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  1. I interpret it to mean you still must sail by April 2022, which isn’t new. They have allowed you to book thru April 2022, which is an extension of 4 months Im any case, it’s another example of poor communication from RCCL. We all read it differently and we aren’t all dumb 🙂
  2. Help me understand, I just got their email and don’t see what’s different from what we’re were told back in May In May we were told we must book by December of 2021 and sail by April 2022 This from today’s email: ”Not to worry though! We want to make sure your credits don’t go unused, so we’ve extended your Future Cruise Credit expiration date to April 30th, 2022. Now, you’ll have until April 30th, 2022 to apply your certificate to a Royal Caribbean International cruise that sets sail on or before the same date.” What is different? Bo
  3. That’s the way we feel. As of now nothing has changed, so crusing under current conditions is not for us. There are many other ways to enjoy our retirement
  4. I completely agrre with you. A FCC should show on an account. No reason it does not.
  5. We cancelled an April cruise in late March while COVID was just starting. While we did eventually receive tax and port fees, we never received an email confirming the FCC. I called RCL twice and was told they sent it and could not send another. I was also told that our reservation numbers will serve as our FCC We shall see we have not yet re-booked. 30 years cruising with them and RCL was the worst of the 5 cruises we cancelled. The best was HAL
  6. Our Alaska cruise for May 2020 was cancelled via Holland. On 4/15 we requested a full refund and told it was about 45 days for the cruise portion, but excursions, fees, etc would be in a few days. As promised we received the excursions, etc, in 4 days. This morning we received the cruise portion refund. That was apprx 50 days, including weekends. I'm happy with their response. Its certainly better than our current experience with RCL.
  7. FY....we never received our FCC email. Coincidentally I called them yesterday to find the status having cancelled the cruise back on March 14 The RCL rep said our certificate was issued one week after we canceled and he told me the amounts we were expecting. He didn’t know why I never received an email. We asked for a confirmation email, which he could not do. He said the notes under our reservation reflect the FCC and all we need to do when we re-book is give them our old reservation number we took down his name and made detailed notes of the conversation, but a
  8. We are only getting a FCC for our trip, but the taxes and port fees were received as one total credit per reservation number. We had two reservations booked, then canclled, at the same time. Both credits came last night. Hope that helps
  9. Our refunds were received last night, Friday 4/24. That was 40 CALENDER days from the date we cancelled. I haven't heard front our credit card comp but obvousily no longer need their help. Good to luck, I think eventually you'll get it. I am still waitng on the FCC, which I was told I would receive by 4/30
  10. I just emailed the ref number this afternoon. I don’t expect to hear back for a few days. I’ve been in contact with Chase for this matter via email, not phone. but I’ll will come back and post when I hear something. Maybe by then you will have had better luck. Crazy isn’t it
  11. Exactly same situation and dates as you I just got off the phone with them and got yet another story. This rep said one of our reservations was “Disbursed” on 4/19. The other reservation hasn’t been completed He did provide me with a transaction number for my credit card company to use for their research. He apologized for the dates I was previously given and explained it is is a 3-step process 1. Customer requests cancellation which is then sent to accounting 2 it goes to accounting which takes the most time 3. Funds are “Dis
  12. For what it’s worth, they told me mine were posted on April 6 & 11. Yet still nothin on our credit card. I think they are just feeding callers whatever BS they can at the time. We’re waiting until May 1 before we do the same. At that point it will be 6 weeks, and while that may not be long enough under the circumstances, the fact they said it was refunded , there is clearly a problem
  13. We cancelled the day after you, 3/14, and also still nothing We also cancelled that same day, $3000 in DisneyWorld tickets for a family reunion. Three days later it I was already on my credit card. Kudos to Disney in my book While some say the cruise lines are overwhelmed and understaffed, and I’m sure they are, I know if I called right now to book a cruise someone would pick and up that charge would appear on my card within the hour
  14. We are in a similar place as others here. We called on 3/14 and cancelled our 4/19 trip. We called RCCL this morning and told our taxes and fees were refunded on 4/6 & 4/11. Nothing has shown up on our credit card so we called the card company. They are only taking urgent calls due to Covid, so we had to ask our question via a secure email. The response will be at least one week As for the FCC, RCCL said we will receive an email for that by 4/30 One other thing if anyone can clarify this,... when we cancelled we were told we
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