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  1. We did receive our reassigned cabins. Not thrilled with them, but happy we were not cancelled.
  2. DH and I are also booked on this cruise. Booked several months ago. We have two cruises prior to this one. Taking Grandchildren on the Magic in June and doing New England cruise on the Radiance Labor Day Week. That will make the waiting feel shorter. Just hoping no more delays on finishing up the Marci Gras.
  3. Waiting to see if they have to push the delivery date out further.
  4. I love sailing from Miami. Will be on the Carnival Magic in June. Can’t wait for the sail away pictures. Bon Voyage Sid!
  5. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! We will all have a great week ahead.
  6. Let us know when you are ready to rebook Bermuda. We definitely want to go again. We will have to get together when your are in the area after your Mardi Gras Cruise. Looks like you had a good cruise to Charleston. Looking forward to the New England - Canada review.
  7. We are happy to hear you are feeling better and have started the review. I remember the foghorn on the Sunshine, however, didn’t think to price inside cabins when looking at the Sunrise. Will not forget now! Hope your roof was repaired quickly.
  8. Sad your Cruise is over. Your next one is before my next cruise, January 3rd. Will wait for your final thoughts of the trip and switch to the the other thread. Waiting on Jamman to get started on his B2B trip.
  9. It looks like you have made it to the front row. Drinks are looking amazing! Love the Alchemy Bar.
  10. Looking forward to the live review! Cheers to an awesome Birthday Cruise.
  11. Great review as always! Thank you for all the time and information you put into your reviews. I’m glad we won’t have to wait too long until the next live review.
  12. Congratulations on winning the Blackjack tournament! Glad to hear you and Ryan had a great time on the Ecstasy Cruise. We know you and Patti will have a wonderful b2b and we look forward to that review.
  13. Thank you and Patti for sharing your wonderful vacation with us. The time you put into the review while away and once you are home is so appreciated. We look forward to seeing you both soon.
  14. Now I’m looking at cruises for January or February! The ship must have a steak house though. Wish we could have made the September Sunrise cruise work, but will definitely see you in July during our road trip.
  15. Sorry your wonderful anniversary trip has ended but really happy that you have started the review.
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