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  1. I agree with Marci22, 10am is a good time to get there. Much later and traffic builds. We have boarded early too. They always seem to announce boarding will start at 11:30 and then soon after boarding starts as early as 10:30.
  2. We have been to the Quest off and on through the years and wouldn't miss it if it was gone. Just like the Love and Marriage Show, with the same people coming prepared, it ruins it. They should have a Quest for people who have never played before to freshen it up. They should do the same with Love and Marriage, no more couples that play every cruise. You know the questions, you have rehearsed the answers and you aren't funny.
  3. I would guess that is a storage closet used by the Cabin Stewards.
  4. We always stay at the Embassy Suites in Elizabeth.
  5. Given that list, I would choose Mariner or Navigator. Haven't sailed Majesty but sailed Sovereign and didn't like it so would skip that since they are the same class. Vision class is the only class I haven't sailed, so have no real opinion of Vision or Enchantment, but have no desire to sail something that small.
  6. We have sailed Anthem a bunch of times and the fridge was cold.
  7. That is true for Radiance. Serenade is round trip from Vancouver, so no choice for north or south itinerary.
  8. We sailed Alaska last May on Radiance. We had cabin 1100 which is a corner aft JS. It was a wonderful cabin to have in Alaska. I would keep what you have!
  9. Thanks, Mari. We are trying to squeeze one other cruise in after our October Serenade. I passed on the cheap GS a while back because DH wasn't sure what was up and we could have gone on that with no issues. I want to see if there is anything good coming before I book Anthem again. 🙂
  10. We have been able to order multiple apps, entrees and desserts. They bring you a ton of food.
  11. I got a bruise on the base of spine from those bumper cars. Any session that I have ridden has been pretty "mean". I was hit head on and t boned at the same time by two guys that were going after people. Nothing was said to them at all. I know last time I told this story I was called a wimp, among other things, but they should have people go in one direction and not allow head on collisions. Every other bumper cars I have ever ridden have made people go in one direction so there aren't head on collisions. As far as the star benefits, you paid for them, so you get front of the line access. I do think you put a target on your family by going that many times in a row with such a huge line waiting. Some are going to get bent out of shape as you get access, but the genie can run interference. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. We found this link helpful to see the schedule. If you click resources and then excursions, you can see a list of the optional excursions you can buy on your cruisetour once you meet with your tour guide. http://www.royalcaribbeancruisetours.com/
  13. In the States, kids get a permit and then a drivers license, they would not accept a permit on the jet ski excursion in our experience.
  14. There actually are alternative muster locations for the "G" muster station. We had thunderstorms at muster on one of our sailings and the four G muster stations were moved. One was in the picture gallery, one was in the schooner bar, and the other two were on either side of the covered area on the boardwalk between the doors to the boardwalk and the carousel. There were crew members with signs for each separate muster so people could scan in as usual.
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