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  1. Sure, there are lots of places that the whole family would be welcome, venues are ship dependant. What ship are you sailing?
  2. I would choose the one with more time in Denali. We have done both the gold panning and the Riverboat on a Royal Caribbean cruise tour and they were okay. It was interesting to see the gold dredge, the Riverboat takes you to a village were there are people dressed in costume and you go from talk to talk. We enjoyed Denali and on our tour, we were able to add optional excursions, for an additional charge. We were able to go river rafting and ATVing. We had a two person side by side ATV, more like a dune buggy that was really fun to drive. They have four person ones too that you
  3. My DH just started back travelling for work last week. He flew Jetblue BOS to TPA last week and United this week BOS to IAH. Neither of those airlines are blocking middle seats, the only airline that I am aware of that still is through 4/30 is Delta. He said TSA lines weren't bad but he has Global Entry. 100% mask compliance on his flights. TSA all had masks on, as well as airport/airline personnel. Passengers in the terminals was a completely different story. In BOS, he said very few without masks in terminal, 90+% in masks. TPA was about 50% and IAH around 75%. He received a disinfe
  4. Ships from Boston were pulled because of the closed Canadian ports. The point I was making is that the lack of cruise schedule on the port website means nothing. You can check many other ports and they don't have schedules either. I chose Boston as it was already mentioned in this thread.
  5. The exact same thing can be said about Flynn Cruiseport in Boston. I wouldn't read too much into it. http://www.massport.com/flynn-cruiseport/cruise-directory/cruise-schedule/
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