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  1. It will be interesting to see what they do to make the ship safe, especially given the clientele. Many passengers are quite elderly and may be at a higher risk than others. However, I must admit that Hebridean Princess is a great way to cruise and the crew is especially amazing.
  2. Ugh... that is depressing. A year ago, we were embarking on our latest Hebridean cruise, and I'm seeing all of the memories of that on Facebook. COVID-19 is ruining the cruising industry. I would have loved to have gone on one of the Norway cruises with SeaDream. Now, it's hard to tell when we can cruise again without significant risk. I feel so sorry for the crew.
  3. Johnathan Moffatt is awesome! I have had a lot of dealings with him and he's always been the consummate professional. One of the reasons I keep going back to Hebridean is because their office staff is as excellent as the ship's crew is. I'm so glad to hear about how well they're handling this mess!
  4. I was looking at those cruises last year. I'm glad I didn't book... 😞
  5. You might want to consider the cruises they do in the summer. They're very expensive, but they tend to go to the less inhabited areas. I still haven't been to all of the best known islands. My first two cruises with them in 2012 were back to back five nighters for a total of ten days on the ship. It was a good introduction to the line, especially since we also visited Sanda Island, which is uninhabited and has a lot of amazing wildlife. I'm not sure they still go there, though, since it's privately owned. All of the cruises we've done have had their magical moments. I prefer the western side of Scotland, though, for beautiful scenery. Islay is also a wonderful stop, especially if you like whisky.
  6. I think COVID-19 may be putting a lot of small cruise lines in jeopardy. I really hope Hebridean Princess can survive.
  7. Do you have any special interests? Hebridean Princess often offers themed cruises. For instance, I've done two whisky themed cruises with them. I did another that took me to Northern Ireland, a place I probably would not have otherwise seen. Some people like the footloose cruises for exercise. Others like the mystery cruises for the element of surprise. Scotland is beautiful, so you really can't go wrong regardless, although I will tell you that the last cruise we did took us over the top of Scotland and the seasickness was pretty brutal. However, we loved seeing the other side of Scotland and places we probably never would have gotten to otherwise. I think it would help us if you told us more about what you enjoy doing.
  8. Well... I am American and we kind of have different rules because of our status... but if it turns out we could visit Norway for that price, I would be all over it. We went to Norway in 2009 on our very first cruise (RCCL) and that was what turned us on to luxury cruising and small ships. I loved Norway and want to see more... plus we cruised with Norwegians and enjoyed them as a whole! We were in Sweden last year to pick up a car and I didn’t like it as much as I did Norway, although we had fun there, too.
  9. Oh, that is great news! I am not surprised, but I am delighted that you got a good resolution!
  10. And here I am in Germany, itching to travel.
  11. I can’t blame you for that. Last year, I was really looking at the Norwegian journeys on Hebridean. I am so glad I decided to pay down my credit card instead! This COVID-19 mess is a nightmare.
  12. I don’t know if you follow the luxury board, but people there are also complaining about Hapag-Lloyd not issuing refunds. This seems like a widespread problem with the small lines.
  13. Well, as I mentioned upthread, many of the other cruise lines have more money and flexibility. I think Silversea was purchased by Royal Caribbean, right? It could be Hebridean simply doesn’t have the capital to do what Silversea is doing. I don’t disagree that the way this situation is being handled right now is going to leave an impression with people and potentially harm business. Maybe you should send Hebridean a letter with your comments about how they’re doing things.
  14. Well... the only other cruise line I follow with any regularity is SeaDream Yacht Club. And people on SeaDream's board seem to be steaming mad about the way they're being treated regarding refunds. At least Hebridean has proactively addressed the issue by sending you a letter. SeaDream, which is a line I've sailed on three times and loved, apparently isn't even answering their phones. A lot of people are really pissed. I suspect it's a lot harder for the small cruise lines like SeaDream and Hebridean to keep things going in a situation like this, so they're not going to be as forthcoming, flexible, or generous with refunds. Since 2012, I've so far sailed on five Hebridean cruises. During that time, the ship has changed hands at least once. Anyway... I don't blame you at all for being nervous about this. I would be, too. I'm glad we sailed last year because I'm afraid this pandemic could sink a lot of wonderful small cruise lines. Things are slowly opening up in Europe, though, so the cruise could conceivably happen. I'm sure a lot depends on how bad the "second wave" of COVID-19 is.
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