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  1. Amsterdam is now at the achorage off Singapore. Will be interesting to see if our luggage gets offloaded here. I think it's all still a crapshoot as things keep changing. We can only hope! The arrow in the picture is pointing to the Amsterdam. The other blue dot next to her is the Westerdam.
  2. I can't imagine any of us dragging that home in our carry ons.... But, this kind of thing gets shipped all over the place all the time. I imagine that they were included in one of the containers that we picked up in one of the various ports we got supplies in. Our gifts were scheduled along the way so that's how they had to have been sent.
  3. I had this too before eye surgery. Oh, my, it was nasty! I had no idea it would not only feel like that but that it would be up BOTH nostrils! Not to scare anyone....(maybe it's different for others) but think "wire bottle brush".... Thanks for the daily updates! I lurk and don't usually comment but had to today. 👃 Linda R.
  4. Thank you Cherie, that's so sweet of you! Yes, it's been quite the journey for my favorite ship. Can't believe it's been just over 3 months now since we left her in Australia....😪 Linda R.
  5. The Amsterdam has gathered a number of Indonesians from some of the (as of Wed.) 29 ships in Manila harbor and is taking them to Jakarta for repatriation. After that? Who knows.... Linda R.
  6. Veendam and Maasdam have been for sale for a couple years now I think. This one listed looks like the Volendam. As I said, some of the pictures are from other ships but from the atrium pictures I was able to pin it down to the Volendam. I'm really, really hoping that the Amsterdam doesn't go on the chopping block. She's my favorite ship and I've spent just shy of 3 years on her all together.
  7. Thankfully, this ship is NOT the Amsterdam. Amsterdam was built in 2000 and has the double funnels. I did look through the pictures and they are from different ships.
  8. ...and that would explain why I'm seeing 6 N.A. tenders in the water! Yahoooo! Good for them! At least they won't have to be in quarantine for 3 weeks like they did on the Amsterdam.
  9. That's why I said (at least) from those two places. It's crazy that it's taking so long to get permission but maybe it's because there are just soooo many ships there all wanting to do the same thing? Heaven knows that the crew on the Amsterdam doen't have the virus...we never had it on the ship, all the way from the beginning of this mess. Linda R.
  10. Amsterdam has plenty of HAL company in Manila Harbor. Along with the Noordam, Volendam, Nieuw Amsterdam, the Rotterdam sailed in not long ago. Last I heard was that Amsterdam still has crew from India and Thailand (at least) that need to get home. Maybe they are waiting for flights from Manila? Linda R.
  11. Thanks @Copper10-8 for that video. It was great and a welcomed sound for sure! I keep watching the Amsterdam on the ship tracker wishing that she'd go somewhere but know there are still crew from other parts of the world on her waiting to get off. Linda R.
  12. I'm wondering if the reason why we haven't gotten this (Caribbean B2B on N. Statendam Nov/Dec '20) is because they don't expect to be cruising by then. It's looking more and more that cruising won't begin much before next year what with the most recent rash of cancellations. Linda R.
  13. Just an FYI Rich, the Eurodam changed plans and went to Bali first. They were there yesterday and dropped 336 Indonesians off and are now headed to Jakarta. I swear, they must have skidded in sideways, dumped them off and took off again. Well, relatively speaking thats what it looked like as I saw them pull in last nite my time (ET) and this morning they are off and the ship is away. Thanks for the daily reports!! 😎 Linda R.
  14. They can disinfect until the cows come home, but as you say, it does nothing for someone without symptoms. Even if they tested everyone prior to getting on the ship, that won't be a guarantee either as a lot of times there are false negatives. I hate admitting this...I really, really, really (!!!) want to cruise but I'm just being realistic. Until they come out with medication that will nip the virus in the bud or a vaccine, I just can't see cruising happening and being safe. I hate this darned virus..... I want to cruise so bad that even with what I've said here, I'll have a hard time telling myself not to go once they do start up. Linda R.
  15. Hahaa! But, on the WC there are so many of us that we'll need tickets too!
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