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  1. Another input: The Grand Dining Room can be a zoo the first evening of the cruise. From our experience, it's easy to book a reservation for one of the specialty restaurants for the first night.
  2. We ignore the late seating "suggestion". You are welcome to dine in the Grand Dining Room at any time it's open. There is no assigned seating.
  3. Clo, clo, clo...what are we going to do with you?
  4. I agree with you that the fries are great. Fantastic, actually. I like them very much but unfortunately, so does my waistline!
  5. Fortunately, barbershops & salons opened in Colorado three weeks ago. I was beginning to look like an old hippie.
  6. We always avoided the buffet aboard Celebrity. We were afraid of being trampled by people behaving as if they hadn't had a meal in weeks.
  7. I understand your point. Oceania may have to take all the actions that you mentioned. At that point, they would be nothing more than a mainstream cruise line with smaller ships and great food. Health permitting, we have 20+ years of cruising left. We're not going to "hunker down". My point is if they take those actions (#1 and #2), we'll go elsewhere.
  8. #1 and #2 would drive us away.
  9. We did the same back-and-forth thinking that you're experiencing now. We talked it through over the weekend. On Monday, we cancelled our Jan 2021 Caribbean cruise that would have been aboard Riviera. TA told us that our deposit will be refunded by Oceania in 4-6 weeks. No second thoughts. Best of luck with your decision.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the stockholder benefit is discontinued for new bookings.
  11. Our TA sends the rebate prior to the cruise. If the cruise were to be cancelled, we would repay it.
  12. We enjoyed our cruises with Celebrity but wouldn't consider them again after our fantastic experiences on Oceania. To make comparisons to hotels: Celebrity = Hilton Oceania = Four Seasons If you need highly visible officers that treat passengers as if they are best friends, then Oceania wouldn't be a good choice. There are no pesky photographers, art auctions or crew members pushing specialty restaurants and drink packages. Restaurants are open to all passengers, unlike Blu and Luminae on Celebrity. There is no additional cost for the specialty restaurants.
  13. Ask Visa. Visa will tell you that Norwegian isn't out of business. Ask "but what if?" Visa will tell you that Norwegian isn't out of business. Cancel your reservation and wait until all of this uncertainty has passed.
  14. Riviera sailed yesterday. The ship at terminal J today is Seven Seas Explorer.
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