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  1. John Bull

    difficulties signing in

    Thanks for that. Yes I found the thread. This is my second attempt at replying, first time adding an emoji removed the rest of the post. I'll keep an eye on CC but not post again til the dust has settled cos it's too much like hard work. JB
  2. John Bull

    Anyone else getting logged off?

    Hmmmm. Have been away for a few days' break in Spain (yes very nice, thanks for asking) and relying on my I-pad (uses Safari). Leaving aside the many other problems with the revamp, when I signed in I stayed signed in. Now I'm home I find that my trusty laptop won't keep me signed in (W7, IE) . I think I'll give a miss to posting on CC for a (hopefully) a few days til it's sorted. Mebbe by then we'll also get "forum jump" back again? JB (which refuses to go "bold")
  3. John Bull

    difficulties signing in

    OK, so I'm struggling with a number of re-vamp issues - but is having to sign in every time (as in every time I've left the site for a short while) just me & my trusty desktop? Or are others finding the same? I've never bothered to sign out & always just called up Cruise Critic from my favourites. Only time I ever had to sign in was if I had something like a power outage. Now when I sign in, the "remember me" box doesn't work - I can't get it to give me a tick. Other things like the absent "forum jump" I can live with- at least for the time being. But I can't hack signing in every five minutes. JB
  4. John Bull

    I'm trying

    Testing replying with quote. sorry to bother you lol JB 😀