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  1. Thanks taxmantoo! Boo! 😞
  2. If you're on a cruise while advancing a mariner level do you get that star for that cruise? You do on Carnival, just not sure about HAL. TIA
  3. Not surprised. More Carnival Cutbacks. The cheerleaders and lead CC Carnival brand ambassador are pretty quiet. More cutbacks to come... Oh I forgot they are ‘options’. Carnival doesn’t nickel and dime - HAHA
  4. No nickel and diming on Carnival...Nope…pass the Kool-Aid.
  5. Oasis class is all about the ship. Can't wait to see Carnivals bohemiths. If Vista class is any indication it's more people and less public space, more nickel and diming, and a crappy theatre. Yeah give me some planning anyday where I get a decent seat in a decent venue at an amazing show. Carnival can't even compare to the entrainment and open space on Oasis class. But hey pass the Carnival kool-aid and I may change my mind.
  6. Vista was a huge disappointment and has such terrible reviews so no Horizon or Panorama (Vista class) for us anytime soon. We've been on Allure and Harmony (Oasis class) and they are by far better than anything Carnival has in a large ship. If its this ship you're looking for then Oasis class is the best by a mile. Carnival will soon have mega ships with far less space but more people, no thanks, give me the mall of the seas any day over that.
  7. Breeze #1. Definitely NOT Vista, it was the worst.
  8. JH lie, not at all, he just doesn't always tell the truth. Pork has come down in price but I don't see any decreases by Carnival.
  9. The Vista was a huge disappointment for this yank and brit. Least favourite ship. We sailed on her in Europe for I think 12 days and it was not a great experience. We loved the Breeze and RCCL Oasis class is amazing if you're looking for a big ship. No one does it better than Royal on the big ships.
  10. Cutbacks. Carnival can provide a few more channels but unfortunately they choose not to. Funny my HOTELMARIOTINTERCONTINENTAL hotel still has all the channels. My DirecTV bill just went down $30 to only $30 a month. If you ask me Satellite has gotten cheaper the last few years. Probably thanks to cord cutters.
  11. It was a nice treat. Even Olive Garden gives you chocolate. Just another cutback.
  12. SS never appears busy to me. Tandoor was much better and complimentary. I didn't think Carnival nickel and dimes.
  13. oops...that and the propulsion problem...time to rename her Sunset. Looks like the captain needs some training. The Breeze got a nice big dent in the first few months in Venice from a wind storm.
  14. Overall the MDR, Buffet and Room Service on Carnival has severely declined in the last 12 years. So many cutbacks. I haven't noticed as many cutbacks or a decline in food quality on HAL. We stopped sailing Carnival as much as we used to due to all the cutbacks and lack of loyalty program.
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