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  1. Gwendy

    Chinese Cruises a BIG LETDOWN

    Each country and culture have different ways. They do not act like we do, nor should we expect this. I remember my first trip to Europe, waiting my turn in the ladies while everyone rushed past me, or trying to get a cup of coffee in an Italian truck stop. I quickly learnt why God gave us elbows. Lol. Embrace the differences, come home and remember why you love Australia.
  2. Years ago as a school project our kids tested numerous items around them for bacteria. Toilet seats, doors, heaps of things then they collated results on a spreadsheet. Most bacteria- the keyboards on the classroom computers. Long time traveller, I wipe tray on plane with antiseptic wipe, then go with the flow. I saw how they cleaned the trays once, one cloth wiped down the trays on one side of the plane. 30 cruises, only ever had a cold once on a 54 night cruise. Just practice basic hygiene.
  3. Looking at a cruise round trip to Japan next year. Website says Quantam out of Shanghai is geared to Chinese market with Mandarin speakers and food to cater to this market. Has anyone done a cruise out of Shanghai? Are the shows in English, announcements in English or all Chinese? Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. I bought Kina from the currency exchange in shopping centre. Could buy as little as $50 or less, no issues. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Gwendy

    Hotels In Copenhagen with A/C!!

    Trip Advisor is your friend, trawl through the listings, they have all the info you need. Our TA booked us into a twin room Cabbin hotel. What we got was two bunk beds, one so high we nearly had vertigo, needless to say after 24 hours travelling, not happy Jan. After a lot of discussion with reception we were moved to a room with a queen bed, not ideal for mother and daughter but better than the high rise bunk. Shower was a wet room so everything in the room was wet. Leave clothes outside bathroom. Tubs with high lips are common in Europe and Asia. One in hotel in Xian in China was so hard to get into, or out of, I ended up having a bird bath, lucky only one night and not in the middle of summer lol. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. English is language of choice for most cruises. MSC use 4 languages and repeat all announcements in those 4. I think it depends on what the passenger make up us as to choice of language. They also offer Italian lessons. My personal point of view is sailing into or out of Venice was the most magnificent thing, of all my 30 cruises. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Gwendy

    cruise alone

    As above, enjoy your “me” time, or chat and join with others. Your choice. I generally choose ship excursions, unless I am familiar with port, and it is an English speaking port. My ability with other languages is abysmal. From roll call I have also joined others who have organised tours. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Gwendy

    Tokyo pre -cruise accommodation

    Your ship will leave from Yokohama. Sone years ago we did a cruise from there. From Narita airport we booked a private shuttle to Yokohama, stayed two nights at a hotel near terminal. Spent one day looking around Yokohama, Sankien gardens were beautiful, the other day we caught the train to Tokyo, spent day there. Taxi to port to embark ship. We found Yokohama hotels cheaper than Tokyo. Ours was in a great position and very nice with its own private garden. Spend some time on Google looking at hotels and transfer prices from airport. Lots to see and think about. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Gwendy

    Australia land tours

    Heat will be ok, it’s the humidity that gets you. I understand Phoenix is a “dry” heat with low humidity, while Cairns has high humidity. Drink lots of water and pace yourself. I have never driven in US or Europe, can’t get my head around driving on the other side of the road. You can’t see everything, pick the ones that interest you, Research, plan well and enjoy.
  10. Just be careful with credit card insurers if Mum has any pre existing conditions. Some are covered some are not. For example if she has a heart condition and does not declare it, the insurer may not pay for any illness, treatment or repatriation. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Original post stated Pacific Eden. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Last cruise for P&O, no interest in fixing it. Goes to CMV to be renamed Vasco de Gama. Sailed on Columbus with CMV earlier this year. This ship used to be Pacific Pearl before P&O sold it. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Gwendy

    Diy Port excursions

    Valletta, there is a lift that goes to the gardens and from there you can walk through to city. It is 1 Euro return. Genoa, you can walk, or take a taxi, there are also tourist busses outside the port. As the other poster said research, research, research. Enjoy your cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. For most cruise lines the Baltics are very Port intensive, one every day. The cities were all different and some very old world, especially Tallin. 2 days in St Petersburg is a must. Of my 28 cruises this was near the top of the list. Research before you go so you know whether you can do ports on your own or if you prefer a ship’s tour. Many are walkable or will have a shuttle to city centre. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Gwendy

    The city tours scam on cruises

    It’s horses for courses. I have done city tours with the ship. Places I have never been to and probably will not visit again. A good overview of the city. Where I have more time or have visited before I do my own thing, lots of research, and pick one or two things to see. If the tour is a long way from ship eg Berlin from Warremunde, or Saigon from Phu My I will take a ship’s tour for ease of mind re travel delays. If you are not willing to research alternatives, or have limited mobility then a city tour from the ship is an excellent choice. I gave nearly always found them good value for the money. Sent from my iPad using Forums