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  1. the timing is suspicious. during a great promotional time that only lasts 30 hours😡
  2. yup.i think it's MADDENING they're doing this during the promotions. my PCC won't even return my calls😡
  3. trying to get ahold of them to take advantage of the Promotions and we only have 30 hours. 😡😡
  4. when I click on it o get a 404 page not found message....? Sent from my SM-G973U using Forums mobile app
  5. I read a review that said the pools close at 6 PM...is that right? why would they close so early when a person is gone m most of the day for excursions? Is there a "spa pass" for the week? and didn't there used to be a section here for each ship? I can't find it :')
  6. 3 of the 6 cruisers in our group have dairy allergies. does anyone have any experience with the meals? thanks in advance!
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