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  1. Bob, any way you can summarize this for those of us that don't have a NYT subscription?
  2. When I said forged, I was talking about any proof that you would actually carry with you. I like this idea of linking the information to your passport; it will be a pretty secure way of proving that you had the vaccine. Linda R.
  3. This will be a way of doing it as anything that you would actually bring with you could always have been forged. Regarding the link....I went to it but then all kinds of ads popped up all over it so I wasn't able to scroll/read it, never mind my laptop got all "hot and bothered" just being on that page for less than 30 seconds. I hate those websites that do that...
  4. This will definitely be an issue. Anyone that thinks people won't try to do this is deluding themselves. Why can I be so sure making this statement? Just think about what people do regarding Noro. They don't report it; they sneak out of their cabins when they are supposed to be quarantined. Boy, I am such a "Debby Downer" today! But, truth is truth....unfortunately. 😔 Linda R.
  5. Finally, someone else thinking the way I've been thinking. You are so right in that this is the ONLY way this will work. Where the quarantine would be would have to be very controlled, too. No going out, room would need to have been cleaned to within an inch of it's life. Transportation to the cruise terminal to board the ship would have to be clean and anyone in close contact with them would also have to be tested and have been quarantined themselves. So, in a nutshell....either these extreme measures have to be taken or cruising isn't feasible until a vaccine is available.
  6. Exactly! Too many methods of transmission. Really, the only way to do this without a vaccine is to quarantine people for 7-14 days prior to the cruise. I don't think people would want to "bed down" in the cruise terminal for that period of time. Crazy idea? Yes? ONLY way this will work right now? Yes.
  7. Gene Sloan (The Points Guy) is writing from this cruise. It's not good news considering they tested 3 days prior and then the day of embarkation and now they have a case onboard? From the flight, no doubt. So, how do they ever think this will work? Gene has written a few articles regarding this cruise; why we wanted to go, how the boarding went and then this one, the latest one. https://thepointsguy.com/news/caribbean-cruise-covid-scare-seadream/
  8. I feel like people are missing one very important issue here....potential exposure on the way to the cruise. How will you come? Fly? What if someone on the plane near you has the virus? What if someone at the hotel or in a cab/van has the virus? Parking lot shuttle if you drive yourself? If you catch it from someone the day of or prior to the cruise, it will NOT show up in a test. That will take at least a few days for most people and if you are asymptomatic, won't know you have it and will be spreading it around. Much as I want sooooo bad to get back to cruis
  9. No, they are not "walling off their piece of paradise", they are trying to preserve it. The walls that ARE there are the surrounding ocean and limited resources. So, thousands of people coming in and wandering, grabbing a bite to eat or a $5 T shirt are not really helping the economy there. It's a huge strain on their infrastructure. As I say below, we make a point of avoiding the days ships are in. Just think if you lived in a small town and 3-4,000 people came and took over almost every day for months at a time. I would hate it and I LOVE to cruise. Try putting the shoe on the other fo
  10. Ships have been going in and out of Miami all summer. There are a lot of them offshore so they have to come in every now and then to restock/fuel, etc. Drives me crazy when I see them coming in and out......so close, yet so "far" (inaccessible) . Normally I see them every week from Friday thru Monday going out on their 3-7 days cruises.
  11. I thought people might like to have access to the actual document on the CDC website. I hope it's is ok to post this here. I've downloaded it myself for future reference. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf
  12. Love your "name", lol! My mother taught me the same thing! 😎
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