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  1. If you are not happy with your table seating, a quiet word with the Maître d will usually see you changed. You should be able to enjoy your meal with pleasant company. I have only asked once to be moved and it was done with no fuss but wish I had done this more often. Particularly on a 54 night cruise where one woman seemed to think I was interested in her husband, I was but only because he was a great conversationalist. She spent most dinners with her hand over her mouth whispering to another woman seated beside her.
  2. I have been lucky to have travelled to many parts of the world, both cruising and land, I can honestly say every place I have visited has had something of interest for me. I guess I just like new places, really suffering at the moment, haven’t been anywhere since Norfolk Island in January, 3 cruises cancelled since then. Back to going through the,photos. Lol
  3. A world cruise is sold as a world cruise. It generally consists of a number of segments, otherwise it is just a long, lovely cruise.
  4. One other thing to be aware of with Princess, they did not have the Elite lounge open every night and with the smaller ships no International Cafe. The staff last year seemed a bit jaded towards the end of the cruise, service with a smile, or just service was not always there.
  5. Years ago we did the Brisbane to Port Douglas to Brisbane cruise. Couldn’t get off ship at Port Douglas, 2nd Cruise this has happened for me, Seas too rough. Ship was heading to Willis Island, had to turn back, too rough. You can never tell, coming back from PNG down Coast it was beautiful and calm.
  6. Cruise was on Sea Princess, I joined in Dover UK after flying from Australia. Disembarked Brisbane, Aus. From memory 54 nights, can’t recall breakdown of sea/port days but longest sea stretch was 10 days because we couldn’t get ashore at Easter Island. Cost as a single in an interior cabin and including business class airfare from Brisbane to London was approx $22,000. Package offered 3 months out from sail date. This was the third half world cruise I have completed. I liked this one because it had a number of ports I had not been to, and the ones I had been to, I was happy to go back to.
  7. You can never predict weather conditions, sometimes what you think will be smooth sailing turns out differently. One of our roughest voyages was Sydney to Noumea, other times it has been really calm. Crossing the Great Australian Bight was supposed to be rough, calm as. Same crossing from New York to Ireland. Take the medication, cross your fingers and enjoy.
  8. You don’t have to justify the cost of a world cruise, you either do it or you don’t. Last year I was going to replace my old car with a new one, looked at kms I do and decided to use the money for half world cruise instead. So glad I did, with the current situation who knows if I will ever be able to do it again. So many memorable moments. Yes I had been to some of the ports before, but there’s always something new to see. Only disappointment we could not get ashore on Easter Island.
  9. As an Elite on Princess laundry is complimentary. Takes a couple of days, sometimes more to come back as so many on these cruises are Elites. i agree that many countries will not be open, so glad I bit the bullet and did my 3rd half world cruise last year. on extra costs, I have complimentary wifi, and mini bar with Princess. I am not a big drinker, one glass of wine with dinner and not a shopper so my bill is pretty reasonable.
  10. For most countries you just go to the appropriate website and obtain visa. For China and India I went in to the visa office in my city, filled out forms, paid my money no worries. Some countries will allow cruise ships to organise, one day visas eg Vietnam, Jordan, Oman. it is not difficult but a bit time consuming, same as organising different currencies, shore excursions etc. In my mind worth all the planning, I have seen so many places on my 3 world cruises. You have to decide if it is for you.
  11. Last year I thought about buying a new car, my son laughed at me considering how little I drive these days. I reconsidered and booked sector of world cruise from Dover to Brisbane for 54 days. So glad I did, much better memories than having a new car. will I be able to cruise again on my own whenever it gets back to “normal”? Who knows we are all getting older.
  12. This is because they are probably not going to sail at this time. We booked a South Pacific Cruise for August at $300 each. Knew it was probably not going but took a chance at that price. Carnival has our money, we have cruise credits if they ever sail again. For Gold Coast I suggest booking accomodation near tram/light rail and further south from Surfers Paradise. Burleigh us one of the best beaches on the coast.
  13. Just adding to the misunderstanding. When I lived on the Gold Coast I was chatting to a newly arrived traveller who was going to do a day trip to Uluru, another day trip to Great Barrier Reef and their final day trip was to Melbourne to go to Aus Open. Umm.
  14. No hard data to quote, but in Australia the rate of influenza this past Winter was reduced. Social distancing, increased attention to hand washing, PPE in aged care, and wearing of masks seemed to be reducing the rate of infection. A lot of us staying home more than usual as well.
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