  4. Hi Hcat...Thanks for your pics......(edited, see below). We're in 7312 next June for one of our B2B. I think this cabin is also 7312?
  5. Thanks for the very helpful info. I was questioning the ports policy as well. Also, the embarkation test requirement.......if we test on Wed., hopefully results same day or may be Thurs AM; flying out late Thurs, arrive Fri (time difference)...cruise leaves on Sat. Is that 2 days, 3 days or is it 4? Some are now saying we have to have tests 2 days before cruise not 3? How does anyone handle this international travel within that time frame? Hopefully by our next cruise date in June '22, the 2 day testing won't be a required
  6. Thank you for your photos of the refurbished Millenneum....sailed on her in 2011; since then all X cruises have been on S class, avoiding M class thinking by now she'd be rather 'tattered'. I see she is DELIGHTFULLY updated and will consider her down the road for another vacation. PS: I see by the photo above they used the same stone we used on the wall surrounding our den fireplace......guess my decor taste can't be all bad...LOL. Enjoy your perpetual cruising...!
  7. Hilton Marina pool....Lovely and still the same; Lobby....SO different. We've stayed many times pre cruise and happy with the hotel even before renovation. Always stayed facing the cruise ships on upper floor as well...view is fantastic from the balcony. Hopefully you were happy with the room reno? Had to cancel our Nov. cruise...was looking forward to seeing the complete hotel reno. Next year for sure.
  8. We live on a golf course (RARE IN CANADA!) with a golf cart in the garage. No problem for anyone here driving a cart and several are 70+. It wasn't new to us when we took the Bonaire excursion via cart....but driving along a semi highway with so much to see on either side was certainly different than our streets and golf course. Lots of fun and can't imagine why there would be age restrictions.
  9. Just be careful re timing. If you booked the time you like now, then cancel onboard, the date you rebook may not have that time available. This is why I book prior to sailing...I know the 'popular' dining times go quickly.
  10. My order booked today showed in my CP calendar immediately. A confirming email received at the same time for MOST of my order. 3 excursions included in the email, but no confirming email for 2 specialty dinners....yet. May show up later.
  11. We had the opposite experience. Checked through CAir flights to Rome, got a quote. Then checked Air Canada, price was lower. Called CAir and told them the difference...agent spoke to a supervisor I assume and the lower price was applied. Perhaps Air Canada had honoured the lower price with the agent as he told me the pricing is set through a contract between the cruise line and the air carrier. I also find Celebrity Air is higher than the air lines...most likely due to the contract between them set before pricing changes.
  12. That's good to hear...thank you. We probably won't leave the ship, but it's a nice option. In this instance it will be Civitavecchia so maybe we could roam around a bit.
  13. Another situation has been on my mind. So....we're tested day before, results next AM, move to disembarkation/customs, sit and wait until allowed back on board. Hypothetically, IF...a B2B cruiser wanted to leave the ship for the day after customs/re-boarding, then return to start the next leg of the cruise, would the testing start all over again? I would stay on board and not chance whatever would be required, but suppose someone did have a tour or shopping, etc? Are they allowed to disembark and embark again?
  14. Wow...thank you...more information than I can process...will look into your links.
  15. Hi CruiseMom...you've been very helpful to me on other threads...re Hotel Traghetto...I know you're not a fan of Civitavecchia, but any experience with this hotel? We had great communication with them, when dates had to be changed they accommodated quickly, and when we requested a port view room they put us on a waiting list. I get that it isn't modern, but we're going there keeping history and Italian charm in mind so I don't think we'll be disappointed having little expectations....unless....the shower is a 'bucket in the corner' with a scrub brush attached...😉. We're touring the Rome attractions after 2nd leg of our back to back, staying at the Albergo Del Senato for a few days (with your recommendation) so the pre cruise hotel is for convenience. I really hope to be able to see something of Civi between the two cruises docking...any suggestions?
  16. Yes...as I said, we had a larger table in our suite but it was round, not square as your picture shows.
  17. FWIW.......we're not handicapped in any way, but the S1 tub is DEEP. Doable for us, but I didn't like it. Wish the S1's had a stand alone shower and not a tub. Maybe the S2 do?
  18. My experience as well and obviously the situation hasn't changed. I can't imagine an IT dept which takes 'days' to correct a/some glitches. Must be an overall MESS and/or perhaps in rebuild. And not putting an advisory on the home page is beyond bad practice. If it's isolated to some browsers it would be nice to know although I've tried a few and also cleared cache/cookies.
  19. Let us know the outcome and how long you waited and did you end up in 'Reservations'...not IT.
  20. More....hung up...waiting too long.
  21. Thx...on the line on hold now....goes through the auto then bumps to 'reservations'....will see where I am when they answer in '2 1/2 minutes'...LOL.
  22. Did you get the rescheduled flight at the $$s you paid...and was it after final payment?
  23. Good question. I also wondered if the cruise was cancelled AFTER final payment...who refunds the air...X or the airline. The airline has received the $$s at cruise final payment and provides a booking reference, so I'm assuming they would refund OR insist on a credit?
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