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  1. Our last Future Cruise Deposits expire on October 12, 2021. (We had used two of them for cruises that were canceled.) I thought we could take a little California Coastal cruise before then and then buy more to use later. We could drive from Tucson to LA easily. I'm originally from California and have been to the areas many times before so wouldn't want to get a ship's tour in any them. I haven't had to pay a deposit for a cruise since 2010 and don't even know how much of a deposit it required.
  2. I meant because of the Covid restrictions.
  3. Will be able to book independent shore excursions or only the ones that Princess offers? What about just getting off the ship and walking around the ports? Any info on this?
  4. Thank you to all of you who replied. I've decided against this cruise because of the weather. I looked at other ones in the summer and also trans atlantics coming back that would have warmer weather. The thought of the long flight going over there and then going on the cruise made me decide against that idea. We like trans atlantics on the way over so we're not tired for the busy shore excursions. I found one going to Portugal, France, England, Ireland and Scotland that I think would be warmer. We've been to a few of the ports before but I'm sure we'll find something different to see thi
  5. That seems pretty cold to me. I think I'll forget a transatlantic in April.
  6. Was that unusual for that time of year?
  7. I was looking at a cruise that includes Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. It is a transatlantic which we like. Unfortunately, the dates starting at Aarhus is April 23rd and it ends in Copenhagen on May 5th. I'm thinking it might be very cold at that time of the year. Has anyone been in this area in that time frame?
  8. We were on the Crown in October and they had it in the afternoon.
  9. Thanks for the investigative work!!!
  10. It is just a stop - cruise starts in Ft Lauderdale and ends in Quebec City. It isn't until next July and the schedule only goes through 2019 so I'll have to check at the beginning of the year.
  11. That is where we got on when we did a cruise starting in NY in 2012. I guess I'll plan on us stopping there. Thank you.
  12. How do you find out which terminal a cruise ship will stop at in New York? It only says New York.
  13. This probably isn't the place to ask this but.....I can't find the website where you can put in your cruise and it will show each port and how many other ships will be there on each date. Thank you.....
  14. We also like to take independent tours on cruises but we have taken several excursions with airport transfers depending on when our flight home is. We've taken them in Ft Lauderdale, Seattle and Buenos Aires and were happy with them. We're actually taking one next month in Ft Lauderdale again so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for your input.
  15. We'll be flying from Montreal to Phoenix with a change of planes in Detroit. Will we have to go through Customs in Detroit? The flight I was looking at only has about 38 minutes from the scheduled arrival to the scheduled departure to Phoenix. I'm thinking that wouldn't be enough time. Any opinions????
  16. I just saw a Celebrity cruise advertised that Princess doesn't offer. Iceland and Greenland back to back from New Jersey - no flying involved. We've taken many Princess cruises but never one with Celebrity. I think I read somewhere that Celebrity isn't as good. Has anybody that has been on Celebrity have anything good to say about it? Any comments would be appreciated.
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