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  1. I am in Germany and the vaccination campaign is painfully slow. We are able to get the shot on the local Army post and some vaccines are supposedly coming... maybe by June, I'll get my shots. I'm just glad I don't have to wait for the German economy. The vaccines are in very short supply and we've been on partial lockdown since November. It sucks... I am so ready for a trip.
  2. I seem to remember visiting a Celtic cross on Islay. I’ll have to look and see where else we went. The whisky made my memories a little fuzzy. I actually went to Islay on a couple of different Hebridean cruises. We went on one that included Northern Ireland, so we only hit one distillery on Islay that time. I just remember thinking the scenery was so astonishing. I saw a lot of wildlife, too. And there’s nowhere else I feel more at home, either, even if I am technically American.
  3. Thanks very much for reading and the extra information! I long to go back to Scotland someday... when COVID-19 is no longer such a menace! I would especially love to visit Islay and maybe stay there a week. There are more distilleries to explore.
  4. Love the title! Hope COVID-19 doesn’t anchor the cruise industry in 2021.
  5. Yeah, it’s been awhile. I remember eyeing those cruises myself and being kind of glad we didn’t go then. But that doesn’t mean that area isn’t worth a visit. You should be prepared for logistical hassles, though. I remember the border guard in Bulgaria was very disappointed when he saw that we had the right stamps for our time there. He thought he was about to snag $200.
  6. It is a very interesting part of the world. One thing to remember about Bulgaria is that their head expressions are different. If they shake their head, they mean “yes”. Nodding means “no”. I have been wanting to see more of the Balkans myself and was eyeing SeaDream for the chance, but things never lined up logistically. I think if you can do it, you should.
  7. I haven't been on a SeaDream Black Sea trip, but I have been to the Black Sea. Granted, I did it when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer and went by bus, having ridden all the way from Yerevan, Armenia to Istanbul via Georgia, then onward to Bulgaria. That looks like a very interesting itinerary. I have been to Burgas and found it to be a lovely city. We also visited Sozopol, which is a beach town in Bulgaria, not far from Burgas. I understand it's now a place where stars like to congregate, but when we went in the 90s, it was pretty unspoiled and cheap. Istanbul is, of course, an
  8. I think this was probably bound to happen sooner or later. However, I also think it's common sense that during a pandemic, it's best to go straight to wherever it is you're going, minimizing contact with other people. We were lucky enough to get to travel to Austria, Italy, and Switzerland back in August. We noticed that the rules in those countries were more lax than in Germany-- particularly in Austria and Switzerland. Switzerland was notably very much like life as usual. No one was wearing masks or anything. Now, all three countries are locking down as their hospitals are f
  9. What a shame! Hopefully, those on board who had negative results can at least get some fresh air soon.
  10. It will be interesting to see what they do to make the ship safe, especially given the clientele. Many passengers are quite elderly and may be at a higher risk than others. However, I must admit that Hebridean Princess is a great way to cruise and the crew is especially amazing.
  11. Ugh... that is depressing. A year ago, we were embarking on our latest Hebridean cruise, and I'm seeing all of the memories of that on Facebook. COVID-19 is ruining the cruising industry. I would have loved to have gone on one of the Norway cruises with SeaDream. Now, it's hard to tell when we can cruise again without significant risk. I feel so sorry for the crew.
  12. Johnathan Moffatt is awesome! I have had a lot of dealings with him and he's always been the consummate professional. One of the reasons I keep going back to Hebridean is because their office staff is as excellent as the ship's crew is. I'm so glad to hear about how well they're handling this mess!
  13. I was looking at those cruises last year. I'm glad I didn't book... 😞
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