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  1. It is an unusually warm day in Massachusetts today.
  2. Royal Caribbean says a two layer fabric mask, not a two part mask. It also says the paper surgical ones are fine too. Plastic shields in combination with a face mask is fine too. Go to the source for the correct information, not the unofficial blogs. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/sgp/en/royal-promise#maskrequirements Permitted types Fabric face masks, minimum two layers with ear loops Disposable surgical masks Plastic face shield, only with a face mask
  3. Whether a cruise fare or an airline seat, I would be very surprised if the person beside you spent the same amount of money as you did. If you are going to get upset that someone got a better deal, I would suggest you avoid talking cruise fares while on the ship. There is always going to be someone who got a sweet deal. Last time we sailed Anthem, we booked a suite guarantee, fully expecting to get a JS. We ended up with a two bedroom grand suite. We specifically booked the guarantee to save money.
  4. The sign you saw likely didn't survive the hurricane that slammed the island a few years ago.
  5. Yes, that is on the fence at the end of the runway at Princess Juliana Airport which is opposite Maho Beach.
  6. I see both sides of that argument. I have a hard time wearing a mask for a long time and have lost track of how many different kinds I have tried. I do wear one though anytime I am in public and will continue to wear one due to my pre existing condition and those of my family.
  7. Have read too much about carbon dioxide build up in those.
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