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  1. We booked the Homewood Suites, Dania Beach for 1 night pre-cruise and Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina for 1 night post cruise. Does anyone have any feedback on these hotels?
  2. Yes. We were booked for this year on the Golden and they called and canceled. They offered us $15 OBC for our troubles. Fortunately we were notified well in advance.
  3. We were on the Ruby this year and they had different tacos every day in Horizon Court and tacos at the outside grill. Also had other Mexican items in the Horizon Court most days, never in the dining room.
  4. The average age of the people onboard was 70 so if they were gearing activities to the younger demographic they didn't open their eyes to see who was sailing with them. There was approx. 100 of the people that were invited to the "Private art sessions" each day. That was only a small percentage of the passengers. I believe that this was a very bad decision on the part of Princess.
  5. You might be right, but the ships are not in port every day. If you are going to Cabo on vacation I would think that they would let you book if they can get enough people. I am assuming they contract with other cruiselines as well. As I stated, the price was good with Princess and the excursion sold out right away. Normally I think the cruise excursions are overpriced for what you get.
  6. I highly recommend Cabo Adventures if you are going to Cabo. We booked the 1/2 day Luxury sailboat and had a wonderful time. We booked through Princess, however they have a location next to the shops after you get off of the ship. The crew was excellent, lots of great food and all you could drink. If you wanted to snorkel or paddle board they have the equipment for you as well. Price was very fair.
  7. We recently returned from our 10 day cruise on the Ruby to the Sea of Cortez. The good - internet times have improved significantly. There were issues in the beginning where you would log out, it would verify you were logged out, and then it would eat up your time. If you went to the internet manager he would help you and return your minutes. After a few days they ironed everything out and it was working well. Make sure you actually type in logout.com to verify you are logged out. Also, the food I thought was pretty good. Another good - If you go to Cabo I highly recommend the Luxury 1/2 day sailboat excursion. Princess really got it right on this. Price was good, food was excellent and overall a wonderful excursion. The company was Cabo Adventures if you find yourself in Cabo, and they can be found right on the dock. Bad - If you are a senior this cruise director and staff might not work for you. They were very loud, most music questions on trivia and movies were geared to current not oldies. I heard many complaints about them. Never saw them around as I did with previous staff. Comments I heard was that they were pretty full of themselves. Ugly! - If you enjoy going to any of the activities (trivia, bingo, zumba etc.) this was not the cruise for you. The Art people booked Club Fusion every day for a private auction of about 100 people. The day of the Captains party they booked Explorers for there event which left pretty much nothing available during that time. One day Princess tried to use the Wheelhouse for Trivia, however it did not work well. When Explorers was used for Zumba, Bingo and Trivia on some days, half of the room was blocked off with Art set up for the regular Art events. This reduced the number of people that could participate. In addition, people moved chairs and blocked walkways which I would think would be a fire hazard. One day they actually reserved Club Fusion, set up Explorers with Art, and had a Art event in the Wheelhouse, all at the same time. If this is going to be a practice with Princess I will never cruise with them again. (This was my 25th cruise) I am not sure how you can find out ahead of time if this is going to happen on other ships, but I know I would not book again at this time.
  8. I received my rejection email and called back into Customer Relations. Was basically told "Too bad" nothing they can do about it. She said travel agents were sent an email but they were not sending anything out to customers. Seems strange. What good does it do telling the travel agent. If you booked direct with Princess they do not know you have the booking.... In my opinion Princess customer service is really going down hill.
  9. I love the toasted almond martini.
  10. Hobbes67


    We are on a roundtrip LA to Hawaii in Dec. Does anyone know what the weather will be like on the ship going over and coming back?
  11. We will only be there on Dec. 11 and Captain Steve's doesn't start until Dec. 15. Can you recommend a catamaran whale watching excursion?
  12. We tried to book Capt. Steve's in Maui and they do not start their tours until mid Dec. We ended up booking with Ultimate Whale Watching - hopefully they are also good.
  13. I agree it is a lot, but for 15 days I would rather have a little more room. Of course this depends on where the cabin is.
  14. We have a balcony midship on the Emerald 15 days roundtrip Hawaii. They want $389pp for an upsell to a mini suite. Is this a good deal, or not? Seems like depending on where the cabin is it would be worth it for 15 days.
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