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  1. Thanks...loving this live tour. Great writer and truth teller...been a while since on the boards..thanks for making return fantastic...although I am sure end of this Jeep ride may not be....Happy Holidays!!
  2. Found you again...loving your tour and pictures and review...hard work...thank you!!
  3. Thanks for great review..wonderful and awesome dive pictures...wow.
  4. Fabulous review...I had a similar experience on my last Carnival cruise too long ago....now I could take anything but I am glad to be reminded of the little things I too want. My 2009 on the Paradise was wonderful...aqnd the one on the Spirit which was I think 2011..can't remember for sure now was just not good..not good to go right before a ship makes a major change,,,butter even was stale, stale desserts and bread, had a wonderful day on ship in Mexico looking at the arches on the Western side,,,and being served and listening to music on nearly my own pool deck...had some fun moments making the connection for some younger teachers as I had had dinner before with a lonely hot guy at my table. I was solo and chose anytime so it was potpourri every night. I still may try them again if price and time and all is just right but my aim now is to have consistently just a bit better service, entertainment, food etc. I do think I may enjoy the spa pass and spa cabin sometime..as probably the most affordable for doing a lot of soaking and steaming. Also I have met people who take Carnival exclusively here..great people so going with them would be the trip. In other words with friends the inconsistency would not be as important and I know folks know them and service would be better around them... You guys are just great...you had a good time but nailed what continues to happen...now everyone says it is going down on all lines from what it was before..even luxury....but for me..things being just a little better will be fine. Thanks for sweet response on my ray story..glad you had a better flight home... After that special Christmas, was my study in France Spring and travel all that summer, a time of my life for sure and only 20. I am so wanting Med cruises. You are such a healthy beautiful couple...let me tell you..I am sure Greece will not disappoint..so glad you have a partner to be there with because,,,well...it is fabulous and romantic, this was great, I know I could enjoy and have narrowed down what I would want on Carnival again and how to navigate it as well as more place tips. Have a wonderful rest of winter and great next cruise. All the Best..Sarah.
  5. Looks great..thanks for sharing!
  6. :)First time I snorkeled was age 20 the first day in Hawaii, (Maui) Christmas Day afternoon Holiday 79/80 and a Ray went by in front of me. The people in condos shared and taught us. we had arrived with my grandparents from Montana and a horrible snowmobile out one kid and suitcase at a time 5 miles of dirt road to where dad had parked Suburban on Highway and we stayed night before in Billings with Grandparents. I am really ready now to do a closer ray thing...and I love dolphins and have done a close up thing there,,,i suppose the big thing would be swimming with whales. Had a migraine and got up and did all the tricks and doing better and reading your review is just heaven. A mix of joy of friends and family and beauty and great attitude and health and beautiful and fancy and fun and casual and adventure and discovery and planning and going with the flow and being healthy to do it all..just thank you...the whole thing has made me feel like I have gone on a vacation...just wonderful review and wishing you many more wonderful times with family and friends and travel and joy in life. Only have been once to Caribbean and so love taking notes, thanks so very very much...this is just a wonderful review and blast. I know I will love Grand Cayman and one of those Glass Rays is on my list..Glad the airport is better there for a friend I have who settled there a few years back, took her a long time to get her rest of life job and she is extremely happy as a Hospital Chaplain with Presbyterian Church..so glad her travels she can now do will be good..thanks so very much. Sarah...58...In Montana...thick slush streets in the Bozeman area now..lol. Thanks again!!!!!
  7. Just sending her good thoughts.
  8. The service and freshness of food at times is an issue. Glad you had fun anyway, I know I would have loved the tandoori too, would have been great...thanks!!
  9. Thanks for review...I have done just Cabo and Ensenada from a ship. I think this would be a fun itinerary worth no deep over planning expectations and just safely exploring both the touristy culture and real culture and ocean and beach as it is there, different areas and activities and ship niceties...glad it is as a rule getting safer and safer and folks are less and less with worry and PV is back on route..it has been over 35 years now (OMG) and would be fun to explore again. So glad your family with kids at perfect travel and do things on Carnival age had such a fabulous time and you could swing and enjoy your ocean balcony...I know I will become one of those...have to try the porthole one at some savings before that because I may be a spoiled once having a balcony..just the access to the water 24/7 from there...I could literally live on Room service and a few books in a cabin for a week with a balcony...moving along the water in anything above 50 or even 40 at this point in eternal winter..NO PROBLEM..lol.
  10. A great video of the cruising lifestyle and fun. So many options,,so easy to organize...., and not minus 10 degrees lol. Have a great time.
  11. sjn911

    Cruise Cancellation

    Just sending good thoughts and prayers...so impressed with all the people who care here..I do too...prayers for a successful surgery and recovery. Personally I think I would buy the pre-existing ins. if possible and hold the chance to go, but cancelling now will get you most of it back and you can reschedule. I love the support and reminder to take care of you..you are a great child to your parent.
  12. Really looking forward to your review. I go back and forth on what is my next line to take....Royal and Big Ship rates highly. Thanks again.
  13. Great review...a wonderful trip cabin and ship..so glad it was a great time and congrats on all your celebrations and thanks for sharing.
  14. Just came to the boards, decided to check Royal and found this. SamFritz, just must say you are in my and many's prayers and you did nothing wrong to wish a wonderful time you had for them. This is just one of those unimaginable accidents. So many prayers and much love to you and yours...so glad you came here for support/info. I am so very sorry. Sarah