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  1. I always take what is posted in these threads with a grain of salt. Some are way high and some are pathetically low. I am going to tip masks for now on 😷
  2. We finally got our refund today after being told ours needed to be manually processed too along with a bunch of other stories over the last 78 days since we cancelled.
  3. We are all hanging in there. Hope you guys are healthy too. 🙂
  4. Well, well, well, miracles do exist. I just received a notification from AMEX that a merchant has issued a credit. We have finally received our refund of 25% of our cruise fare for our cancellation of our cruise way back on March 10th. We had already received our FCC and our cruise planner items, so we are finally fully refunded.
  5. Personal attacks are against community guidelines, would suggest you google that.
  6. Nice try. Every passenger did not have to notify the cruise line of their preference of either FCC or refund. FCC was the default, you had to notify if you wanted a refund. I would love to see the source for your claim of 90 day average refund period for cruise lines, airfare and hotels. Most are getting cruise fare back in less than 90 days. Our hotel was refunded immediately and our airfare posted in less than a week as has been the experience of most people I know. Not all refunds are cookie cutter. We cancelled our cruise prior to the cruise line stopping sailing and those refunds are the ones that the cruise line has completely dropped the ball on. As far as your patience comment, we have waited since MARCH 10th, we have been very patient.
  7. Can give more clues if you need but bet you have it now.
  8. Thanks for posting that video, will make sure we avoid those cabins. Don't like that it only has a chair and not a sofa. Square footage looks smaller than the obstructed view cabin my Mom had on deck 6.
  9. Thank you for the kind words. Whoever runs our local library page does a great job of posting memes I haven't seen other places. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂
  10. I feel your pain. Cancelled on March 10th, we are on day 74 and was told earlier this week that it will be another two weeks!😱🤬
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