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  1. In Brisbane at 3 am, temp is 24 degrees. Maybe that’s why I’m on CC and not sleeping. Lol
  2. Gwendy

    Complimentary Alchol

    Thanks for prompt reply. Just thinking about Azamara as an alternative. I have seen all types of alcohol issues on ships, from the fight in the disco to the group who started their day with bloody Mary’s for breakfast, no food and the ones with the all included all inclusive package who had to get their money’s worth. Sailed 30 cruises, with 7 different lines, so pretty much seen all types of behaviour.
  3. Can anyone who has cruised with Azamara tell me if any passengers take advantage of the complimentary alcohol and over indulge. While not wanting to sound like a wowser, (for non Australians, that’s someone who frowns on drinking) I also do not want to be around people who have over indulged. I know this happens on other cruise lines with alcohol packages, but was interested to get information from other cruisers.
  4. Gwendy

    Port Stanley - penguins on your own

    We took shuttle to Gypsy Cove from Visitor Centre, can’t remember exact price but very reasonable. Saw lots of small penguins along walking path and two Emporer penguins on the fenced off beach. In the town make sure you visit the whale arch monument. Interesting place, enjoy your day out.
  5. Definitely contact X. Two months ago after cruise with P&O, my account was in credit due to returning an item I had purchased. Took 2 phone calls and 2 weeks to get money refunded by cheque. No idea why they couldn’t use credit card I had registered, they said it had to be a cheque! Take down details of who you speak to and date and time in case you have to do follow up calls. Good luck, I believe the charge may be a hold but worth checking.
  6. Nope Room Attendant couldn’t or wouldn’t do provide extra toiletries bag. My daughter got annoyed and saw Guest Services Manager for Elites and yes she ended up with one, not very graciously tossed onto bed during evening turn down. Puts a bit of a tarnish on whole experience.
  7. Gwendy


    I always take a spare pair with me, so far has only been excess baggage, but fingers crossed will stay that way. would be a disaster if something happened to them and I didn’t have a spare, can’t see two feet in front of me lol
  8. Only 1 minibar, even though 2 elites and only 1 upgraded toiletries package although 2 female elites, mother and daughter.
  9. Gwendy

    Time in Venice

    For me that would be too tight. You would not get to experience Venice in that time. Depending on time of year crowds can be amazing and if you don’t know where you are going it is easy to get lost, not a problem if you don’t have time issues. the sail out us one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced. Stay on one of the top decks, even if it is windy. You sail past the canals, see the gondoliers, the water traffic, the beautiful old houses and of course St Marks Square.
  10. Gwendy

    Smoking rules on Mediterranean Cruises

    On 2014 cruise on MSC, they did things the Italian way. It was raining and cold so people smoked in casino, there was a designated area, but the funniest thing was the big family all smoking right in front of the no smoking sign. Bit like the guy in the small Italian town, years ago filling his motor scooter with petrol with a lit cigarette in the other hand.
  11. Gwendy

    Minibar tradeout

    Two Elites in cabin should equal two mini bars. Nope, but you do get two lots of Internet and free laundry, (never had a problem with getting it back within 36 hours). Only one upgraded toiletries package was given, when we asked for a second, mother and daughter travelling, both Elite we were told only one per cabin. Eventually we got the second one, but it required a bit of hard work. Bit petty.
  12. Most cruise lines provide transfers, time consuming and costly. Singapore taxis are cheap and efficient. With 3 of us last year on some short trips around the city, very close to MRT costs without walking. Singapore is always humid. watch for touts at cruise terminal and airports who will offer you private taxi at fixed rate. They are about double normal taxi fares. if you dock at Marina Bay walk out of customs area and straight towards taxis, at Harbourfront taxis are in the parking area outside customs. Singapore is a beautiful city with lots to see and do, have been there 7 times and still find new things to see. Enjoy
  13. Gwendy

    Free airfare; how free is it?

    There is no such thing as a “free lunch”. However saying that, if you dissect the pricing it may work for you. I have just booked a cruise from London to Brisbane with a “free business class airfare”. It works for me when comparing cruise costs, air fares etc, you just have to be aware no one is giving you anything for free. It is all built in somewhere.
  14. Gwendy

    Disappointing service

    After much researching, found I had a dedicated cruise consultant, fancy that. I now have a very good price for a single cabin PLUS Business class air from Brisbane to London and some additional on board credit. Sometimes being a little pushy helps. Apparently any questions I have, just call her and she will try to sort it out. From disappointing to excellent.