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  1. I am certain you wouldn't even be able to get an answer out of them for May-June sailings at this point, much less August. They (probably) just really don't know what they're going to do
  2. There is NO WAY to know what is going to be going on in June-July. If the cruise lines shut down now for 30-60 days, that only brings us into May. I don't think they will make any decisions past May any time soon. We could have a handle on this thing in 60 days. I have a July 2 sailing, already paid. I'm not cancelling. If they cancel the sailing, I'll just change it to something later in the year, or next year. I'm not looking for a refund at this point. But I don't expect to hear anything definitely 'til probably May.
  3. Call and say you have a fever.....102 -- what should you do? They'll tell you to stay home and give you a FCC
  4. Same! I always went with the lowest coverage available. I don't know why this time I sprung for the extra coverage; it's not like me, lol. Also in the same situation with my kids. I'd have to reschedule for next summer, I couldn't pull them out for a 3 week trip during the school year.
  5. yeah, didn't mention Preexisting condition section. I would imagine they'll end up pushing back the final payment date if things are the same in another month. I'm already PIF so I guess if I HAD to cancel the trip, I'd try to just reschedule it for another time and hope they wouldn't penalize me. I do have the Cancel for any Reason policy but that only covers 50%. (Again........I would have assumed it covered 100%.......I guess from now on I'll start reading these things when I buy them, lol).
  6. i did a search of my policy and there's no mention anywhere of epidemic or pandemic (I searched for the words) ....what other words would it be under, anyone know? I've never looked this closely at the policy. Did y'all know that under the Accidental Dealth section, the following is excluded: stroke or cerebrovascular accident or event, cardiovascular accident or event, myocardial infarction or heart attack, coronary thrombosis or aneurysm. Jeez! Also, for the first time ever, for some reason, I bought the Cancel for Any Reason AND the upgraded medical coverage. Hopefully I don't have to use any of it; I'm holding out for my July trip.
  7. July sailing out of Italy (lots of italy ports) and I'm going unless they cancel. But if Italy is still a NO-GO in July......there will be much bigger issues than our cruises being cancelled because it's spreading more and more each day and if they don't get it under control by then, the entire world (or most) will be a NO-GO. And in that case, if I live in a NO-GO zone, what's the difference if I travel to another NO-GO zone???
  8. When I looked last night, there was only morning slots available. When I looked a couple days ago, there were many times available (but I didnt specifically look for night)
  9. I'm surprised. when I looked the other day and there was only 1 ticket left for all the US tours, there was plenty of tickets for every single time slot, on every single day that I checked for the Spanish and Italian tours.... ETA: I didn't specifically look at the night times the other day.... however, I just looked again and now there are only 10:45 slots available for Spanish and 10:05 slots for Italian. A decent # available in those slots. But strange that ONLY those times are left? This is for May & June that I looked. Very bizarre, their whole process of selling tickets.
  10. Yes, if I'm not able to get the English tour, I'm ok with the Spanish or Italian and bringing some sort of guide to follow.
  11. Every single time listed in any month says 1........that cant be right.
  12. https://ecm.coopculture.it/index.php?option=com_snapp&view=event&id=E3756904-B945-9052-63BB-016ED65AE529&catalogid=81E9F2E4-C8F3-D0BF-5ED7-016F37998A8D&lang=en
  13. I'm working with only 1 hand (hand injury) so my typing has been all crazy, lol. But, what I was saying is if you select the tour with the Level III (not the one u posted,), theres plenty of openings.
  14. which one were you looking at? There's plenty availability for the Full Experience + Underground + Level III
  15. I believe those went on sale yesterday. I saw the schedule when I was looking the other day for my July trip
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