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  1. Seems to have affected me differently ............. On the old format I got e-mail notifications for threads I subscribed to. With the new format I subscribed to a few threads but initially got no notifications. Then in the past couple of days, still no e-mails but a little pop-up notifying me of responses when I log in. Makes no odds to me which way it's done, but the "e-mails" you're all mentioning actually are e-mails??? "Curiouser and curiouser" cried JB - he was so much surprised, that for the moment he quite forgot how to speak good English. (with apologies to Lewis Carroll) JB
  2. John Bull

    Transportation in London

    Your hotel is midway between the National Express coach station and Waterloo rail station, for direct transportation to Southampton, both are about a £10(?) taxi ride from your hotel. https://www.nationalexpress.com/en (think "Greyhound") Fares from as little as about £8, frequency approx. hourly, journey time about 2hrs 20 mins. Driver loads & unloads your bags. Coaches can book-out, so you are recommended to pre-book. Your departure point is London Victoria coach station, your destination is Southampton coach station. http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ Two to three trains per hour, journey time about 90 minutes. Best to pre-book because advance tickets (available from about 6 weeks out) are massively cheaper than the £40 walk-up fare. You are responsible for your own luggage, but this isn't Amtrak - no high steps, the train door is level with the platform or one step up. Your departure point is London Waterloo station, your destination is Southampton Central It's a short taxi ride (up to £10 depending which cruise terminal) from Southampton coach or central rail station. Smithsforairports is Southampton-based, & frequently recommended on Cruise Critic. I've also seen Blackberry & Silver Fleet recommended on Cruise Critic. But expect to pay £125+ for a car. JB
  3. John Bull


    Yikes. Same here Yes - to whoever was listening, a big thank-you. All is now well in the world (except for us Southampton football supporters of course ) JB
  4. John Bull


    OK OK, so the title was written in haste, should have read "Unable to stay logged in". Put it down to frustration or senility. Probably both. Things are gradually improving. The website still doesn't "remember me" so I still have to log in each time I visit, but at least it no longer logs me out while I'm still on it. The automatic big double-spacing when starting a new line has gone, we can now choose whether to start a new paragraph. And I'm now getting notifications. But there's still a log way to go, still some glitches and just so many features that have disappeared. I fear the site will never be as user-friendly as it was. JB
  5. John Bull

    nited Kingdom (City of Southampton)

    Agreed Southampton's not a picture-postcard city. but it has its gems - just a few of which were captured by the OP, all of them in easy walking distance of the port. As per that vid. the city was heavily blitzed during WW2 (targets included the docks & the Supermarine Spitfire factory), and much of the rebuilding in the walled part of the city was hasty and not well thought-out, so the new sits uncomfortably with the old - as is also obvious from the vid. Hence you do kinda have to zoom your camera at the individual sights and leave the surroundings to your imagination. But there's enough of interest in the city to keep the visitor amused for a day or two, and the shopping is excellent. And being a rail hub, its excellent direct train connections make it a good base for a stack of day-trips to places like the New Forest, to Weymouth, to Salisbury & Bath, to Winchester, to Chichester & Arundel & Brighton, and to Portsmouth & Southsea. So don't be too hard on my home city BTW the "Wool House" (the 13thC stone-built store in the vid) is no longer the home of the maritime museum - the museum moved to big new purpose-built premises adjacent the Civic Centre & the Wool House is now an attractive pub & micro-brewery. JB
  6. John Bull


    Every time I go to this website I still have to log in. If I click back, sometimes that logs me out. If I just don't do anything for a few minutes it logs me out too. There's a "remember me" box when logging in, but it doesn't work (nor does the "bold face" when posting. nor do I get notifications on subscribed threads). With the constant logouts this is no fun at all and it's simply not worth continuing. PC on W7, Internet Explorer. Everything works fine on other websites etc. Not the same problem with my I-Pad, but that has its own limitations and I won't downgrade my posts to I-Pad when I'm sat in front of a perfectly useable PC. Is this logout problem under investigation? If there are no plans to fix it, then I'm afraid it's goodbye to JB. So very very many other glitches and lost functions - it was a sad day, for me at least, when Cruise Critic decided to do this massive re-vamp. I've seen others comment that the new format has some advantages & features but to be honest I've not seen any - all I've seen is grief. Was it worth it? Like I said in an earlier post, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" Rant over. (mebbe permanently) JB
  7. John Bull

    difficulties signing in

    Thanks for that. Yes I found the thread. This is my second attempt at replying, first time adding an emoji removed the rest of the post. I'll keep an eye on CC but not post again til the dust has settled cos it's too much like hard work. JB
  8. John Bull

    Logout issue

    Hmmmm. Have been away for a few days' break in Spain (yes very nice, thanks for asking) and relying on my I-pad (uses Safari). Leaving aside the many other problems with the revamp, when I signed in I stayed signed in. Now I'm home I find that my trusty laptop won't keep me signed in (W7, IE) . I think I'll give a miss to posting on CC for a (hopefully) a few days til it's sorted. Mebbe by then we'll also get "forum jump" back again? JB (which refuses to go "bold")
  9. John Bull

    difficulties signing in

    OK, so I'm struggling with a number of re-vamp issues - but is having to sign in every time (as in every time I've left the site for a short while) just me & my trusty desktop? Or are others finding the same? I've never bothered to sign out & always just called up Cruise Critic from my favourites. Only time I ever had to sign in was if I had something like a power outage. Now when I sign in, the "remember me" box doesn't work - I can't get it to give me a tick. Other things like the absent "forum jump" I can live with- at least for the time being. But I can't hack signing in every five minutes. JB
  10. John Bull

    I'm trying

    Testing replying with quote. sorry to bother you lol JB 😀
  11. John Bull

    Cuba Excursions

    Depends on your nationality. What passport do you have? JB :)
  12. John Bull

    Rome City Centre

    Do you know your drop-point in Rome? And whether you'll be collected from the same place at the end of the day? Then we can give a coherent answer. JB :)
  13. HI, & welcome, Judging by the phraseology you've already realised that you can edit your post (you have about 20 mins after your original post). But there's no edit facility for the title. Can't help with deciphering their statement - it's as clear as my gas & electric statements !! But under "contact us" (bottom of their home page) their website does quote several phone numbers & e-mail addresses. With any large organisation where I don't know which number to call, or which option to press on a recorded message, I'll dial any number or hit on any option - I usually find some helpful person in the wrong office who'll patch me through to the right office. As per Bruce's post the mods might delete this thread - simply repeat it without the offending TA name. Also ask on the Celebrity forum https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=-1&f=28 JB :)
  14. John Bull

    Southhampton to Paris

    There are no logistical / immigration / customs reasons why you can't disembark in Le Havre instead of disembarking next day in Southampton & making the much more tortuous journey to Paris from there - it's done by plenty of folk, and cruise lines like RCI & Princess have a system in place to deal with it. There's sometimes a comparatively minor administration charge. But I'm pretty certain that the cruise line has the right to decline that request, and that may well be NCL's policy. Or - cruise line head office staff can't be expected to know everything, and sadly it's not uncommon to get incorrect information from them - often because it's easier to say "no" than to say "I'll check it out". If the refusal was from a junior member of staff it's well worth asking to speak to someone further up the food-chain. (if that's successful, get that positive reply in writing). It might also be worth posting on the NCL forum - you might get replies from those who've asked the same and been given (or refused) permission from NCL. Good luck JB :)
  15. John Bull

    Shanghai/China 144 hour visa free transit explained

    Yes - assuming you fit the other requirements, because for this purpose HK isn't regarded as part of China (even by the Chinese immigration service) JB :)