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  1. jrlamour

    Least Favorite Port

    Nassau or anywhere you have to tender.
  2. jrlamour

    Favorite cruise drinks

    I loved the mango meltdown and the strawberry caipirinhas in Moderno
  3. jrlamour

    Breakaway Ocean Blue menu - old or new?

    I was on the October 27-November 11 sailing and it was the old menu.
  4. jrlamour

    On Breakaway now, course change.

    Can’t do much about the rain unfortunately but luggage drop off is available starting at 10am
  5. jrlamour

    Breakaway back in NYC today!

    Looking forward to her hospitality on the October 27 sailing!!!
  6. Chocolate buffet Lobster in MDR Baked Alaska
  7. I think it’s significantly cheaper to buy before the cruise, at least that’s my understanding.
  8. jrlamour

    Gifts and packages

    I usually place the order ahead of time, some things I think can only be ordered before you get on ship ( ie flowers) and I believe food gifts are delivered the day you select on the order form.
  9. jrlamour

    Changes to eDocs

    Thanks for all the replies!
  10. jrlamour

    Changes to eDocs

    Sorry, just trying to clarify. So if I wait to print, the changes will update? Or I should have waited to finish the check in?
  11. jrlamour

    Changes to eDocs

    if I change something, does it get updated on my edocs? I added some dining and changed some shore excursions and prepaid my service charges. My cruise isn’t for another 69 days.
  12. 71 days until the Breakaway, can’t wait!!!!!
  13. jrlamour

    Best nights of cruise for specialty dining

    They usually hold back a large portion of the reservations from being booked online so if you book as soon as you get on board you should be able to still get reservations.
  14. jrlamour

    Compulsive cruise prep

    I’m going to go with best!! 😊
  15. jrlamour

    Compulsive cruise prep

    Oh yes! I have found my people!! I am also a compulsive planner, my family teases me about it but love the trips I plan. I make extensive lists to pass the time until my cruise. Once the final payment is made, dining reservations and shore excursion bookings done I use the lists to keep me occupied. I have my pre-cruise and post cruise hotels booked. I have travel to and from cruise ports booked (this trip is by train, a first for us). Parking is booked and confirmed as well (don’t live anywhere near a departure point). Show tickets and tours in New York are booked and paid for. I like to have as much paid for in advance as possible. Love seeing all the spreadsheet ideas though, going to give that a try, at the very least will keep me busy lol. Love cruise and travel planning and also coming on these boards. Even better, I’m not alone in my obsession with planning and prepping!!