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  1. Thanks for the investigative work!!!
  2. It is just a stop - cruise starts in Ft Lauderdale and ends in Quebec City. It isn't until next July and the schedule only goes through 2019 so I'll have to check at the beginning of the year.
  3. That is where we got on when we did a cruise starting in NY in 2012. I guess I'll plan on us stopping there. Thank you.
  4. How do you find out which terminal a cruise ship will stop at in New York? It only says New York.
  5. This probably isn't the place to ask this but.....I can't find the website where you can put in your cruise and it will show each port and how many other ships will be there on each date. Thank you.....
  6. We also like to take independent tours on cruises but we have taken several excursions with airport transfers depending on when our flight home is. We've taken them in Ft Lauderdale, Seattle and Buenos Aires and were happy with them. We're actually taking one next month in Ft Lauderdale again so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for your input.
  7. I went ahead and booked the flight through Princess. We have until June 9th to cancel so I'll check when it gets closer to that cut-off date. I think for us this is probably the best option - no hassle. Thanks for all your ideas though.....
  8. Yes I did. It actually cost more but the main thing is that the time from Quebec City to Phoenix was longer than from Montreal to Phoenix. It'll probably just be fine. My main worry was the time between flights in Detroit but as long as we don't have to pick up our luggage and go through Customs and then take our luggage someplace else we should be fine. When we flew from Buenos Aires to Tucson with a change in Los Angeles it was awful. We had to pick up our luggage - go through Customs - then haul our luggage to another terminal to get it put on the next plane.....
  9. It isn't until next August and I put in several different dates for a car from Quebec City (not the airport) to those three different airports. I didn't put in a specific car rental agency but used Travelocity, Expedia, etc. and that is what came up. I also checked from Quebec City to the Montreal airport and the car rental itself was cheap but there was a ridiculously high drop one way fee.
  10. I looked into renting a car in Quebec City to take to Burlington or Hartford or Providence (thought we'd tour around for a couple of days) and it seems impossible. I only found one and it was something we wouldn't want and was $282 per day. As far as Montreal goes...we were there several years ago for a few days so a couple of hours would be fine. I guess I could check into renting a car and driving to the Montreal airport but I think the Princess thing would be simpler. Thanks for all your suggestions though.
  11. Yes...they would be on the same ticket. If the gates are close to each other I guess we'll make it. The reason I'm asking is because our cruise is ending in Quebec City and we thought we'd take the Princess tour that takes you to Montreal and drops you off for a few hours to walk around and then meet back up with the bus that will take you to the airport. It says you have to have a flight at 6:00 p.m. or later. There is another flight with 48 minutes in between but that one changes planes in Philadelphia. I thought maybe the Detroit airport would be smaller but maybe the extra 10 minutes would be better. I haven't purchased the tickets yet.
  12. Yes they are the same airline. We have to have a 6:00 pm or later flight and there isn't much to pick from.
  13. We'll be flying from Montreal to Phoenix with a change of planes in Detroit. Will we have to go through Customs in Detroit? The flight I was looking at only has about 38 minutes from the scheduled arrival to the scheduled departure to Phoenix. I'm thinking that wouldn't be enough time. Any opinions????
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