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  1. What I take for a 7 night cruise is what I took for a 54 night cruise, plus an all weather light coat. Did have to fly to London to join cruise so that limited me. Medium suitcase, carryon and shoulder handbag. Cruise was Princess so free laundry but turnaround was often 3 to 4 days as so many elites.
  2. Oops shouldn’t have spoken/written so soon. It has been raining steadily for the last 24 hours and still going. Grass is looking a little greener already. Lol
  3. Or as the guide said in Hawaii, heavenly blessings.
  4. Not very often, I have brown “grass”, what’s left after the lawn grub attack and my garden is looking very poor.
  5. I’m in Australia. What’s rain?
  6. Rarely go to MDR, Waterfront, we were in Angelo’s Italian themed restaurant on Encounter.
  7. Last P&O cruise on Gatsby night a couple at a table near us dressed to “impress”. Baggy cargo pants, sleeveless singlet top and caps worn backwards.
  8. Ovea in South Pacific. You could see ship’s anchor on bottom of ocean floor. Unfortunately it is no longer a port of call.
  9. There is a happy medium. Two men in particular, I would not wear what they were wearing to McDonalds. Lol
  10. On Caribbean Princess last year, baseball caps, sometimes worn backwards and tshirts and singlets were “ok” in dining room,
  11. Gwendy


    Use their website to check when elevator is operating, you can book a time. Has some odd hours sometimes and is often closed completely. I had a letter from my doctor stating difficulty in walking, but couldn’t use elevator as it was out of action in the two days I was there.
  12. Gwendy


    Use Plaka in your Google search. Busses sometimes drop off at bottom of Plaka near Hadrians Gate and sometimes at the side road of the museum of the Acropolis. From the dining area in the museum there is a great view of Acropolis and Parthenon. The hill is not too bad, just go slowly and have a rest half way.
  13. A local told me, just walk straight towards your destination, other side of road and don’t worry about the traffic, they will go around you. Me, I always look for an old lady and walk right next to her. There’s a reason why she’s an old lady with that traffic. Lol
  14. One time we used a travel agent they came up with very expensive airfares with a long layover. My daughter went online found cheaper flights, same airline, with only a 3 hour layover. Phoned ta and she changed them to our preferences. Told my daughter to give up nursing and take up being at ta. Lol
  15. That’s a bit rude! If this happens just keep moving forward until they get the message. Lol
  16. Probably but I had gone to front of ship and there was only a short time as we sailed past the statue and into port. Also I m not an early morning person so it was an effort for me to get there at all at that time. Lol.
  17. On my first visit to New York I was up early to see the lady but couldn’t get near the railings. As I am quite short a lovely tall man near the railing took my camera and took a few photos for me. I could peek around people and get a look but could not get a good photo view.
  18. I have spent literally thousands on travel insurance over the years. Only time I thought to use it was when I dropped my camera out of a canoe in PNG. After excess and depreciation it was not worth it. Accidents can happen to anyone, young lady, fit and healthy stepped back at a park in Noumea. There was a concrete drain, she broke her ankle and ad to be repatriated to Australia. I wish there was a no claim bonus. My premiums are getting larger, even though no claims, because I am I my 70’s and have existing health conditions, managed with medications.
  19. I think the issue is most people want to have their cuppa before they venture out of the cabin.
  20. Google approximate taxi fare and also transfer companies. Some years ago we booked a transfer from airport to Yokohama, can’t remember name of company but it was the cheapest one of a few. Still,very expensive, but remember it is nearly 50 km.
  21. It was enough to water the garden. Don’t need any more, thanks.
  22. Last April onEnchanted Princess there was a kettle in our inside cabin. YesAussies like their morning cuppa too. Have also found princess provides kettles on most Asian cruises especially those with Japan on their itinerary. Kettles are too dangerous on most cruises but not on some. Go figure.
  23. Gives you lots of confidence in Princess, NOT
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