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  1. we love the Haven, but only sail Haven when its priced right (less than $3k pp) or if we win a bid. on smaller ships, you get the all the same stuff in a non-haven suite for much less money - just no courtyard access.
  2. this is our situation as well. we have about $850 in FCC that we had one year to use. it expires January, 2021. i dont see how we can use it by tehn so we are going to push for an extension. given we have an April, 2021 cruise booked that we could apply it to im hoping they do the right thing. I looked at teh Bliss and Joy sails. i am not seeing anything that appears significantly reduced in price. and these itineraries are dull - this itinerary was longer and had new ports for us. i am beyond disappointed.
  3. we will still sail NCL. that said, i hope to see some offers that make it really enticing to stay with them once things open back up. if my April 18 TA is canceled, we will probably take the FCC as we have a very expensive Hawaii sail lined up for next April. 125% or 150% FCC will make a huge dent in that fare. But, if our Bermuda sail is canceld for this May, we will take the cash for that one. We had originally planned to put teh FCC toward our August Alaska sail but in light of yesterday's news we will cancel that one now as final payment is due in a few weeks. Speaking of which, i think its crazy you can cancel 48hours before with Peace of Mind, but they still want full final payments 120 days out. Im sure its all related to cash flow, but it does seem somewhat contradictory.
  4. To our valued visitors and clients, Like communities around the world, Bermuda is taking serious steps to help curb the global spread of COVID-19 and protect our island’s residents and visitors. Bermuda appreciates the support and interest of so many long-time travellers to the island. As global and local situations are evolving rapidly, we encourage you to keep track of tourism updates at this page at gotobermuda.com. Starting Thursday, March 19, our island’s borders will be closed for two weeks to non-residents. Our airport will also close to all commercial air service effective 11:59 pm Friday, March 20. Visiting vessels will not be allowed to enter our seaport. We realise this is an extraordinary series of events mirroring an extraordinary time. Bermuda’s government has made a very difficult decision—but a necessary one to protect our small island’s health and safety until the risk of COVID-19 subsides and we can re-open and invite you back. In the meantime, we are working closely with our hotels, guest houses and vacation rental properties to assist any visitors who remain on the island to fly out today (Thursday, March 19) and tomorrow (Friday, March 19). Such tough measures are needed to support the global effort to stop the spread of coronavirus and lessen the risk of spread among our tiny population. For airport/air service information, please see: https://bermudaairport.com/coronavirus/ As you can imagine, these decisions do not come without serious consideration as tourism and hospitality is a vital part of Bermuda’s economy and way of life. However, our highest priority is the health and well-being of our residents and our visitors. Rest assured, once normalcy returns and safe travel resumes, we stand ready to welcome you to our beautiful shores. Assistance for US visitors The US Consulate in Bermuda can be reached at 441-295-1342 or 441-05-0424 (2–4 pm, Mon–Fri) or email hamiltonconsulate@state.gov. For US citizen emergencies, call 441-335-3828 in Bermuda or 888-407-4747 (toll-free in US & Canada) or 202-501-4444 from other jurisdictions. Go to bm.usconsulate.gov and the Consulate’s social-media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) for more information on COVID-19. Travellers are urged to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency. Assistance for Canadian visitors Canadian residents or citizens on-island can contact Honorary Consul Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone at 441-535-0144 or 441-537-0627, or email isabelle@bermuda-perfumery.com. Links to useful resources: Bermuda Government COVID-19 Facts US State Department Bermuda Status Government of Canada Bermuda Status
  5. i get that its frustrating if sitting in the sun all day is your thing. fortunately for me it isnt. i avoid the sun like the plague and am happiest when i find a chair away from the noise of the pool deck, in the shade, where i can listen to the ocean, read, nap, etc. the pool bars are always the slowest because of volume. for that reason, we never even attempt to get drinks there. plenty of other bars on board that will instantly get you a drink with minimal lines. as for cigars, most people do not want to smell and breathe smoke. i honestly like that areas for smoking are limited.
  6. i have twice sailed in a 2 bedroom suite with just 2 of us. i love the space and that bathroom is hands down the best one!
  7. to avoid the stress and avoid potential wasted dinners, we just book online as soon as stuff opens up. you may be able to get in at 5pm or 9 or 930, but you'll rarely be able to walk in particualrly to Cagneys or LeBistro between 6 and 9. and forget Teppanyaki. that must be booked ASAP.
  8. honestly, check out the obstructed windows on deck 8. we find them a great value and you are steps from osheehans.
  9. we only book Haven on the large ships. we made this call after experiencing a small ship Haven (Gem, which was fantastic) then large ship Haven (Escape, Breakaway and Getaway). on teh smaller ships, we will spring for a non-Haven suite so we get the Butler perks and the special breakfast/lunch and free room service, as well as the priority disembark/tendering. But to pay often substantially more for a Haven room to really only get the use of the courtyard (no haven bar or restaurant for dinner on the small ships) isnt worth it to us.
  10. it is hard to go back, but sadly prices often prevent us from sailing haven. not because we cant afford it but because as awesome as it is, i dont think its worth $4kpp for a 7 day sail.
  11. Our ship sails on a Thursday at 5pm. We are folks that like to arrive to port early and board ASAP so really Thursday is a wash for us with really no time to sightsee. We will be flying in from Massachusetts. If we fly Tuesday, that would give us Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday. Is that enough to see Honolulu highlights, specifically Pearl Harbor? Or should we fly Monday and give ourselves 2 full days? We dont have a post cruise opportunity as we are on a sail that ends in Vancouver BC.
  12. new roadway? wow, alot has changed in 2 years. i assume this makes the trek easier/faster? this is great, thank you!
  13. I know SeaTac is south of the city by about 15 miles give or take. we will be docking on a friday morning at 7am (NCL Sun, smaller ship). If we do easy walk off which we usually do, think we can make an 1115 am flight? I know I5 is atrocious at any time of day, north or south. but we'd rather make this if we can than wait around until the 3pm flight.
  14. is there anywhere at the port or downtown juneau to rent a car for the day? we are in port 8am to 8pm, and would love the ability to drive out to mendenhall and cruise the area on our own, as well as take the bridge over to douglas island to drive around.
  15. how did the water taste? I usually order a case really just for the convenience of having bottles to take ashore. i hate the tast of aquafina and did not order it back when that was their water of choice. the NCL brand was good tho. curious on taste with the papery bottles.
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