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  1. The new Rotterdam is the new flagship of the fleet. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/cruise-ships/ms-rotterdam/0.html
  2. There has been quite the flurry of activity today with movement of peoples' luggage. Finally, our 8 are in the system and are due tomorrow! Considering that ours left home a year ago August (2019), it's def been away for a long time! Will be glad to get it and see what is in it that we can't remember, lol! As far as the next world cruise, yep...we are signed up. This whole thing has been an unprecedented event and who knows how anyone else would have handled it. And...there's the little thing of just reaching a certain Mariner level that we aren't going to go elsewhere and begin again, that's for sure. Linda R.
  3. I do but cannot disclose it. They were basically sold "as is". Shame as there is so much on those ships that really should remain with HAL. They did manage to get the 3 Seasons artwork off the Amsterdam.
  4. For Miami, there have been ships there all summer long. Ships in port are not a sign of anything other than loading supplies and fuel. For some reason the ships have, until now, only been coming into Miami and not Port Everglades. Tonight in Miami, there's MSC Seaside and Navigator of the Seas in port. https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  5. LOTS of us haven't gotten our luggage. We live just south of Miami for heavens sake, and our 8 still show "pending", yet some Canadians have gotten theirs. That alone shows that there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the picking up. I figure that ours is on the opposite end of the warehouse from the door. 😪 Pending means it's still in the HAL warehouse and FedEx hasn't picked it up yet.
  6. Finally! With the hint needed, otherwise I'd have had to hunt through 12 years of blogs to find this one. Freemante, AU. Seems strange to miss since we were just there this past March (2020 WC that ended there....ugh...)
  7. That hasn't happened. I'm still pending along with many, many others. Some have gotten some or all of their luggage. No rhyme or reason to it what with luggage being received all the way from FL (but not us!) to Canada. Who knows.....I'm ready to drive up to the warehouse next week and get mine.
  8. @Germancruiser Thank you so much for your "live from" report. So many of us are wanting to know how things are going on the ships at this time. I really enjoyed your postings. Please do keep us updated in case you hear of any problems following the cruise. I hope no one calls you and says that you need to quarantine because someone on your cruise came down with the virus! It did sound like they had all that covered pretty well with the testing and the fewer people onboard but you never know. Thanks again!
  9. Not tricky for me though as it was way back in 2011 that we went there! We really need to go back to AK; only been the one time on the 2 week Amsterdam cruise.
  10. @Lido - Lanai This is a GREAT explanation for the problem! I'd love to post this on the FB group for the cruise as there has been "lots" of discussion about this on there. This should calm people down. Please let me know; I would never do it without your permission. Linda R.
  11. Not really....I did get the email within hours of checking in the app. It did seem like they didn't send all the emails out in one big batch. People were getting them at all different times.
  12. I got the FedEx app and signed up. Once I put my name and address in, the tracking numbers showed up. That's the first info I got on it; I hadn't gotten the email from HAL yet about it.
  13. Yes, by having it delivered and living in a condo it will be brought to our door. No having to load and drag it around, never mind I'm not sure it would all even fit in the car.
  14. Yes, lots of us have heard. Oddly enough, my date is the 5th and I live 36 miles from where the luggage is. Yet, San Francisco area will get theirs on Friday. I'm NOT complaining though; Monday will actually work better for us. I've seen pictures from some of the people that went to pick up their luggage today and heard from them that stuff was in pretty good condition; no breakage of things either. So, good news in that respect!
  15. Corner Brook! EDIT......wrong! I missed the correct guess!
  16. Mine came an hour ago...give it time.
  17. Emails arriving from HAL with the news that the luggage will begin shipping September 30!
  18. That happened quicker than I though! Yep, you are right. Amsterdam in Cambodia on the 2010 World Cruise.
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