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  1. They will not accept a payment for another cruise on the ship, pay it off before you leave.
  2. That is the height of the carryon, the OP is taking about width. The 22" carryons are only about 14" wide. To the OP, I have been able to fit a 30" suitcase that is 19" wide with no issues.
  3. No, I would not book this flight as the airports are crazy these days. You also have a 45 minute drive to the airport if you are talking MCO. You say you are going to be parked at the port. If you have to return a rental car, that will add more time too. If you are going to have a rental car to use before your cruise and rented in FL, I would suggest you do a one way rental and return the car prior to your cruise. There are no one way fees in FL. I would then use one of the many shuttles to the airport. We prefer Cortans. They are $25 pp and we have found they have newer, clean vehicles with drivers that don't play frogger all the way to the airport as another shuttle company does.
  4. My Mom would reach through the phone and smack me in the head if I was saying stuff like that, even at my age now! I would be absolutely horrified if my son went on one of these reality shows and acted like some of these people. I know he is no saint, I have seen pictures from some of his rugby team parties😱, but he does have morals and self control. The money can't be that good for them to act the way they do.
  5. Yes, that is what we have done in the past but I have read that some ships are making even full suites wait until they board to make reservations. It doesn't hurt to ask, the concierge will tell you if they can't do it right now. I do not think you will be able to add your JS friends before the cruise, that is why I said to go to Coastal Kitchen after you board to get it done.
  6. It was about time! I watched Watch What Happens Live too with Katie and Mat after Below Deck. Katie said she was amazed watching the show at how much Lexi wasn't doing. Neither of them has spoken to her, which really isn't surprising.
  7. We are scheduled to sail Quantum in Alaska in 2022. We have been told that the ship will replace the Noodle Shop with Fish and Chips, the high roller gambling areas will revert back to the venues they are in other Quantum class ships sailing in North America and they will have Royal Suite Class. Time will tell if this happens. Ovation in Alaska is not charging for the activities you list other than Northstar while at a glacier (they do a longer trip and go out over the side of the ship) and a longer iFly experience, which I am not sure if they are still doing.
  8. We have something similar to that for our passports but we also have our vaccine cards in clear plastic sleeves since we need to have them with us at places we don't need our passports.
  9. They are currently letting suites in earlier and not having a suite area in the theatre. If there is a suite area, they usually do not allow you to bring others that are not in a full suite. As far as Coastal Kitchen reservations, we have made them with the concierge prior to the cruise. JS do not have that option. I would go to Coastal Kitchen with your friends once you board and speak to the host. They should be able to change you from a two top to a four top and add your friends. There is lotion in your suite, you get upgraded bath products.
  10. My guys prefer a stronger garlic taste for garlic bread. They like roasted garlic spread on toasted baguettes too but prefer when I mix minced garlic into butter with some salt and pepper, oregano and parmesan cheese. I make a compound butter of that and then spread it on scala bread that I cut in half lengthwise. Sprinkle a little more parm and in the oven until toasty and bubbly.
  11. We didn't laminate our cards, we just have a removable plastic sleeve that protects it. They were actually giving them out for free at the place my DH and son got their shots. I got a free pin at the place I went but I was able to get a sleeve at Staples.
  12. There are clear plastic sleeves being sold everywhere that fit the vaccine cards, just pick up one of those.
  13. I do not know of any obstructed balconies on deck 8 or above but if there are, they should be marked when you try to book.
  14. The obstruction is the lifeboats or the davits that hold the lifeboats. Some balconies face the side of a lifeboat, you can see over the lifeboat if you stand at the railing but if you want to sit on your balcony, your view is blocked. If you search this forum, there are lots of pictures, so try searching the cabin number you are looking to book. You will have better luck finding pictures if you search for Anthem instead of Quantum as Quantum usually sails in Asia.
  15. Genie's do a lot for those tips, concierges do not need to be tipped at that level. We do not have the concierge do much for us, we will tip but not a lot.
  16. Good description of him. He can sing but the show has been exactly the same forever. We have seen it on the replay on the cabin tv. If it changed at all, we might give it a shot again.
  17. We stopped going to it on Anthem because we didn't enjoy it. We went to a Meet the Stars event in Two70 and the leads said that The Gift had been reworked and people should give it another shot. We went and it was better but still not our favorite. They now have a narrator who completely explains what the show is about so you don't walk out going, huh?? I swear Tony Tilman was following us around ship to ship at one point. He has been the headliner on way too many of our sailings, we skip him now too. If it wasn't him, it was Ronn Lucas with the same ventriloquist show. 🤢
  18. No, but they charge a fee for the trip while the ship is at a glacier. It is a longer ride and they take Northstar over the side too. We have been on Northstar a lot on Anthem and they do not charge but it is a short, 9 minute ride just up and down, no more going over the side to the right and left so they can get more trips in for more passengers. Northstar has always been a fee for the ships in the Asian market.
  19. Breakfast is only available at Johnny Rockets on Oasis class ships.
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