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  1. we have booked haven/suites outright on 3 occasions. we look for when the price is right - $2200 pp.
  2. so i see this showing up on my Summary. as you will see this is not until May of next year. does this mean these will be my legs? or is there still a chance for other stops to be added? for us, this was $250pp which was a much better deal than the $2000+pp i was seeing for one way tickets home from our TA sail. no matter how bad the times or layovers may be to save that kind of money was too good to pass up. May 03, 2020 Barcelona to London May 03, 2020 Barcelona to London May 03, 2020 London to Boston May 03, 2020 London to Boston
  3. can anyone tell me what nights RofA is currently being shown on breakaway?
  4. id pay at most $2300 pp for Haven. we have been able to find deals on off season sails but its becoming harder and harder.
  5. Visiting Ponta Delgada, Lisbon and Portimao next year. Who are the top private tour providers you've all used?
  6. Visiting Seville, Granada, Ibiza and Palma Majorca next year. Who are the top private tour providers you've all used?
  7. imagine if every suite wanted to check in just one person from a non-suite room. thats alot of extra folks. personally, i cant understand why anyone would want to sail Haven if traveling with others who are not in the Haven. you either forego your benefits to spend time with them in other areas of the ship, or take advantage of your benefits and ignore those you are traveling with .
  8. osheehans is very strict about nothing being removed from there. i hve yet to figure out why because you can walk off with food just about anywhere else adn no one cares.
  9. we are renting a Boston Whaler for 6 hours through Somerset Bridge Watersports. Very reasonable and we can self drive putt putt the island at our leisure. But if you really want something guided, then i have heard good things about Rising Son.
  10. we are bad and have usually taken a few bananas ashore without incident. otherwise, i pack a few protein bars from home for this purpose. boxes of cereal from teh buffet are handy too.
  11. you will LOVE it. If Miroslav or Ezekiel are still at the Haven bar, they are awesome.
  12. i LOVE towel animals. we save them all week, usually on the back of the sofa, although in our forward suite on GA, we had that lovely counter in the bedroom. thumbnail.jfif
  13. we had an aft suite on Jade and LOVED it. there is an MDR that's aft as well as the buffet.
  14. We have never booked a tour in Bermuda, finding it very easy to see the entire island our our own using the bus and ferry system and a good guidebook. We want to do Tom Moore's jungle this time and REALLY see it. It is free to tour, but im reading its best seen by doing a tour. THe only formal one i can find is the Hidden Gems tour - at $175 a pop. What are people's thoughts on this? Will we really see that much more via this tour than on our own? We really want to do some cave swimming and possibly cliff jumping.
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