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  1. That’s a vision that you can’t unsee, might keep me awake tonight. Lol
  2. Don’t think I would consider going to France with their rate of Covid. The vaccine is not a silver bullet.
  3. Let me think, trying to work with 25 or so 17/18 year olds who attend school to collect govt benefits and have no interest in learning or a bad day if cruising? I’ll take cruising thanks. So far (over 30 cruises) no one has sworn at me or threatened me on a cruise unlike my day job.
  4. Our first cruise on Pacific Sun, we were hit by a rogue wave and the ship rolled. Pianos skating across the floor, computers at guest services sliding onto floor. Mayhem. My Mum, in her 70’s then, was playing bingo. thought it was funny to see water outside window, um she was on deck 10. All crockery, glasses set up for dinner were smashed, paper cups for wine. No lifts, too rocky to have them, I ended up crawling up the stairs, as I had trouble staying upright, over 40 cruises later, this didn’t turn me off cruising.
  5. It got so bad a few months ago, (about 10 calls a day), we redirected our landline to a mobile no, with a message to ring our mobile, no number provided. You didn’t know the mobile no you can’t ring us.
  6. They have to quarantine in Brisbane because they were on a plane with people from other countries. It was not a dedicated flight with only New Zealanders direct to Brisbane. Go figure. How many will now fly into Sydney or Melbourne and then travel to Qld? Border control is very inconsistent.
  7. I am not a fan of TAs, however used the one from Port Macquarie for our visit. Excellent service, kept us informed and everything went like clockwork, flights, pick up from airport, accomodation, car hire. We did not do any of the offered tours, preferring to do our own thing and found plenty to keep us occupied.
  8. Went to Norfolk January this year. Thought it might suit me as an old lady. Lol. Beautiful scenery, lots of great walks through their National parks, great swimming and snorkelling at Emily Bay and of course the historical sites. Fantastic restaurants with prices on a par with RSL and Bowls club (not a fan of these). What makes a great holiday? The people, they were lovely. There is so much to see and do. I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I did.
  9. On world cruise with Princess a show on every night, production show or some type of entertainer, singer, comedian, juggler etc and bands in lounges, on 35 night cruise with CMV (sadly no longer sailing) also a show every night and band in lounge. So pleased I did those cruises, don’t think cruising will come back as it was.
  10. The thought of packing and unpacking for 15 cruises takes the fun out of it. The long cruises generally go to places not on the 7 day cruises. The Sea days in between lets you have time to enjoy the ship’s facilities rather than the port intensive shorter cruises. Have completed 3 half world cruises and loved every part of it, Each to their own.
  11. Huge problems in Australia with TAs withholding funds from Covid19 cancelled cruises and other travel bookings. Many charging cancellation fees sometimes up to $1000 per person. I had so much trouble getting money back for cruise to Alaska, with time spent in SAN Francisco and airfares, finally received it but I will not use a TA again. A booking wit Carnival cruises made direct for a 7 day South Pacific Cruise was dealt with by one phone call and all money refunded.
  12. The pantry style of “buffet” beats hands down the traditional buffet. People sampling food, then putting it back, dropping serving utensils on floor and placing them back in the food, taking food with fingers rather than use the serving utensils etc. People can be such grots.
  13. When my Mum was 75 she decided she “needed” to go on a cruise. She couldn’t go on her own so I grudgingly went with her, then my daughter decided she would come too, as a buffer between Mum and me. Lol. Mum enjoyed her cruise, but said she wouldn’t be bothered doing another one, My daughter and myself loved it. Both of us have over 30 cruises and Elite on Princess, high up on other lines as we share the love around. We have been to so many places we would never get to without cruising and I have done 2 half world cruises on my own. Thanks Mum for suggesting cruising.
  14. I agree. I was lucky to visit Charleston last year on Princess WC. I found it a delightful city, loved its history, visited one of the plantations, and did the horse and cart ride through the city. At all times I found the people I spoke to were so friendly and helpful. I could just sit and listen to the way they talk all day. That southern drawl drew me in, lol
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