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  1. Note the advantages of Naples already mentioned on this thread. But also there's a big big choice of places to go, including....... Pompeii - about 30 minutes by half-hourly train, or bus, or private tour. Herculaneum - about 20 minutes, by ditto transport (by train it's it's a few stops before Pompeii) Mount Vesuvius - about 30 minutes by taxi, a little complicated by public transport. A steep 15(?) minute uphill walk to the rim (transportation for disabled etc) Capri - about an hour by ferry Sorrento - about an hour by ferry or train. The Amalfi Co
  2. We've stayed at both the Kowloon Shangri-la & the Salisbury. Don't know the Sheraton. The Shangri-la is separated from the harbour only by a road and promenade (Avenue of Stars). The harbour-view rooms have a wall-to-wall & floor-to-ceiling panoramic window. No complaints at all, except the prices - that includes the restaurant, the bar, even the mini-bar, so we never spent a penny in the hotel. It's only a short walk to Nathan Road, and a 12 to 15-minute walk to the Star Ferry terminal. Since you're keen to splash-out, I doubt that Philob will be abl
  3. I'd not recommend. I'd even be very wary of an independent solo visit for a male. If from a cruise ship it's a long drive from Port Said or Alex. or Port Sokhna, and I wouldn't even recommend a private tour - stick to ship's police-escorted coach convoys. Choose a tour that includes the pyramids and sphynx at Giza. And the new Grand Egyptian Museum is in the same location, altho it's opening date has been put back a couple of times - if not open by then most of the artefacts will still be at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (aka The Egyptian Museum) in Cairo. If
  4. Thanks for that - yes I'd over-looked treatment on-board, altho my worldwide insurance covers on-board treatments and I strongly suspect its the same with most cruise insurance. The only time I ever needed on-board treatment, the cost was about the same as my insurance excess so not worth claiming.. But the OP mentioned "Many cover medical treatment abroad but specifically exclude treatment and repatriation in UK" - and, as I mentioned, I don't see any need for travel insurance to cover hospital treatment in a UK hospital. And for "repatriation" the worst-case scenario is the cost
  5. Am I missing something, but why would a Brit want medical insurance for travel within the UK? Including UK waters, because to the best of my knowledge any enforced porting of, or or medivac from, a ship in UK waters is charge-free? JB 🙂
  6. Hi Yonce, Since you're travelling solo, pre-booking a tour privately wouldn't be fun and would be expensive, so I suggest that any pre-booking you do should be through the ship. Yes, you're returned to the ship at the end of the tour. But the Caribbean is the easiest place in the world to DIY. 🙂 At the ports you'll find minibuses lined up, offering tours that are better than ship-organised tours (more personal, more flexible, more fun, & no waiting around while dozens alight & re-board at each stop) And they're a fraction of ship's prices. Drivers at
  7. (Yes, I'm pretty bored today) JB 🙂
  8. So many issues to consider here. In no particular order..... As per Tring's post, not for the first time EU rules are being over-ridden by national interests. And in fact, Schengen rules actually allow extra-ordinary monitoring and countries' own rules for those who wish to cross between Schengen countries and even to close internal borders in the event of pandemics, terrorism etc. Tourism is a massive contributor to the Greek economy, and if it's happy with safety it will open up in May regardless of any dictates from the EU. And it may also bar residents of high-risk S
  9. Suits my sense of humour JB 🙂
  10. See it in "let's smile" topic
  11. OK, guys - I get the drift 😛 JB 🙂
  12. Unless Covid has screwed things up ................... I don't think ships offer shuttles. The walk to Funchal city centre is 15 to 25 minutes, depending how far along the pier (Pontinha) your ship is berthed. There are ho-ho buses and taxis about halfway along the pier. Or if you start to walk off the pier, just by the little derelict fortress you can catch one of the little retro-buses (like those in Yellowstone or Glacier NP) whih will take you to either city centre or the bottom cable-car station for just a few euros.(2 euros pp about4 years back) The r
  13. The situation is still fluid, and it will all depend on when you plan to cruise & the circumstances then. Covid infections, hospitalisations & deaths in the UK have fallen consistently since the turn of the year and are currently the lowest in Europe. So day-by-day and restriction-by-restriction the UK is coming out of Covid lockdown and is on-course for all restrictions (other than masks & social distancing) to be gone by 21st June. But sadly mainland Europe is in a different place - most countries are experiencing rising figures and are entering a third spike in
  14. Blackberry? Well-recommended.🙂 But London-based so no good for Southampton to Salisbury etc. JB 🙂
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