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  1. Ha ha... well, I didn’t get that impression. He was actually great all week. I think maybe he had too much whisky that last night. I am glad you enjoyed the series, although I think you probably read about 2016’s cruise. In 2012, I didn’t have a travel blog, so that first one got limited coverage. I reviewed it on the now defunct Epinions.com. I also did a series in 2017.
  2. I have just finished the series, which runs for fifteen posts. Those who want to start at the beginning will find the link in the first post on this thread. Those who want to start with the cruise should start here. I'll probably write a brief summary post tomorrow for those who don't want a blow by blow. Hope this is helpful for those who are curious. We didn't have a perfect cruise, but it was our favorite of the five we've done so far, mainly because we had a great group and a mostly great staff.
  3. I'm on post #7, which is about where the writing about the cruise starts. I predict another eight. 😄
  4. As promised, I'm starting my blog series about our latest Hebridean Princess cruise. You will find the first post here. It's just an introduction. We spent three days in Scotland prior to boarding, so the first couple of posts in the series will be about them, then I'll get into our actual cruise experience. Fair warning-- I tend to be very detailed and sometimes I'm inappropriate!
  5. We had some cloudy days and rain. We also had some sun. Scotland is one of those places where the weather changes constantly. I did have to buy a sweatshirt at one of the distilleries and I wore my sweater more than once. I didn't need the shorts I brought, although I probably could have worn them in Edinburgh when we started our trip. I'm getting ready to write my blog series about our trip. When the first post is ready, I'll post it in a new thread. I predict I'll have at least a dozen posts for those who want a blow by blow. We had a wonderful time! Of the five cruises I've done on Hebridean Princess, this one was my favorite, despite the rough seas at Cape Wrath.
  6. Finally got our rainbow... and yesterday, we had a couple of dolphins!
  7. It took about three months. He had it custom made, and they had to order the tartan for County Donegal (he’s more of an Irishman than a Scot). We had it shipped to us in Germany.
  8. If you need a kilt maker recommendation, this is where my husband had his made. He does rentals, too. The end result is pictured. http://www.jamesrobertsonkiltmaker.com/
  9. They do have a laundry service. We have used it and gotten our clothes back gift wrapped. 😄 It’s not self catering, though.
  10. We spent about six years total living near Stuttgart-- from 2007-09 and from 2014-18. Now we live in Wiesbaden, having moved here at the end of November 2018. It's been interesting to note the differences between the two areas. Wiesbaden is close to Frankfurt and kind of metropolitan and urban. Stuttgart is in Swabia, near France and Switzerland. Although I eventually got used to the Swabian way of life, I think the Frankfurters are friendlier. Our little town has a wine stand every other Friday and the people have been a lot more interested in interacting. Our first stint near Stuttgart, it took almost a year before anyone in our neighborhood would speak to us. During the second stint, we were in a friendlier neighborhood. It was maybe a fifteen or twenty minute drive from where we lived the first time. Still, it was about three years before we did anything communal with our neighbors. Here in Wiesbaden, they have events all the time. I do miss how pretty Baden-Wuertemberg is. I don't miss the horrible traffic! I'm curious about Europa and Europa 2. Maybe we'll have a chance to try them before we move again.
  11. Amen... My husband and I have been living in Germany for a total of seven years and neither of us is fluent in German. But we would happily sail on a German ship. I doubt language is a problem, given that so many Germans speak English-- especially the younger crowd.
  12. Here’s another thought. Maybe you could rent formal wear? I know it’s possible to rent kilts for special occasions and I am sure you could rent a tux if you preferred.
  13. I often get hits from this forum on my blogs about Hebridean Princess cruises. I wanted to let everyone know that I just moved my travel blog to a new platform. I will be blogging about our upcoming Hebridean cruise that starts on August 5th on the new platform. It's also where you can find my other blogs about this line. Here's the general link. https://thetravelingovereducatedhousewife.blog And here are links to first posts about our previous cruises. I always write them in a series. 1. Our first whisky cruise in March 2016 (14 parts). https://thetravelingovereducatedhousewife.blog/2016/03/27/part-1-what-the-hell-am-i-doing-in-scotland-again/ 2. Scotland and Northern Ireland in September 2017 (15 parts-- part six is where the cruise posts start) https://thetravelingovereducatedhousewife.blog/2017/09/11/scotland-and-northern-ireland-2017-part-one/ We also did two five night back to back cruises in November 2012. However, I did not have a travel blog at that time, so that cruise didn't get the same love. The new blog is still a little wonky and all but the newest posts were moved from Blogger, which means they might look less than perfect. But the information is still there, and hopefully, I'll be able to deliver even more on this next trip. We'll be exploring a totally different part of Scotland and completely different whiskys!
  14. Watch the Hebridean Princess board. I always blog about my Hebridean cruises and will be doing so again after our next cruise, which departs on August 5th. ❤️
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